Gwen Shaw – Pursuing A Passion to Lead

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

Passionate about working with others, Gwen Shaw has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She opened her own salon, thinking it was the ideal way to combine her skills as a stylist with her desire to make a difference in her community. When she learned that with Rodan + Fields® she could build a virtual business and grow a team of people based all over the country as well as in Canada, she knew she’d found an additional way to help others feel their very best.


Trying a new style

Over the past 12 years Gwen has owned her salon in central Minnesota. She offered various skin care products, but nothing ever seemed to work well for her clients. In December of 2014, interested in hearing more about Rodan + Fields, she reached out to a friend. “I’d seen some of the before-and-after photos she posted online, and I was intrigued. I decided to purchase a Business Kit and check it out.”

Gwen tried the REDEFINE Regimen and loved it. She was excited to see that her R+F Customers were having great results as well. A few weeks later, two people joined her in business. “Having people reach out to me about the products and the business really opened my eyes to what this opportunity could do for me and my family.”

Increasing volume

As Gwen’s income began to grow, working 10 to 15 hours a week, she knew the opportunity could not only change her family’s life, but the lives of those she shared with as well. “We definitely have more options available to us, and it’s allowing us to make decisions based on what is best for our family.” A few months ago, Gwen’s husband was able to leave a highly demanding job to accept a position with another company, which allows him to be more present at home. “We have four little girls, so it’s been incredible to have him back, living a more relaxed lifestyle. And I’m so happy that I’ve been able to take some of the financial pressure off of him as well.”

Gwen’s R+F income is helping her save for their children’s education as well as their retirement. “I never expected to be where I am just a year-and-a-half into my business. We’re able to make plans for our future that I never expected possible, and it’s empowering us to live life on our own terms.”

Adding layers

Gwen loves being an entrepreneur and leading a team, and is grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded people on a daily basis. “It’s so rewarding to help people start their own businesses and encourage them to pursue their dreams. I truly enjoy seeing my teammates’ passion grow as they achieve success, and I’ve met so many incredible people because of this opportunity. The R+F culture is so positive. I’ve never been this happy in my life and that carries over into everything else I do.”

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Gwen at R+F Convention.

Maintaining healthy roots

Gwen’s business enables her to exemplify the value of hard work and perseverance. “I want to show my kids, as well as others, the importance of keeping an open mind. You never know what opportunities will come your way and, if you aren’t open to new ideas, you may miss out on something life-changing. I wasn’t looking for this, but I saw what a gift it was, and I’m so glad I was willing to step out of my comfort zone. It has truly been the smartest and most rewarding opportunity I’ve ever pursued.”

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