Heather Nianouris – Making the Most of Her Time, Talents, and Dreams

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

It wasn’t easy walking away from something she loved. As a young girl, Heather Nianouris anxiously awaited the arrival of school supply magazines to her doorstep and would pore over each page before spending hours practicing lesson plans on her stuffed animals and dolls. And now here she was, resigning from her teaching job. Realizing that she had only 71 days left in the classroom before retiring, Heather vowed to make them the best days of her teaching career. She decided to devote time each day to imparting life lessons to her students. Some were simple topics, such as manners, while others were weightier subjects like pursuing dreams and not letting fear get in the way of goals—something Heather knew a lot about. As a teacher, she’d felt that her time with her family was being compromised, and she wanted the flexibility to be home with her own children. She decided to set her reservations and fears aside and challenged herself to try something new. She embraced a business opportunity that gave her the balance she’d been lacking and that enabled her to make the most of her time, utilize her talents as a teacher, and fulfill her dreams of helping others.


Struggling to make the grade

After graduating from the University of Dayton, Heather began teaching middle school, and she absolutely loved her work. However, in 2011, as she sat down to look over her finances, she realized that her income wasn’t what she’d hoped it would be. “I was almost ten years into my career, and due to a pay freeze and rising district health-care costs, I was only making $2,000 more per year than when I started. And while I didn’t go into teaching for the money, it was still frustrating that I was never compensated or rewarded for all the additional education I’d received or the lesson planning and prep time I put in outside of the classroom.”

In 2012, as Heather and her husband began to grow their family, she started to wonder what else she could do on the side to generate additional income. Around that time, a friend and former teacher called Heather and told her she was thinking of starting her own Rodan + Fields® business. Heather did some research on the Company and immediately recognized what an amazing opportunity it was. “I called my friend back and told her she needed to do it—but as a teacher, I didn’t think I would be good at it myself.”


Heather with her husband and their two children.

For nearly a year, Heather continued to support her friend’s business by referring people to her to either purchase the products or to join her in business. Throughout that time, she remained frustrated with her own situation. “I was working late, grading papers or preparing lesson plans and all the while, I was dreading my son’s first day of preschool, knowing I wouldn’t be able to take him myself—I felt like I was going to miss so many things.”

A new lesson plan

In December of 2013, Heather’s sister-in-law enrolled as an Independent Consultant, and Heather’s husband began to wonder what exactly was holding Heather back from enrolling herself. “He recognized the potential I’d seen in the beginning, but I just felt that the specific skill set I had wouldn’t translate to the business, and I questioned whether or not I could be successful.” In the middle of assessment season, Heather was overloaded with forms and paperwork and was feeling overwhelmed, when the mother of a former student who’d passed away called. “She asked me about my own kids and told me to get rid of the noise and focus on what was important. Then she hung up. That stuck with me and was the catalyst for me starting my business—while I loved teaching, it was taking me away from my family, and I knew I needed to make a change.”

Jamie Walker, Sarah Sollar, Heather Nianouris and Patti Plunk at the Premier V trip

Jamie Walker, Sarah Sollar, Heather Nianouris, and Patti Plunk on the Premier Level V trip.

Heather enrolled as an Independent Consultant that same month and discovered that it wasn’t so different from teaching. “Whether it’s the opportunity to share a lesson or a business that can change your life—it’s just sharing something I’m passionate about.” In her first month, working 10 to 15 hours a week, nine people joined her team, and in a little under four months, Heather achieved Level V. “I felt like I’d stumbled on a gold mine, so I just kept sharing because I wanted everyone to come along on this amazing adventure with me. And it felt good to finally be in a position where my income was reflecting my effort.”

Studying the coursework

Living in the same town where she went to college, Heather didn’t know many people after most of her school friends had moved away, but her business encouraged her to reach out more, and she’s grown closer to several people who were already part of her life. “My relationship with my sister-in-law has really evolved. It’s neat to be able to see her achieve success and cheer her on—it adds a whole new dimension to our family. It’s fun to be involved in this with people you love.”

As she continued to establish her business, Heather quickly exceeded her initial goal to pay for her two children’s daycare, and her belief in herself and what she could accomplish began to grow. She soon saw replacing her full-time income as a very real possibility. This past June, she retired from her teaching job in order to be home with her kids and exclusively work her R+F business. “Signing the resignation papers was the best moment of my business so far. Then, going home and having my kids run up and hug me, knowing that I no longer had to leave them in the mornings and that I would be the one to walk them to their first day of school—that was such an incredible feeling.”

Heather NIanouris Lexus 1

Heather with her Lexus.

Not only did Heather’s business give her financial and time freedom, but her experience has been professionally rewarding as well. She discovered that she feels a sense of satisfaction from leading her team that is comparable to the fulfillment she got from teaching. “I love seeing my team grow, just as I looked forward to helping my students. I will always have a heart for helping others learn and encouraging them to achieve their goals.” Heather’s business is also helping to expand her own sense of self-worth, as she discovers new ways to utilize her talents and empower others. “I am contributing to my family more than I ever could before, I’m helping people feel good in their skin, and I’m encouraging others to create a life of choices for themselves. This was the scariest thing I’ve ever attempted, but proving that I have the courage to take on this challenge has shown me that there is so much more I can do.”

Acing the test

After five years without taking a vacation, Heather and her husband are planning a special getaway together this summer, with several stops for hiking, river rafting, and some pampering. “It’s nice to be in a place where we can splurge on ourselves a little and focus on spending more quality time together.” Heather hopes to eventually replace her husband’s income as well, so that he can pursue his dream of opening a craft cocktail bar. She also looks forward to being able to give more generously than she could before. “I have connected with so many people in this Company who find such joy in giving, and that inspires me to be more philanthropic.” Heather is currently working with a friend and fellow Consultant to develop an organization that will sponsor a vacation for a veteran, selected annually, who suffers from PTSD—something her father dealt with upon returning from the Vietnam War, making it a cause that is very close to her heart.


Heather’s business has shown her that she is capable of doing more than she ever thought she could. “Goals that seemed unattainable now seem like they could be our reality in the near future. So many people are afraid to take a chance, and they let fear keep them from dreaming bigger—I certainly did. But this experience helped me push my reservations and doubts away and go for something I never imagined myself doing. If you set your fears aside and dedicate the time to making the most of your talents and dreams, you might be shocked at what could happen.”



7 responses to “Heather Nianouris – Making the Most of Her Time, Talents, and Dreams”

  1. Sherry Taylor says:

    Wonderful story! Congratulations!

  2. Linda Riha says:

    Heather, your story was exactly what I needed to hear and to show some of my Teacher Prospects. The answer is in your story! Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your adventure and your time with your family! That is what matters the most!

  3. Anna Burgos says:

    I am ready to try the product and maybe even get involved with the business. I know there are people out there who need this product. I never thought I’d have to deal with something like this myself, but I’m 38 and feel like I’ve reached the end with my skin problems. Also, dealing with my special needs son and trying to take care of myself is a lot, but I am ready. Your story is very nice. I work as a special education assistant and have been working in this field for over 15 years. I am just ready to get my life together and have a new start, especially with my skin. Hopefully I can get started soon. Thank you for sharing your story. God Bless.

  4. This is such an inspiring story. Education for our children is so important. I know so many parents and educators who have concerns about the recent changes in America’s education system. For those who want the freedom to teach from home, Rodan + Fields is the perfect business to make that happen. For educators who want to supplement and replace their teacher’s salary, Rodan + Fields is also a way to make that happen. THANK YOU, DOCTORS, for giving us freedom of time and flexibility regarding how we can earn a satisfying income. Congrats, Heather. God Bless You. Thank you for your story.

  5. Kim Jardine says:

    Heather, Thank you for your story and the way you have chosen to give back. As a Police Officer suffering with PTSD, I understand the challenges others face. It is inspiring to know there are kind, thoughtful people like you who want to help.

  6. Nikki Chesley says:

    Heather, your story resonated with me so much. Thank you for sharing and I can’t wait until the day when I can take my boys to their first day of school!

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