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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, May 25th, 2017

As a wife and mother with two young kids, Heather Yim yearned to spend more time with her loved ones. “Because of the corporate commute and long hours, my in-laws pretty much raised my kids. I came home every day barely in time to put them to bed. Finally, I went out on a limb, took a risk, and quit my job.” Heather enjoyed the newfound time with her family, but was looking for other ways to contribute to her family’s income. “That’s when Rodan + Fields® came into my life!”

R+F Consultant Heather Yim and her family

Starting the family business

In August of 2015, Heather hosted a barbecue where she was introduced to R+F by Nohea Daliva. “I was struggling with some skin issues myself at the time, and I was intrigued when I learned about the Doctors’ previous success with acne-related skincare. I now love the UNBLEMISH Regimen!”

R+F Consultant Heather Yim

After becoming a Customer, Heather let her spontaneous nature take the lead. “I visited Nohea’s website and enrolled as a Consultant all on my own!” The excited new Sponsor introduced Heather to Natalie Flowers, and the rest is history. Heather encouraged her sister-in-law (and power partner) Leah Yim to join alongside her. “We took off, learning as we went, and aimed straight for the Fast Start reimbursement program. Working 12-15 hours per week, we both achieved the LII EC Personal Advancement and earned our kits back in our first two months.”

The enthusiasm between the pair was tangible as they ran for Lead the Way and set out to change their lives. “Between our excitement and these awesome programs we discovered, we were on a roll! It’s so lucky that I found R+F. Owning my own business has been such an amazing blessing for me and my family—and in the unexpected form of skin care!”

R+F Consultant Heather Yim's sons

Heather’s sons, Brayden and Brody

Building a family around her team

When she started her business, Heather’s initial goal was to share the skincare products she loved with everyone she met. Over time, however, her goals grew bigger and Heather’s focus widened to include discussions on the business. “I’ve seen too much!” Heather laughs. “I’ve seen people be successful, boost their confidence, and I see now that this business involves so much more than skincare. I’ve really seen it change lives.”

Heather is passionate about helping her team members grow. “I see light in their eyes now, because my team members believe in themselves. Consultants who have been with me for a while are lighting up and coming back to the excitement they had when they first started with Rodan + Fields!”

With her mission of helping others, Heather has gained a set of tangible goals as well. In February of 2016 she achieved Premier V, and hopes to reach Lexus volume by the time Convention rolls around this fall. “Of course,” she adds, “RFX is a big goal on the horizon!” Her plan for getting there: “Just keep doing the daily ‘do’!”

R+F Consultant Heather Yim and her team leaders

Heather and her fellow Rodan + Fields team leaders

Keeping family first

Heather’s family is already seeing the results of her hard work. “My husband doesn’t have to work overtime anymore, and gets to come home right after his shift to coach my son’s baseball team. Now neither of us miss out on a moment with our kids.” Ryan is Heather’s biggest supporter, and she plans on “making him my full-time business partner soon,” and eventually retire him from his job as an electrical lineman.

Brayden and Brody, the couple’s children, are also loving the perks of being in a Rodan + Fields family. Heather rejoices that she is now able to be present with her kids during the everyday moments. “My business allows me to do homework with them, be at every baseball game, and make them breakfast before school. Those things never happened before!”

Now, Heather’s biggest “why” involves taking care of her family as a whole. “I want to lead by example and show my kids that you don’t necessarily have to follow the traditional way. I hope to empower them to make their own decisions and be their own bosses in the future.” She is dedicated to providing a household income that will also care for her retirement-age parents.

R+F Consultant Heather Yim and her husband

Heather and her husband Ryan enjoying a walk during the Lead the Way trip in Banff, Canada

Family as her biggest inspiration

Heather gains inspiration, motivation, and encouragement from her Rodan + Fields family and the mentors that have made her business possible. “Nohea and our Upline Uilani Cordeiro talked me through my tough days and have supported me no matter what.” She is ever thankful for her power partner, Leah. “If she didn’t join me in this business, I don’t think I would be doing as well as I am. We’re complete opposites—but what I value most from this opportunity is that we’ve grown so close. This business has truly brought us together.”


Tell Me More…

Have there been any especially significant people in your R+F journey? My sister-in-law and power partner, Leah Yim

What one word do you most relate to? Spontaneous

What is your favorite R+F product? REDEFINE™ Multi-Function Eye Cream

Dream R+F trip destination? New Zealand

What is your best R+F team memory? Hitting Lexus volume for my team leader!


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