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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The following story recounts how this Independent Consultant utilized one of the many Rodan + Fields® Programs designed to motivate and incentivize dedicated Consultants who are working to grow their business.


Although being a parent is rewarding in itself, we sometimes yearn for a way to pursue our other passions alongside raising our kids. After becoming a stay-at-home mom and watching her children go into school full-time, Gina Naylor was ready for a new venture. “I was specifically looking for an opportunity like Rodan + Fields®. I wanted to feel professionally fulfilled and contribute to our household’s bottom line, especially with something that I felt could have unlimited potential for growth.”

Gina always took great care of her skin, and “was really impressed with a complete stranger I met at my daughter’s preschool, because her skin was just glowing. I asked which products she was using, and hearing about R+F created a huge lightbulb moment for me. I was all in.” Joining the business as an Independent Consultant in September of 2014, Gina now works closely with Lea May, that same ‘stranger,’ as her Upline and good friend.

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Finding inspiration in the early days

For the first six months, Gina actively shared the R+F products with her network. However, it wasn’t until after Convention in Atlanta that she began recruiting her team and pursuing her business in earnest. “When I came back from that Convention, I was wowed. I decided, ‘I’m not coming back here before I run for Level V myself!’” Within two months, working hard for 20-35 hours per week, Gina was a Level V Achiever.

At the time, the Level V Circle Program wasn’t yet in effect. However, Gina’s Upline Christy Nutter took their team to Napa where Gina met “so many great women from all walks of life, including Ali Wilson who is a great power partner. I would never have seen San Francisco if it weren’t for this RFCL trip! That was essentially my Level V Circle reward.”

Gina and her family in Naples Florida

Gina and her family in Naples Florida

Leading the way towards experiences

Gina started running for Lead the Way miles about a year into her business and loved being rewarded for her own personal achievement. “Jessica Grimes was my Lead the Way accountability partner. She reached Milestone Five before I did, and I rushed to meet her in the last three days. It was so exciting, and I couldn’t have done it without her!”

What Gina loved most about Lead the Way were the excursion rewards. “I don’t really care about ‘stuff,’ but what I do care about are experiences,” Gina explains. “The trips and the travel mean the most to me and my family, because those things are what memories are made of. I’ll run for any experience you put in front of me.” Gina brought her husband, Wil, to Vegas for her Milestone Five reward, and considers this trip an important memory they share together thanks to her Rodan + Fields business.

Gina and her team toasting their success at the Las Vegas Convention

Gina and her team toasting their success at the Las Vegas Convention

Gina aims to be an example for her team, setting the bar high for them to achieve their own Lead the Way miles. Team Go is now aiming for Lexus volume and running for Premier V, and the support they’re showing each other is inspiring. “I used to run competitive track, and this moment is just like a relay race. I’ve trained and coached my team forward, and now I’ve passed the baton to them. We’re all so different, and we rely on each other’s individual strengths and talents to succeed as a team.”

Gina and her sponsor Lea May after walking the stage in Vegas

Gina and her sponsor Lea May after walking the stage in Vegas

Looking toward a future of abundance

Today Gina actively donates to an adoption nonprofit in New York City, and is inspiring others to find their own way of giving back. “I’ve always wanted to use my experiences to benefit other people in some way. Rodan + Fields is a business of abundance—an abundance of sharing, giving, and growing. I want to show my kids that you really can leave the world a better place. I’m dedicated to helping people find what they’re passionate about and helping them make a difference in the world.”


Tell Me More…

What one word do you most relate to? Indecisive! The world is my oyster and picking just one thing drives me bananas.

Who’s the most influential person in your life? My children are truly the most influential people in my life in every way.

Which R+F Program have you achieved, and what are you running for next? I’m a Level V leader, running for Premier V and Road to RFX!

What is your dream Lexus purchase? My husband would say the LFA is his ultimate dream car, but the carpooling soccer mom in me dreams of the LX.

What is your favorite R+F product? SPF 50 from REVERSE. I don’t walk to the mailbox without it on!


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