Heidi Wilson – Learning to Flourish
Thursday, August 17, 2017

Heidi Wilson gave up her career as a veterinary technician when her husband, Malcolm, joined the Army, and although she loved being home to care for their kids, she felt that something was missing. She didn’t have a pursuit to call her own, and she wanted to contribute. “I felt I could be doing more for my family financially. I knew that we probably needed to be a two-income household, and I wanted to give my family choices in life.”

“I also knew that I needed to do something to pick myself up. At the time, I struggled with my own self-worth, and needed to find my sense of purpose.” So four years ago, Heidi began searching for options.

R+F Consultant Heidi Wilson headshot

Introduced to her future

Out of the blue, Heidi found one. “My best friend Holly Brewer told me that she was partnering with Rodan + Fields®, and I was really interested to see what would happen. I had been looking for an opportunity like this one, and realized that this might be a really great chance.”

After watching from the sidelines, Heidi decided to jump in as an Independent Consultant in September of 2013. “I decided that if Holly could do it, I could do it too! She’s encouraging, supportive, and she empowered me to lead even when I was afraid. She believed in me from the very beginning.”

R+F Consultant Heidi Wilson with Holly Brewer

Holly Brewer: Heidi’s mentor, encourager, and sister-friend

Beginning and growing

“I was so excited to start!” Heidi exclaims. “I was absolutely all-in when I began my business. I’d already been trying the REVERSE™ Regimen for a few weeks and I absolutely loved what the products did for the appearance of my skin. I was motivated to provide stability for my family, have a career again, and hopefully gain a little more free time. I followed Holly’s advice and got to work immediately. I saw how this could potentially change our family’s life.”

By partnering with other Consultant leaders who were as motivated as she was and putting in 20-25 hours per week of hard work, Heidi went from a Level II to a Level V in April of 2015, achieving Premier V a year later. What made the difference? “At that point, I developed my leadership skills and self-confidence, which led my team members to take off with their own businesses. It was amazing to watch!” Heidi explains that reaching Level V was, for her, “the gateway to the good stuff”—leading to even more learning and opportunities for growth in her business and personal life.

R+F Consultant Heidi Wilson with her power partners

The Quad Squad – Power Partners for life: Catherine Harvey, Michelle Roy, Heidi Wilson, Heather Brown Caldwell

Defining experiences

Heidi’s November 2016 Premier V Incentive Trip to Napa made a huge impact on her journey. “It was incredible. They went all out for us, and I felt like a queen! One of my favorite parts of the entire trip was receiving congratulations from the Home Office staff as we walked down the red carpet. It was such a pinch-me moment, and I felt so honored to be part of this Company.”

When Heidi earned a leadership cruise through her Upline, she experienced another positive turn. “I became friends with Heather Caldwell, Catherine Harvey and Michelle Roy on the cruise. We decided to partner up and combine our varied strengths, calling ourselves the Quad Squad. Now we’re power partners in business, and each of our teams benefit from our collaboration. But we don’t just do business together—we do life together. This is one reason why trips with R+F are so important to me!”

R+F Consultant Heidi Wilson with her family

Heidi with her beloved family

Goals for today and tomorrow

Now that Heidi and Team Freedom are running for Lexus, she’s focused on coaching her Leaders the importance ofbuilding a solid foundation for accomplishing their business goals. “Everybody chooses this business for a different reason: some want to hit RFX like I do, some want a little extra spending money, and some are wholly focused on giving everything back to their community. It’s an honor to help each of my team members meet their goals and to have a front row seat during their journey.”

As for Heidi, her “why” has evolved over the years. “When I first started my business, my goal was to bring in a little extra income for myself and my family. Since then, I have built a robust business as a military wife, moving twice in four years, and raising three kids by myself for much of the time. Now, after being supported by a tribe of amazing Consultants lifting me up, I’ve learned that I have a lot to offer and that I’m worth it. I want to empower other women to understand that for themselves. The hidden gem inside of Rodan + Fields is the community walking alongside you and helping you become who you’re meant to be.”

With the enthusiastic support of her kids and her husband, Heidi loves working hard and experiencing the fruits of her labor. “This business will take us through the rest of our lives. We are all in this and not stopping anytime soon. We’re with Rodan + Fields for life.”


Tell Me More…

What one word do you most relate to? Two words: hard work!

Have there been any especially significant people in your R+F journey? My best friend, Holly Brewer, and “the Quad Squad,” my Power Partners.

What is your favorite R+F product? The REVERSE™ Regimen.

What is the next Program you are running for? Road to RFX. I am running to become a Lexus Achiever.

What is your best R+F team memory? I hosted a scavenger hunt for my team that ultimately ended up at the Lexus dealer to have champagne, take pics with a white Lexus, and dream.


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2 responses to “Heidi Wilson – Learning to Flourish”

  1. Heather says:

    Such a wonderful journey to watch unfold. Glad I have a front row seat!! 🙂

  2. Dinah says:

    Holly, congratulations on finding a career that works with your family’s schedule and your husband’s military service. Thank you for your family’s sacrifice and willingness to serve our country!

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