Erin Connor – Creating the Time to Be Together

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Friday, January 15th, 2016

He slid on his boots, adjusted the heavy coat, and placed the helmet on his head. Erin Connor watched her children’s eyes light up with excitement as their father demonstrated how he wore his fire gear. She was proud of her husband, but was suddenly overcome by fear as the reality of what he did each day settled in. At that moment, she promised herself that she would do everything in her power to provide for her family and ensure that he wouldn’t need to continue working such long hours in such a dangerous position. She decided to pursue a business opportunity that she believed could provide the financial stability they needed so that her husband could spend more time safely at home, creating meaningful memories with their family.


Erin, her husband, Doug, and their girls, Addison, Brooke, Charleigh, and Brynn. Photo by: Daisy Beatty Photography.

Sparking interest

After earning master’s degrees in both business and accounting, Erin began her career with a clear plan in mind and a strong determination to achieve her goals. “I was already thinking ahead about what would happen down the road. I knew I eventually wanted a family and figured that if I put in the time—working late nights and weekends during tax season—I could set myself up with the experience I needed so that I’d be able to return to work after taking time off and find a good job and earn a decent living.”

In 2010, Erin and her husband, Doug, had twin daughters, and then 11 months later, another little girl. “It was a lot all at once and Doug was at the firehouse a lot, working as much overtime as he could because, with three babies, I was not ready to consider going back to work yet.” Then, in March of 2014, they added a fourth daughter to their family, and the possibility of Erin returning to work was pushed back even further. One night, while feeding the baby and scrolling through Facebook, she noticed a post about Rodan + Fields®. “A friend of a friend had posted something and the phrase ‘work from home’ jumped out at me. I reached out to learn more about the Company, and when I heard how successful the Doctors were with their previous product line, I was immediately intrigued by their new endeavor. Even though I was tired and busy with four kids, I knew I wanted to try. It was completely out of my comfort zone, but I felt the greater risk would be missing out on something that could be amazing.”


Erin with her friends and business partners, Team Infinity.

Igniting her desire

In May of 2014, Erin enrolled as an Independent Consultant, hoping to earn enough to involve her daughters in extracurricular activities. “As a family of six living off of a single income, I’d always felt bad that we couldn’t afford to put the girls in dance classes. I thought this could be the way to give that to them.” She quickly realized that the possibilities were much greater than just those classes. Seven months into her business, working 15 to 20 hours a week, Erin was able to pay their mortgage using her R+F income, and within a year, she’d replaced her former accounting career salary. This past March, she achieved Premier Level V and because of the additional income, Doug no longer has to take every overtime shift offered at the firehouse. “He loves what he does, but his job and schedule are so demanding. It’s a huge relief to know that he can now be home more and that he can have control over his hours.”


Erin and her family celebrating her team’s Lexus achievement.

Catching fire

Erin loves that her business gives her the opportunity to use her professional skills. After years of being home with her kids, she felt like she’d lost part of her former identity. “I love being a mom, but it feels good to have something of my own to pursue. I feel like I’ve found my purpose. There was a time when I asked my children what mommy and daddy did for work and they said, ‘Daddy helps people and mommy does laundry.’ Now, it makes me so proud to hear them say that both mommy and daddy help people.”

Erin’s business has also encouraged her to step out of her shell and focus on self-improvement. “As an introvert, it’s always been a challenge to put myself out there, and I definitely doubted myself in certain areas, but this experience has helped me find my voice and build my confidence. Now, I feel whole, and the ability to build an organization in a way that is authentic to me is so fulfilling.” Erin feels that, by stepping out of her comfort zone, she has learned a lot about herself. “It’s truly amazing how you feel after you do something that feels scary at first. I’m amazed at how much I’ve grown. I recently spoke in front of 300 people at a Business Presentation—something I would never have wanted to do before—but it felt so great to accomplish that. I want to teach my girls that they can do whatever they want in life if they put their minds to it, and by facing my own fears, I’m proving that to be true.”


Erin with her business partner, Rachael Braunshweiger, her sponsor, Hannah Fisher, and her sister, Katie Wood.

Fueling the flames

Erin is excited about the possibilities she sees for the future and enjoys watching how the business makes a difference in others’ lives as well. She also loves that she and her sister, Katie Wood, who is also a Consultant, are able to do more charity work together. “Every month, we pick an organization to give to—that’s something I’ve always wanted to be able to do more of, but couldn’t afford. Now, it feels so good to give without thinking twice.”

Erin is grateful that she is also able to give more to her family as well. This past year, they spent the summer at a beach in Connecticut near her parents. “Summers on the beach were always my favorite memory when I was a child and I’m so happy that I can give that to my children—we wouldn’t have been able to afford that without the time and financial flexibility we now have.” Erin also hopes to be able to do something special for her own parents in the near future. “Growing up, my parents took me and my siblings to so many places. They came from nothing and built their own businesses and really showed me that you can do whatever you want in life with a strong work ethic and a firm belief in yourself. I’ve always felt lucky that we had those experiences when we were young, and I would love to now take them somewhere special in return.”


Erin and her sister, Katie, doing their monthly “R+F Sister Giveback.”

A blazing success

Erin’s business has provided her with the freedom to live her life consciously, savoring the special moments. “If I didn’t have R+F, I would be back in the corporate world, and my kids would be in daycare right now—which breaks my heart to think about. Instead, I’m able to live in the present and focus on those around me. I get to take the time to really get to know each of my children as individuals and create meaningful memories together. I’m able to work with my best friend and sister each day. And I have the opportunity to collaborate with an amazing group of people who I admire and respect. I’m truly grateful for the lasting friendships I’ve made while mentoring my teammates and celebrating their successes. My dad always used to tell me to go out and make things happen—I’m finally doing just that, and the best part is, I get to do it while surrounding myself with the people I care about most.”


Erin and her family spending the summer at the beach in Old Saybrook, Connecticut.



5 responses to “Erin Connor – Creating the Time to Be Together”

  1. Katie says:

    LOVE this story! I have NEVER in my life been so proud of my sister. You took a leap of faith, stepped outside your comfort zone and have really proven yourself! Your family and friends are SO proud of you! You’ve set yourself up for an incredible future and you’re showing your girls that you can do ANYTHING when you put your mind to it! AMAZING. Love being on this journey with you!

  2. Sara Dwyer says:

    Erin, I am so proud of you. Summer on the beach is a good summer indeed! Congrats on building a business filled with heart and passion. And fun.

  3. Jeane Murphy says:

    I’m so excited for you, Erin! Your journey is such an inspiration and I applaud your success! I have enjoyed getting to know you and it’s so much fun to see lives changed because of R+F. Congratulations!

  4. Danielle says:

    So proud to see your story here, and grateful R+F brought us together. Congratulations on all of your achievements thus far, which as you know, are just the start. 🙂

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