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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, January 25th, 2018

In 2012, the Collins family lost an outside source of income they desperately depended on, and Dori needed to find work outside the home. At the time, she felt it was the worst thing that could have happened to her family. “Being home with my kids has always been a very high priority in my life. But losing that additional income, it was really scary for our family. Staying home with my kids was very important to me, but I needed to do something.”

R+F Consultant Dori Collins headshot

Starting on the right foot

Up against a long absence from work, the high cost of childcare, and internal resistance to the corporate schedule, Dori started her search for a good fit. “I knew I was not a 9-to-5, behind-a-desk kind of person, so I started to wonder what other work I could do and still remain at home. But initially I found nothing.” Dori now sees that struggle as a blessing. “Looking back, I would have never stepped out and tried Rodan + Fields if I hadn’t desperately been seeking such an answer! It ended up being the best thing that could have happened to us.”

R+F Consultant Dori Collins with mentors

Jenni Pilcher, Dori Collins, and Holly Brewer at Dori’s Lexus Celebration

When Jenni Pilcher first shared the R+F business with Dori, she provided an interesting solution to Dori’s problem. Dori explains that, “At first, I thought I couldn’t do it. I didn’t have a lot of self-esteem then. But when Jenni shared the details with me, I immediately recognized the trajectory and integrity of what the Doctors had created with Rodan + Fields. I was deeply interested in this business, and I didn’t even take a second look at anything else!” With growing excitement, Dori launched her own skincare business in August 2012.

R+F Consultant Dori Collins with her team

Team Light at their virtual convention by the sea in Wrightsville, NC

Helpful encouragement

Dori was immediately challenged by her new career. “It was so hard because my R+F business took me completely out of my comfort zone. But I’m really blessed with a supportive husband and Upline leaders who believed in me before I even believed in myself. Both Jenni and Holly Brewer helped me understand where my value and worth really come from — and it is not from how much money I make, what my job is, how good a mother I am, or where I live. This perspective changed my life forever.”

Fully believing that “the only way to fail is to quit,” she held tightly to the idea that there was a bigger purpose behind her R+F journey and muscled on. “I didn’t move as fast as other Consultants around me. But I always believed that because I will never stop trying, I can’t ever really fail!” Dori’s unshakable inner strength carried her through challenging moments and started having a wider impact. “You learn from failure more than you learn from success. I’ve learned how to allow and release those tough emotions, and that’s one of the few things that keeps me going in this business.”

R+F Consultant Dori Collins in Napa

John and Dori in Napa Valley on the Premier V trip

Reaching goals

Dori’s first goal upon starting R+F was to help her family stay afloat financially. “I wanted to contribute enough that we didn’t feel scared every month. Every little bit helps, and I truly believed in my potential to grow. Over time, that goal morphed into something bigger as I started to see what I was really capable of.” Working at least 10 hours per week, Dori started aiming for even bigger goals, determined to enjoy every moment of her journey.

Other dreams became a reality as Dori’s business grew. “Because of our newfound time and financial freedom, we started doing really cool things with our kids just so we could experience life together! It is just so exciting that I can help my family go on great vacations and see more of the world. I also really love showing my kids, especially my daughters, that it’s possible to be a present mother and a successful businesswoman simultaneously. I feel so much pride when my eleven-year-old says she wants to be a strong businesswoman in R+F just like me. It’s my favorite thing!”

R+F Consultant Dori Collins with her team celebrating Lexus

Team Light Lexus Celebration

Know your worth

In 2017, as a new Premier V Lexus Achiever, Dori focused on helping the strong individuals of Team Light achieve their biggest goals. “It took a lot of personal growth for me to understand that not only did I want to be a leader, but I could be one. Now I see how fulfilling it is to encourage and empower others to accomplish the same things I have. I wouldn’t be who I am without this opportunity. And not just because of the business — because the R+F journey also includes the people we meet, the personal growth we go through, and all the challenges we overcome.”

R+F Consultant Dori Collins and family

John, Dori, Tyler, Kayleigh, and Macy Collins at Discovery Cove in Florida

Dori always tells her kids to shine their light, be good to people, and show love — and through her Rodan + Fields business, she gets to shine her own light to the world. “I am so thankful to get to help other individuals transform their lives in a way they never thought was possible. I love helping people see their value and worth, helping them believe that they are enough, and realize that they have gifts and talents that make them remarkable. To me, it’s important to help other people realize they are just as valuable and precious as anybody else — and I get to fulfill that purpose every day with R+F.”

To contact Dori about joining her team or purchasing products, connect with her here.


Tell Me More…

What one word do you most relate to? Belief. This word encompasses so many different aspects of my life and business journey that it would be impossible to answer in a sentence or less!

Best concert you’ve ever seen? Zac Brown Band more recently, but seeing Janet Jackson’s concert when I was a teenager was pretty amazing.

What is your favorite R+F memory? The Premier V trip to Napa and San Francisco. I had the most wonderful time, made some beautiful friendships, and experienced it with my sweet husband, who is my number one fan.

Favorite TV show? Outlander

Where do you draw your inspiration from in life? My faith, my husband, and my three children.




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