Deena Aguado – Finding Fulfillment in Her Career

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, March 31st, 2016

After years of being apathetic about her jobs and even dreading some of them, Deena Aguado finally discovered something that fulfilled her personally and professionally. Ever since she started her business, she found that work didn’t feel like work. She was excited about where the Company was heading and grateful that she was going to be a part of the immense growth she anticipated for its future. Deena knew the eagerness she felt was a sure sign that she’d found what she’d always hoped was possible: a way to provide for her family while working from home and also achieving a sense of accomplishment by helping others.


Deena with her husband and children.

Searching for the right path

After studying childhood development in school, Deena initially pursued a career in childcare. She then dabbled in various other professions, hoping to find something that fulfilled her. “I dreaded the thought of going into an office every day for the next 20 years. That wasn’t the life I wanted for myself or my family. I wanted something that was flexible, but would still allow me to earn a substantial income.”

In 2011, after the birth of her first child, Deena decided to stay home. “Thankfully, we were able to get by on my husband’s salary, but I knew we needed some financial security. I worried about how we would survive if something happened to him.” She began looking for opportunities that would allow her to work from home. In November of that year, Deena’s husband mentioned that one of his co-workers had shared the Rodan + Fields® business opportunity with him. “When I heard that his co-worker’s wife was running a virtual business, I reached out to learn more. After hearing that I could work around my schedule, I believed that this could be the answer I was looking for.”


Deena’s daughter and son.

Attempting something new

A few days later, Deena enrolled as an Independent Consultant. After receiving her Business Kit, she started using the REVERSE Regimen to address the sun damage and many freckles she had on her face. “I was so impressed with how the appearance of my skin completely transformed.” Although she’d become a firm believer in the products, her shyness made her nervous about talking to new people. But listening to her teammates’ coaching and consistently working to step out of her comfort zone helped her achieve things she never expected. “My business has helped me come out of my shell. I’m much more confident now and enjoy networking and making new friends.”

Deena continued sharing her business with others and was grateful for the extra money she was earning each month. “I wanted to ensure that we wouldn’t have to live paycheck to paycheck. Growing up, we never went out to eat or went on vacation—I wanted to be able to provide my family with those luxuries without working a nine-to-five job.” As her organization grew, however, she was amazed to discover how much more was possible.


Deena with some of her business partners at the R+F Convention in Austin, Texas.

Attaining her dreams

In September of 2013, Deena attended the R+F annual Convention in Dallas, Texas. “That experience really turned my business around. I received excellent training from some of the top Leaders in the Company and learned what I needed to do to cultivate growth over time. It was so inspiring to meet people who were doing such amazing things with their businesses, and many of them had achieved success in a short amount of time. I saw what was possible with this opportunity, and I returned from that experience more focused on my goals.”

In May of 2014, Deena achieved Level V, working five to seven hours a week and, since then, working the same amount of hours, she has achieved Premier Level V and earned four all-expense-paid trips through the Company’s various incentive programs. She also earned her Lexus through the R+F Road to RFx Car Program and, a year and a half ago, as her family prepared to welcome a second child, they were able to purchase their dream home. “The additional income has significantly reduced my stress level because we are now able to make decisions based on what is right for us. I’m so grateful that I am always able to put my family first.”


Deena with some of her teammates at her Lexus event.

Deena loves that she can fit her business around her schedule. “Having the time freedom to be with my children is so special to me. I always wanted to work from home so that I could focus on what’s important without the constant stress of worrying about bills and money. It’s so nice to be able to decide where my priorities lie, and I feel very fortunate that if something happens, or my kids get sick, or I’m not feeling well, I can take off as much time as I need.” Deena’s flexible schedule is also enabling her family to plan a trip to Spain this summer.

Discovering her passion

For the first time in her life, Deena is passionate about her career. “I can honestly say that starting my business was the best decision I’ve ever made because truly I love what I do. It’s such an incredible feeling to help others achieve success, and I’m blown away by the possibilities it is providing for my own family’s future as well as so many others’. It’s so rewarding to watch myself and my teammates build successful businesses that are allowing us to live our lives to the fullest.”


Deena and a few other R+F Consultants on a Level V retreat in Florida.

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