Elizabeth Sweeney – From Manhattan to Maui

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, January 12th, 2017

The New York lifestyle looks enviable from the outside: the glitz and glamour of the big city, its rich cultural life, the thrill that comes with living in such a fabled and notorious town. But maintaining that lifestyle doesn’t come easily, and often those who manage to pull it off do so at a high cost.

Elizabeth Sweeney used to work between 80 and 100 hours a week. She was in the movie business, working first in the production department for big feature films, and then, to satisfy her creative side, in wardrobe styling. The work was incredibly time consuming and physically demanding. She would often be up by 3 a.m., only to spend the entire day outside in freezing conditions. Her life, as she puts it, was “work, work, work, work, work.” Even after she transitioned into wardrobe and costuming, she was still overworked. “I was still miserable. The hours were long and stressful.” However, an opportunity was about to arise that would change all that, and shape a much brighter future for her and her family.

Being a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant has given Elizabeth Sweeney renewed confidence and purpose.

A rocky start

When she became pregnant with her first child, Elizabeth developed hyperemesis, or chronic morning sickness. She was forced to stop working, and that’s when she realized fully how burned out she was. “When I stepped away from it, I could breathe again. Even with the morning sickness and the fact that we had only one income to support us living in Manhattan, I felt relieved.”

When her baby was born, and the sickness subsided, Elizabeth went to a fitness boot camp to get back in shape. There, she met Miriam Steketee, and the two hit it off. “Miriam was so supportive and encouraging, and a great workout buddy.” Soon, Elizabeth started to notice Miriam’s social media posts about her Rodan + Fields®  skincare business, and her interest was piqued. So much so, that after a couple of months she signed up as an Independent Consultant herself.

After hearing about Rodan + Fields through a friend, Elizabeth Sweeney soon signed up as an Independent Consultant herself.

Erica Thomas, Floryn Stock, Elizabeth, and Miriam Steketee celebrating their achievements in Florida.

Elizabeth says that it took her a long time to really grasp the potential of the business. “I didn’t truly realize what I had in the palm of my hand for those first two years.” She was using, loving, and sharing the products, but hadn’t fully expanded her network. When she became pregnant with her second child, she developed hyperemesis again, and this time, the severity was even worse. On top of that, when her baby was born, he “screamed for four months, which meant I could only do the bare minimum for my business.” Once things calmed down, Elizabeth had a moment of revelation where she finally saw the full potential of her R+F business, and how growing her team was the key to expanding her business. “It was like awakening from a stupor—it finally just clicked.” In August of 2014, she attended the Rodan + Fields Convention in Atlanta, and it marked the rebirth of her R+F career. “I finally understood the business model and saw how I could change my life.”

A sweet taste of island life

The change was monumental, and her business began to grow immediately. “I hadn’t understood how to make the business work for me. Although I had loyal Customers who ordered products consistently, I wasn’t spreading the word enough—but that all changed.” Two and a half years later, she has surpassed her previous income as a wardrobe stylist, but now, instead of working ninety hours a week, she works about fifteen. She is currently a Level V Achiever, has earned trips to San Francisco and Florida, and is on track to reach Lexus volume by next spring.

Being a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant has allowed Elizabeth Sweeney and her children to follow her husband when he travels for work.

Elizabeth, Andrew, and their two children spent the summer in Hawaii.

Her husband, Andy, still works in the movie business, and often has to go on location for extended periods. The couple homeschool their children, Rhiannon and Ryder, so now, with Elizabeth’s flourishing R+F business, the family can travel together. “Because he travels so much for his job, this business is life-changing for us. It keeps our family together.” They spent last summer in Hawaii, and while Andy worked, Elizabeth was able to keep running her business. “It was a dream summer, and we all fell in love with Hawaii.”

A sunny future

In the future, the couple hope to buy property in Maui and divide their time between the island and Manhattan. Andy loves his career working on feature films, but Elizabeth plans to build her business to a point that she can help take the financial pressure off her husband—that way, the family can travel even more.

Before she become an Independent Consultant with Rodan + Fields, Elizabeth Sweeney worked 80-90 hours a week.

Elizabeth and Andrew relaxing in Hawaii.

Her passion for R+F and the products have also increased her self-assurance and happiness. “I used to have no confidence. I was terrified at work. This business has given me great confidence.” And now that she has more free time, she’s been able to pursue some of her more creative interests. Now, she’s playing the bass guitar again, and has also gotten back into ballet—all while looking after her children and running a successful skincare business. She stresses, however, that it’s not the earnings, but the camaraderie of her R+F team that blows her away every day. “This is the most supportive work environment I have ever encountered,” she gushes. “My colleagues are so wonderful, helpful, and inspiring, and I believe in myself again.”


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