Erin King – A Quest for a Fulfilling Career

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, January 5th, 2017

Not everyone can say that they love their job. So many of us count down the hours at work, yearning for when we can go home to our family. The paycheck is the only positive thing about many people’s careers, and even that often feels paltry in return for the long hours we dedicate to our jobs.

Erin King was anything but passionate about her career. For fourteen years, she worked in procurement and supply chain management for an electronics manufacturer. “It was nothing that ever excited me; it was simply an income,” she sighs. Then, when she got pregnant and couldn’t travel for work, she hit a ceiling and any further advancement in her company became impossible. She knew she needed a change, but didn’t know where to look.

Being a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant has helped Erin King find personal and professional fulfillment.

Searching for a way out

She decided to leave her old job to take a similar role in a different industry. After two years there, she reached the same impasse, but her family still needed her income. “I didn’t have the option of not working.” The hours were long and she had to commute an hour each way to the office. Her husband also had a demanding career, so they employed a nanny to look after their children from six to six every weekday. This broke Erin’s heart. “I was missing out on everything, and my children were being raised by someone else.”

It was then that Tracy Croushorn, who has a child in the same grade as Erin’s, mentioned the Rodan + Fields business. Erin hadn’t heard of R+F, and didn’t consider herself a skincare user or enthusiast. Over the next month, however, her interest grew. She noticed Tracy’s success and started to see the potential. “I could see there was lot more to this business model than skincare.” She could also see that the products really worked, so in April 2014, she bought a business kit. She began to use and love the products, and started to network with her team. That month her team leader, Stacey Snee, earned a Lexus, and Erin was amazed and intrigued that a single mom with a full-time job could achieve so much with her Rodan + Fields business.

Before becoming a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant, Erin King was stuck in a job that made her miserable.

Erin with Stacey Snee and Heather Tuck, two of her dear friends and business partners, on the 2016 Level V Incentive Trip.

Discovering that work can (and should!) be fun

Erin realized that she needed to put more time into her R+F business, but without overburdening her busy schedule. “If I could make some extra income without taking more time away from my family, then fantastic.” Working three hours a week, she began to build her business. She listened to training calls on her daily commute, made phone calls after the kids went to sleep, and started to have a lot of fun doing so. “I never associated fun with work up until that point.” She was very happy with her first commission, and was enjoying the work so much that she upped her hours to ten a week.

Erin and her husband could see the potential for a successful, fulfilling career, so six months later, Erin took the plunge and quit her other job to concentrate on her R+F business. Erin stresses that the transition from her old career “wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows.” After a lifetime of having every hour of every day allocated and structured, being her own boss was daunting and it took Erin a couple months to adjust. But adjust she did, and by January 2015 her business was thriving. In that month, she went from Level II to Level V, and she didn’t stop there!

As an Independent Consultant with Rodan + Fields, Erin King has the freedom to spend more time with family.

Erin at a Power Up Luncheon with some of her incredible business partners.

Erin is now a Premier Level V and very close to matching her previous salary, “but now I’m working twenty hours a week instead of sixty!” Erin says that her Rodan + Fields career is “the most exciting thing I have ever done. It doesn’t feel like work.” The difference between this and her old career “is like night and day.”

Reveling in her newfound freedom

Over time, her business vision has grown, and the freedom she’s gained has been empowering and transformative. “If you had asked me two years ago where I would be now, I would have told you that I would be in the same job, hating it, until I retired.”

Being a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant allowed Erin King to build a successful, fulfilling career.

Erin and her driving force: her family.

Now, she has the power to choose when and where she works, and can take extended vacations with her family, visit her mom in Michigan, or volunteer at her children’s school while still earning a healthy income. “I may have been successful at previous jobs, but I was never fulfilled. With Rodan + Fields, I have found personal and professional fulfilment all in one, and it has allowed me to be the best wife, mom, friend, and leader that I can be.”




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  1. Dale King says:

    I could not be any prouder of my beautiful wife/entrepreneur Erin. She is inspiring to not only those on her team and potential customers she comes in contact with, but to me as well. I have watched her grow her business and the passion that she exhibits for it, is second to none! I am so proud of her and accomplishments, they mean the world to our family!

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