Gabriel Sedlak – The American Dream
Wednesday, March 19, 2014

On August 26th, 2008, Gabriel Sedlak and a few friends gathered around a familiar table in their local coffee shop, as they had done so many times. But this time, they were talking about change. Each of them needed a change in their lives. Gabriel, who had been in the direct sales business for many years, was in transition and looking to find another direct selling company that was new and cutting edge. He also had long term sustainability in mind. He wasn’t searching for the hot new item to sell. He wanted his entire life to be different.

Gabriel on beach

Gabriel was searching for the chance to live life on his own terms, and Rodan + Fields gave him that opportunity.

“I did not pray as many years as I did to meet the woman of my dreams, to then marry her, only to have to spend the next thirty years spending sixty to seventy hours a week away from her, working for someone else’s dream,” he said.  “I did not have children with her only to have to put them in daycare, and give my family emotional crumbs at the end of each day. That is not the American dream.”

Gabriel Sedlak determined early on in life that he would find a way to live his life according to his own vision of what the American ideal is, and what he passionately believes it can be for most of us. But, like so many of us, Gabriel was having trouble turning that idea into reality.

He met with his friends to discuss a change. That change was not a door out of direct sales, which he was passionate about, but simply the right door to an opportunity that would allow each one of them to pursue their vision of life the way it was meant to be. Sometimes it takes a few brave people to step forward and pioneer a way toward a better future for the rest of us, and that is exactly what happened in that coffee shop almost six years ago. One of Gabriel’s friends mentioned he had heard about the Rodan + Fields® opportunity, and decided to join. After giving it some thought, Gabriel saw the full potential in front of him. From that day forward, he and his colleagues began forging a path with Rodan + Fields as Independent Consultants that would, in the long run, give them the freedom to create that change they had all been searching for, and show thousands more that there is a better way.

Gabriel and his wife, Holley, are now able to spend more quality time with their children.

Gabriel and his wife, Holley, now work together, living out the dream Gabriel has always held dear.

“It is amazing what a few hungry people can do, and being involved as a Consultant has been a lot of fun, even if it was extremely challenging in the early days.” Gabriel points out that while he and his team did serve as catalysts to get their businesses off the ground and running, being a pioneer isn’t actually about the pioneer alone. “It’s about what you do with the platform. This opportunity is a great equalizer, and that’s what I want to convey to people. I was one of those kids who struggled in school, never went to high school and got a GED later in life, and I never went to college.” He continues explaining how Rodan + Fields helped him gain his footing, saying, “This industry rewards you for passion, hunger, and fire in your belly, not your background. Now, CEOs of corporations, doctors, and professional ball players do not have any advantage over me. Our industry is the great equalizer for those willing to press through until breakthrough comes!”

Gabriel and Holley are now working on their Rodan + Fields business together, and they are living every moment of the dream Gabriel set out to find many years ago. From a morning in a coffee shop with nothing more than a desire to change, he now spends every morning having coffee with his wife, planning their day together. They have the ability to home-school their children and travel with them, showing them a view of the world that includes entrepreneurism and putting family above all else. Their main focus with their Rodan + Fields business now is to show other families that they have the power in their hands to rediscover their hopes and passions. So many of us have become experts at suppressing those ideals because we are taught to remain “realistic,” and that is what Gabriel and Holley are driven to help others overcome.

Gabriel can now spend more quality time with his children.

Gabriel now has the opportunity to spend more quality time with his children.

Being free to invest in our relationships and to do what we feel we were meant to do with our lives while we have the chance is often overshadowed by daily stress, and it doesn’t have to be that way. Gabriel has a deep understanding of that, and he and Holley strive daily to encourage their team members to listen to their own voices rather than the outside ones that can hold them back. “Reaching for whatever it is that you feel called on to do in this life, finding a way to follow your dream without worrying, and maximizing your marriage and your family life – that is living the American dream.”

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25 responses to “Gabriel Sedlak – The American Dream”

  1. Renee Hall says:

    Thanks for sharing your story, Gabriel. I have several new male consultants that I know will be inspired by it, just as I am. God Bless you and your amazing family and the lives you touch through this business.

  2. Gabriel really is the real deal! Be inspired, be encouraged and believe in yourself. DO this and do it well.

  3. I rememeber starting out new as a consultant. I had a small health event where I worked out at – I had nothing! Gabe and another fellow consultant showed up. Could not believe it. Learned so much in a few minutes about how authentic Gabe & Holley both were. I watched how Gabe introduced himself to other vendors. I also learned that you say “hello” to other vendors to be friendly. PLus, you just might find the vendors just might looking for a new opportunity. While Gabe & Holley were in Atlanta I needed 1 pack of Microdrambrasion paste to mail to a prospect. Gabe or Holley one dropped the samples (not just 1 pack -b but 2)off in my mailbox! The top male earner & his wife are authentic and have a servants heart. Blew me away & I will never forget it. Ever.

  4. Gabe and Holley Sedlak are the real deal! They have blessed and continue to bless so many lives. I’m truly grateful for their godly leadership!

  5. Lisa Hill says:

    I always love hearing Gabe’s story!

  6. I love how he said he prayed for his wife and wanted something that would enable him to spend quality time with her. From what I read, awesome young man.

  7. Gabe is such an awesome inspiration for men and women!

  8. Congratulations Gabe for having your story published in the Redefine Blog and for all your success. We truly are living the American Dream and loving life!

  9. Lori says:

    Love your story and your vision! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Tracie Bonds says:

    Gabe, Your vision & Your offer to join you, changed my life forever. No words can thank you enough. I love you and Holley. Thank you for the strong Christ Centered Leadership you provide us all. You are truly a man who walks his talk! May God continue to bless your family beyond measure. Tracie Bonds, Your Million Dollar Earner (Only Because Of You!)

  11. Jan Massalon says:

    Thanks for sharing. I have just signed a male consultant and think this will be helpful and inspiring. Good luck to you and your family and may God bless.

  12. Jan Massalon says:

    Thanks for sharing. I have just signed a male consultant and think this will be helpful and inspiring. Good luck to you and your family and may God bless. – See more at:

  13. JoDee Watkins says:

    No words… Just no words… Because of you, I saw the vision and all that this company had to offer… You inspired and made me realize there was no limit… And I came home, imparted the vision to Jonathan and together we retired him in less than a year. All because I was foolish enough to believe you…. Or maybe I was wise enough to just do it… I didn’t overthink it… We just did it. We owe you so much…. There are no words in the human vocabulary that could ever thank you enough.

  14. Connie Deam says:

    I love being able to share your story with other men…knowing how sincere you are…and how passionate you about family time and business. Rodan + Fileds is an opportunity to be shared with everyone who crosses our path. We may not even know that this person is interested in changing their life…or finding their true passion. Way to stay focused!!

  15. I have known Gab for many years. I remember when I he was searching for such an opportunity as Rodan + Fileds to get where he is today. Gab has proven that “Vision” is key to casting off the restaints of life. “Change” [of mind] is nessassry for transition. Gab, and Holly are truly testimonies of “…seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened.”

  16. Gabriel Sedlak and his wife Holley are so genuine with Hearts for God and people! They are my personal Team leaders and have been so helpful and motivate me to inspire to Dream Big and never give up! I know my potential is great because they see it in me and make me believe. With True leadership that is simple and Organic…..they lead the way for so many! Truly grateful to know them and have their ongoing support!

  17. Gabe,

    Many thanks to you and Holley for having the courage, vision and endurance to run this most-unique and inspiring race! Both of you share so much of yourselves to help others and it’s a privilege to know you and your amazing family!

    God Speed my friends!!


  18. Totally an inspiration and so glad I’m part of this Upline family!!!
    It really motivated me today… Thank you for sharing your story…..

  19. It was nice meeting you at Convention. Thank you for reaching out and saying hello. Best to you and your family. May you continue on the road of success!

  20. Myrna says:

    Truly blessed to be in such wonderful company as these folks -continually inspiring, encouraging and sharing. Thank you, Sedlak family! Thank you!

  21. The Sedlak’s are living proof of dreams coming true, even in this day and age. We’re so blessed to have such inspiration to guide us! Thank you, Gabriel!

  22. Janine Homem says:

    Gabriel and Holly Sedlack,
    Thank you for having hearts that know what it means to be of service to everyone, and sharing that with the entire R+F family.
    I was blessed to meet Gab at my first Convention in 2011 and reached out to the Sedlacks for some tips, I got so much more! Thank you both for every kindness. You made a difference and do daily. The manner in which you lead and live inspire me everyday. I’m so excited and happy for your successes! It gives me courage to keep at it and never give up on my goals.
    Blessings to you and your beautiful family!
    Thank you 🙂

  23. Nina Hinson says:

    Gabe, It was great meeting you at Convention in Austin! Thank you for taking a few minutes to chat with Caroline and me and sharing your perspective on the male side of this business. You are an inspiration to us all! 🙂 Nina

  24. Linda Riha says:

    I want you to know that you have taught me a great deal over the last few years that I have been a part of the wonderful Rodan+Fields Team! The most critical and simple lesson you taught me was from your video when you said, “Don’t take it personally!” Those four words helped me grow into a confident person and believe that many new yeses will come from the noes! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your family and wife are beautiful! Congratulations on your baby girl! <3

  25. Chaun smith says:

    I know you will enjoy his story.

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