Emily Paulson – Making Time For Change
Monday, September 22, 2014

Chasing after five young children doesn’t allow for an abundance of free time and Emily Paulson felt that, between her job as mom and running a small part time apparel business out of her house, she couldn’t add much more to her to-do list. But, not wanting to miss out on an opportunity that she knew could have a very positive impact on her family’s life, Emily resolved to make room in her extremely active life to give herself the chance to make a powerful change.

When Emily’s dermatologist suggested that she get an exfoliating roller to improve her skin, she immediately remembered that her friend, Michelle, had posted something about Rodan + Fields® skincare on Facebook. Emily reached out initially to find out more about the R+F AMP MD™, and by the end of their meeting, had decided to enroll as an Independent Consultant. “I never considered myself a salesperson, but I figured I could at least get the products at the Consultant pricing. I never expected I’d turn my business into what it is now.”


Emily loves how seamlessly her business fits into her busy schedule.

Emily was inspired by Michelle’s success. “You always see people at the top when you’re looking at the big picture, but it’s rare to see someone at an in-between stage. Knowing someone personally who was creating a real change in her life really intrigued me. I saw that and thought ‘Why not me?’ and that has been super motivating.”

A few months into her R+F business, Emily closed her apparel business. As her kids got older, she had less time for it and found that it was creeping into her time with family. Emily’s R+F business fit so much easier into her life. “When I’m really busy, sometimes it’s necessary to squeeze in getting dressed onto that to-do list…” she laughs. “I’ve just added R+F to the list and work it around the other tasks that I would normally be doing that day anyway.”


Emily is so impressed that she can work her business around five children.

Emily loves how her business has enabled her to reconnect with others on a personal level. Wrapped up with her own busy life, which often didn’t line up with the hectic schedules of her friends, she found that it was often too easy to put off phone calls to catch up. Sharing her business has helped her to rekindle friendships and has reminded her how important it is to develop and maintain relationships.

Constantly surprised at how quickly she’s built her business and how it continues to grow, Emily credits the products for making it so easy to be genuine about the opportunity. “The proof is in the results. People see how my skin has improved and how this business can change lives. I am just honest and open about what I’m doing and the potential that’s available if you want to make the time for it.” Emily is also impressed by how much fun she’s having and that her business never feels like work. “I’m just enjoying myself and spending time with friends, talking about something I like. It’s great.”


Emily and her husband.

Emily quickly realized that the potential with her business was much more significant than she originally thought. “I’ve been fortunate that my husband has a great job that allows me to stay home with our kids, but as a general manager for an aerospace company, he works very long hours. The ultimate goal would be to give him more breathing room.”


It’s been amazing for Emily to watch the various ways her business has grown, enabling her to provide more for her family.

It’s so rewarding for Emily to see her teammates succeed and find hope as they work toward their goals. “No two people are the same and it’s incredible to see how everyone can be successful in this business in their own way.” Her experience has even shown her that she is capable of more than she had been giving herself credit for. “I’d been telling myself ‘I can’t do this or that’, but I was just making excuses. I can do more than I think if I just set goals and work hard.”


Emily is looking forward to improving her family’s life even more as she continues to build her business.

Emily loves educating people about Rodan + Fields and changing the misconceptions of what the direct sales channel is. She’s learned the importance of never judging anything before truly knowing what it’s about. “At the end of the day, you don’t know until you try. I tend to be reserved and cautious; I’m not a big risk taker. However, when I decide to do something, I’m all in because there is nothing to lose.” Emily is passionate about sharing an opportunity that has provided her the ability to change her family’s life and be more available to them. She hopes to inspire others to make room to create the life they want as well, despite any reservations they may feel. “You always have time to make a difference in your life.”

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4 responses to “Emily Paulson – Making Time For Change”

  1. Brooke Vaughey says:

    Amazing job, Emily! You’re on the fast path!!!

  2. Great story, Emily – you are inspiring!

  3. Dinah Smith says:

    Why not you? Wonderful message, Emily! If you can be successful with Rodan + Fields while rearing five children, then so can others who are willing to work it into the nooks and crannies to gain more flexibility and freedom. Your business goes anywhere you do!

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