Donna Raney – Restyling Her Future

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, December 8th, 2016

Many of us longingly wish for change. It can be daunting, however, to actually leave our comfort zone and try something totally new. But for those who make the leap, life can become more rewarding and exciting, almost overnight.

Donna Raney is one of those people. She had big ambitions, and, inspired by the mantra of “We’re here for a short time, and we were all born to do great things,” she set out to accomplish more. Two years ago, she took the plunge and started reshaping her path.R+F Independent Consultant Donna Raney

Her colorful career path

Donna started working at the age of eleven, and by 2014, she’d been employed as a hairdresser in her small town for 18 years. And while she loved her work, she was ready for a change. By chance, her friend Michelle Segrave (now a Rodan + Fields® Premier Level V Executive Consultant) told her about her exciting skincare business. She suggested that Donna look into it. At first, Donna admits, she was nervous about the idea, and hesitant to take on a totally new role. But Michelle insisted that Donna give the business a go—in fact, “she wouldn’t take no for an answer,” Donna laughs, remembering.

So, Donna enrolled as an Independent Consultant, but being a self-confessed “bar-soap girl,” she didn’t immediately try the products. But once she did, it was a revelation. Donna says that the sheer quality of the product made her realize, then and there, the immense potential of the R+F business model. She believed that other people would absolutely love theseproducts, and that she could be the person to share them.

R+F Consultants, including Donna Raney

Donna, with sponsor, Michelle Segrave (right facing), and other team mates

Highlighting her goals and successes

Donna is proud of her journey to success so far. In a five-month period from the end of 2014, she went from signing her first Consultant to becoming a Level V Executive Consultant, working 14 hours per week. In the month of February alone, Donna had eight new Consultants sign up as part of her team. But maybe this shouldn’t be surprising coming from such a hardworking and positive woman. “We are all striving for success,” she says, “and those that have success will always continue to aim even higher.”

Donna always had big plans for her family, as well as for herself. After adopting her great niece, Gracie, she had two girls to care for. Donna’s elder daughter Hilary attended a local private school and Gracie followed in her footsteps. Beforeher R+F adventure,Donna and her husband had sometimes found it difficult to afford the tuition. But, as she says, she likes achallenge, and knew that she could achieve her goals. She did exactly that with the help of her R+F business.

Donna Raney's girls

Donna’s girls: Gracie, Hilary, Jillian, & Maci

Reaching new heights while sticking to her roots

Before her Rodan + Fields journey, Donna often felt pressure. Bills constantly poured in, and they could never quite make ends meet. She “felt like a hamster stuck in a wheel,” always running faster and faster but never getting ahead.

Today, Donna is relieved to say that she has some breathing space, and can step off that wheel without worrying that things will fall apart. She can take a day off work when necessary (or even just when she wants to), and the feeling of calm and relief is audible in her voice when she says, “my Rodan + Fields business has given me the ability to say ‘no’ if I need to.” When she needs to do a school run, or pick up the girls from a dance class, she can.

While R+F has revolutionized her life, Donna insists that she will always continue hairdressing—she loves it too much to quit. What has changed, however, is that now she doesn’t have to worry about her retirement, or “aging out,” as she puts it. “Others in a similar position tend to not realize until it’s too late that they haven’t put enough money away over the years to support them when their styling and cutting days are over.” Now, Donna doesn’t have that worry. She has the security of solid earnings from her R+Fbusiness, and has reduced her hours in the salon to two or three days a week.

R+F Consultant Donna Raney and husband

Donna & Husband, Stuart

Extending her joy to others

Donna is a true optimist: “I don’t let anyone steal my joy.” And this joy shines upon all she does. Naturally, she wanted her team name to reflect this happiness and positivity, so she chose the team name “Radiate.” She delights in sharing her passion and enthusiasm with her team members, while helping them work toward achieving their own goals.

Because of her commitment to her business, Donna was thrilled to be able to tick off one of her bucket list items: a trip to California. This November, Donna jetted off on the Premier Level V trip for a weekend in Napa Valley, a reward that she was thrilled to have earned. Her decision to grab life by the horns has paid off, and she certainly deserves it!


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