Haley Frazee – Breaking Out Of Her Comfort Zone
Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Before she found Rodan + Fields, Haley Frazee kept a demanding schedule as an executive recruiter. “My whole life I’ve been such a worker bee. I’ve been earning my own income since I turned 15, and since I graduated college, my mind was set on climbing the corporate ladder. When I found R+F, I was working for one of the largest privately-owned companies in the world. My work was pretty intense, but I really liked it! I’ve always been very career driven.”

Haley and her husband Ted had just finished building a new home for their young family when she noticed a need for change. “We were both early on in our careers, my husband traveled a lot for his job, and our girls were one and two at the time. We had the financial strain that I imagine a lot of new families face. My life revolved around my career and our family. I didn’t spend a lot of time on myself, including my skincare routine, or anything outside of my immediate bubble. Around the same time, my husband was actually encouraging me to find a hobby outside of working and our girls. I think he knew I needed another outlet.” What Haley found in Rodan + Fields led her to a rewarding and fulfilling personal discovery, well beyond skincare.

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Haley Frazee

A new discovery

Like many Independent Consultants, Haley found out about Rodan + Fields through a friend and former colleague. “Annie Roberts is someone I really trust, and she has always been extremely smart and successful in her career. Still, I was surprised when I learned about how much she loved working her R+F business, and the success she was having in very limited hours. She was still at our old firm the first time we spoke about Rodan + Fields, and I knew all too well how many long hours she worked. Between that and her little kids at home, we were both on the same kind of life path. I just couldn’t picture her having time to do something like this.”

Regardless, when Annie insisted the Rodan + Fields products were amazing, Haley wanted to try them. “We connected and she then told me about the business. I was completely shocked by the earning potential. That’s when my wheels first started turning with the idea of what this could actually become.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Haley Frazee & Husband

Haley and her husband, Ted, at  Convention 2017 in Las Vegas.

Taking a chance

Haley brought the discussion to Ted, knowing he might find good-natured humor in the whole situation. “I knew he might tease me…but I told him what Annie was doing and explained that I wanted to at least give it a try too. At first he did laugh, because everyone knows I’m not a skincare expert. In fact, it was a miracle if I washed my face at night and my friends knew that about me. However, the opportunity to own my own business seemed too good to pass on.”

After their initial laugh together, Ted was very supportive. Despite her initial fears of this being far outside of her comfort zone, Haley decided to go for it. “When this opportunity landed in my lap, a light bulb went on in my head. Even though I knew some might not agree, I really thought this could be a smart business decision for us. I saw it as an opportunity for change and to fund some of the things we’ve had on our list and always dreamed about!”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Haley Frazee's Husband

Haley’s favorite convention moment: Ted taking her photo as she crosses the stage as an RFX for the first time!

The big surprise

Haley started her skincare business with modest expectations. “Annie told me I could earn a trip to Napa or even earn a Lexus, but honestly I just thought I’d be happy to cover our new child care expenses or go on a date night with my husband! I purchased one of the bigger kits, and I just kept falling back on the assurance that I had 60 days to make this work. Thankfully, I loved the products right away. I could already tell a huge difference in the appearance of my skin after the first few uses! Not only that, but I was really loving the friendships and bonds I was making with the women on our team.”

Haley started getting customers and her business started growing. She earned the cost of her kit back before the first 60 days were up. After that, Haley felt even more excited. “My goals got bigger. I earned the trip to Napa at a year. At a year and a half, I earned my Lexus, which was a major upgrade from our Ford Explorer! Then I earned an incredible trip to Hawaii. Most recently, we just earned the RFX trip to France! As a travel enthusiast, these trips and rewards have been amazing and life-changing experiences.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Haley Frazee & Lexus

Haley earning her Lexus from R+F!

Big changes

Haley’s life outside of Rodan + Fields changed in big ways over the course of her journey. She devoted 10-15 hours per week to R+F alongside her full-time career for four and a half years. By the end of 2016, she finally walked away from her recruiting profession altogether. “Working both jobs was really great! I loved the opportunity, but when my R+F business started growing, I was finally able to step away from the corporate world. That was an option I never even knew I wanted.”

In return for paring down her workload, Haley gained valuable time with her family. “I was so corporate-driven when I started this business. But as our girls got older, their needs changed. Before Rodan + Fields, I didn’t feel like I was juggling the work-life balance well at all because I was so focused on my career. Now, I wouldn’t trade my time for the world. I am able to spend more time with our girls and focus on their activities and school events more than ever. I love that through watching my business grow, my girls know what R+F is. They see that hard work allows us to afford a lot of the activities they do. We travel a lot more, we’re able to give back in more ways, and we’re able to say yes to so many more things that are important to us!”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Haley Frazee & Family

Haley, Ted, and their two girls Alice (8) and Quinn (7).

Lifelong inspiration

Haley is currently working through the challenges of being an entrepreneur, and learning to grow her confidence as a leader. That’s part of what makes her journey feel worthwhile. “Many people think because I’m a recruiter by trade, growing a team should be a breeze, but it’s completely different. Recruiting with Rodan + Fields is more personal because these are my friends and peers and not total strangers. I had to be bold and really push myself. As a pretty shy and reserved person, joining R+F helped in both my professional and personal life. I think my friends, family, and especially my husband would agree that my confidence has grown significantly since joining R+F and I have been able to break out of my shell.”

Haley’s most inspiring moments as an Independent Consultant have involved seeing what R+F has done for others on her team. “When I first started my business, I wanted additional income for things as simple as date nights, but now it’s grown into so much more. I’ve seen how Rodan + Fields has impacted others, and it’s the most rewarding feeling. I realized that this business is so much bigger than just me and definitely more than just skincare. I absolutely love when I see members of our team growing into the best versions of themselves, providing for their families, or spending more time with their kids. Whenever I want to feel inspired I can go back to our team and feel completely in awe of what they are doing with this business to better their lives and those around them. I feel so grateful and fortunate that this opportunity connected me with these incredible people.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Haley Frazee & Team

Haley her team members from Convention 2017 in Las Vegas. Pictured left to right: Arden Wimberly, Katie Gibson, Sandra Myddelton, Haley Frazee, Lindsay Forrest, and Annie Roberts.

A career woman’s message

As Haley explains, “My R+F business has absolutely changed our lives. I really love being an Independent Consultant who started with an amazing career outside of skincare, because I love encouraging others to follow a similar path. Rodan + Fields is a life-changing opportunity, and plenty of intelligent, successful, career-minded, and driven individuals are in our midst. You can absolutely come to R+F from a professional background and find success and inspiration.”

“We talk a lot about how Rodan + Fields is ‘personal development with a paycheck’ — that’s very true in my life. R+F has really surprised me and I’ve really surprised myself. I’m so thankful that I got out of my own head and took full advantage of this opportunity.”

To contact Haley about joining her team or purchasing products, connect with her here.


Tell Me More…

Favorite trend of all time? Althleisure wear, when you may or may not be going to the gym.

Have there been any especially significant people in your R+F journey? My husband is my biggest cheerleader! Especially in those moments when I feel I’m failing in every role I play, (business leader, mother, friend, spouse, daughter) he is always pushing and encouraging me.

Favorite TV show? Game of Thrones

Your biggest splurge? Vacations. It’s something that we don’t do too often, but I always want to experience what the “top rated” hotel or restaurant is like.

What’s your biggest quirk? I will not eat anything that has touched chocolate or has chocolate in it.


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