Emily Babcock – Lost and Found

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

Emily Babcock’s journey with Rodan + Fields started in a special way. After two decades of working as a physician assistant, many of those years teaching and practicing in dermatology, she had a unique experience falling in love with the R+F products in the retail setting. Years later, when Emily became an Independent Consultant, she realized that owning her own skincare business was the perfect endpoint for her prior career. She finally got to combine her love for skincare with her passion for teaching in a way that completely redefined her future.

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The perfect regimen

Working as a PA in a dermatologist’s office, Emily always loved teaching her patients how to care for their skin. “I always knew what I wanted for my own personal skincare, and recommended the same to my patients. I put together a group of products from various brands that had everything I wanted, but could never find everything in a single regimen.” After moving on from clinical practice to become a professor, Emily was department store shopping one day when she happened upon the Rodan + Fields products. “I immediately read the ingredients and thought, ‘This is the smartest skincare regimen I’ve ever seen. Finally I’ve found all the ingredients I love in one box!’”

Emily picked up the REVERSE Regimen right away and stuck with it for a while, only taking a pause while pregnant with her two daughters. Afterward, when she wanted to start back up again, she was shocked. “When I went back to repurchase, I couldn’t find Rodan + Fields anywhere. I asked at cosmetic counters and they looked at me like I was crazy. I simply couldn’t believe these products weren’t sold anymore. They were so good.

R+F Consultant Emily Babcock and Dr. Tim Falla

Emily and her favorite scientist Dr. Tim Falla at a corporate event in Phoenix, Arizona

Finding her future

For the next few years, Emily returned to her far-ranging selection of individual skin products, always wondering about the disappearance of Rodan + Fields. In April 2014, a fellow PA and professor asked Emily’s opinion on a new skincare business she’d thought of launching. “I took one look at the pamphlet, saw Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields on the front, and exclaimed, ‘These are the products I lost!’” Emily put the pieces together instantly, and was excited to find that R+F had merely left the retail space for a better opportunity. The mystery of the products she knew and loved was solved, and she signed up as an Independent Consultant the very next day.

Emily has found it incredibly easy to share her excitement about her new business, and was completely hooked by the idea of spreading these products far and wide. “I didn’t see the big picture yet at all, because I didn’t understand the power of sharing this business. What hooked me was the products! My initial plan was to make a little bit of money to buy treats for the kids or shoes for me, but as my business started to grow it became so much more to me.”

R+F Consultant Emily Babcock with her family

Emily and her husband Jason with their children Lexie, Ava, Carly, Trey, and Annabelle in Prescott, Arizona in September 2016

A switch flipped

After about a year of working her business alongside her professorial duties, Emily realized how powerful this opportunity could truly be for her. “The truth is, when I received encouragement from Nicole Cormany and saw what her R+F business had done for her family, that’s really when I started to believe. I finally started team building and presenting on R+F products at team events, determined to create a balanced business.”

In September 2016, Emily chose to walk away from her academic appointment and negotiated a deal to teach part-time, excited to spend more time at home with her family. “This was an opportunity I never let myself take before, and my R+F business allowed me to feel comfortable making that decision. My husband Jason has always supported me leaving my career as an educator to pursue my R+F business full-time. He’s supported me 1000% all along, and always believed in my ability to succeed before I felt it myself.”

R+F Consultant Emily Babcock and her husband celebrating business

Emily and Jason at the 2016 R+F Convention in Las Vegas

Bigger dreams

Emily committed her efforts entirely to her family, funneling her R+F earnings toward fun experiences together. “My goal now is to take this as far as I possibly can, to let my brain focus on the things that I’m passionate about, and to give our family the opportunity to do bigger things than we’ve been able to do previously.” She and Jason also dream of one day paying for their three remaining girls’ college educations and creating a free service for women re-entering the workforce, using their combined skills and talents to help others in a tangible way.

Rooted in Emily’s past, present, and future is her passion for teaching. Her Rodan + Fields business lets her utilize every bit of that passion in big ways. “I’ve often thought that my path led me to R+F because I had already spent my career educating people about how to improve their skin. Between how much I love dermatology and teaching others, I really envision myself as a leader and a mentor in this industry. That’s what I’m doing with Team Be Brilliant now, and I truly appreciate how much they love to learn and how hard they work. I’d love to do that on a much bigger scale one day.”

R+F Consultant Emily Babcock with her team

Emily and fellow AZ consultants at a coat drive sponsored by Nicole Cormany and the PFC benefitting a local AZ school in November 2016

Sharing a message

Being in business now for more than three years, Emily’s encouragement to the world is: “Don’t give up, no matter what. My mom’s passing inspired me to really dig in and to chase my dreams like she was never able to do. Some months in this business are challenging, and sometimes it’s hard to regroup and start again. But my fellow R+F Consultants always encourage me to keep taking action. That’s key. Over time, that’s what has kept me going — and I will always remember that this business is a vehicle for me to get where I want to go.”

To contact Emily about joining her team or purchasing products, connect with her here.


Tell Me More…

Have there been any especially significant people in your R+F journey? My husband Jason has been significant in my R+F journey — he has lifted me up and supported my business from the beginning, often believing in me more than I do at times.

Where do you draw your inspiration from in life? My children inspire me, as do strong, driven women who get things done!

What is your best R+F experience? Hearing Amy Cuddy as the keynote speaker at Convention 2016 with members of my team.

Biggest regret? Not “following my gut” years ago as a young woman. My mom always told me to listen to my gut, but I rarely took the action to follow it until now.

Favorite smell? The ocean.




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  1. Janet Hopkins says:

    Emily is an inspiration to all who know her!

  2. Beth says:

    My daughter is studying to become a PA in dermatology. I have been a R+F consultant for almost two years now and want nothing more than for her to join my team. I will admit, she is hesitant and I certainly want this to be her decision whether or not to join the business. I shared your story with her. I think it is something she will be able to relate to. Thank you for sharing!

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