Emily Pennington – Finding the Magic
Friday, January 3, 2014

“When you reach a point where you can move beyond your own ambitions and ask how you can help other people, that’s when you start to see a change. It’s when you step outside of yourself that something magical happens.”

Emily has always been driven by her desire to help people reach their full potential. As a fitness instructor, she has motivated people for the past seven years to strive for the best versions of themselves, to lead healthy lives, and to reach whatever goals they may have. She loves helping people feel and look their best.

Emily Pennington

Emily Pennington

She began teaching group classes as a way to have a personal outlet for herself after leaving a full-time job to be home with her first born. “I never thought I’d be a stay-at-home mom, but going back to an office and leaving my kids with someone else just wasn’t an option.” She had been considering the possibility of returning to full-time work after all three of her children were in school, when she came across an unexpected business opportunity.

Emily Pennington

The adorable kids

“I wasn’t looking for anything even remotely similar to what Rodan + Fields ®was offering. Frankly, I had a negative opinion about the direct sales industry, but once I looked into the opportunity more, I saw that this was something very different.” Emily was drawn to the opportunity primarily because it allowed her to have her own business without having to be away from home or giving up teaching fitness classes. She also liked that it was a mobile business that she could take with her anywhere. Unlike a brick and mortar business, if she and her family decided to move, she wouldn’t risk losing any business partners or customers. She became an Independent Consultant over a year ago. After seven months she had reached Level V status, which motivated her to set her goals even higher. She is now working toward becoming an RFx Circle Achiever while helping her teammates reach their goals. “Helping people reach their goals through Rodan + Fields is similar to what I do as a fitness instructor. This is just a different avenue of doing that, and this business has broadened my ability to reach people on many more levels.” Now, not only is Emily motivating and supporting people in their physical health, but she is also helping her team members achieve goals and better their quality of life.

As a natural leader and motivator, Emily freely shares advice about how to make a business successful. She is a busy mother who is very involved in her kids’ school activities, and she still teaches an average of five fitness classes a week, all while running her own independent Rodan + Fields business. She advises her team members to learn from each other, and to learn how to effectively manage their time. “Busy people know how to manage their time. This isn’t something that needs to interfere at all with your regular schedule, it’s a matter of fitting it in wherever and however you can.” Besides learning effective time management, she also believes that it is critical when starting out in this or any new venture to start slowly in the beginning and be consistent. “It is easy to jump into something and feel overwhelmed, and that doesn’t need to happen. Just make consistent daily efforts, and you’ll get where you want to be.”

Emily Pennington

Emily and family

Emily’s most important advice for anyone considering their own Rodan + Fields business is to simply believe. Believe in yourself, and trust in your own unique voice to guide you. The business model is already in place, but in following it you have to allow your own voice to shine through. Being genuine is paramount to driving your success, and for Emily, being genuine means embracing your own voice, while being open to everyone else’s. “I began my business because I sincerely wanted to change my own life, and I have. But when I realized how far I had come, I stepped outside of my own life and turned my attention toward others, and that is where the magic happened. Now I embrace the opportunity everyday to change people’s lives, and that is a beautiful thing.”

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10 responses to “Emily Pennington – Finding the Magic”

  1. Robin Lyons says:

    Emily!!! I’m so excited for you 🙂 What a wonderful Blessing to be able to share your story.

    I was touched by how gracious you were to me at Napa and so blessed to have met you!

    May your business continue to grow as you continue to reach out to others!

    Blessings to you and yours,

    Robin 🙂

  2. Emily, I am so proud of you and your success with R+F not only helping your own family, but helping other’s reach their dreams as well.

  3. Loved your story Emily! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Dinah Smith says:

    Emily, you have achieved what many Moms only wish they could do. With Rodan+ Fields there’s no reason you can’t be there for your children and have a successful business!! Freedom and flexibility….. a dream job !!

  5. Emily – you are an inspiration to all moms and people who want to make a difference in others’ lives! So proud of you!

  6. mom says:

    so great to see these pics and hear your story. you have always been amazing!

  7. […] you reach a point where you can move beyond your own ambitions and ask how you can help other people, that’s when you start to see a change. It’s when you step outside of yourself that something […]

  8. Bren Blanco says:

    You have such an inspiring story…. thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Kappy Olson says:


    Thank you for your ideas on setting goals and creating a “WHY” from Sunday’s call. You are an inspiration.


  10. Kimberly Mundloch says:

    Emily, You are such an inspiration to me! Thank you for always speaking the truth and being our fearless mentor! Love you!

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