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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

Jamie Hillman worked 15 years as a dental assistant and office manager before she got to finally live her dream of being a present mother. “I knew I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom long before I first got pregnant. I loved being home with my daughter Lily and couldn’t wait to build a life for our growing family.” Three years later, eagerly awaiting her second baby, Jamie saw her life transformed in a deeply serious and surprisingly hopeful way.

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Early difficulties

Jamie and her husband Shawn were shocked to discover that their new baby, Gavin, had significant health risks from birth. “At the time I thought I was having a perfectly healthy baby boy because I had a perfectly healthy baby girl — why would I think any different? But Gavin was born completely blind and had a serious brain bleed. My whole world flipped upside down. We were told that Gavin might never walk, or talk, or see my face. That was devastating.”

The family watched anxiously as their youngest endured a 17-day stay in the NICU, a brain surgery at three weeks old, and corneal transplants five months later, which gave Gavin a miraculous second chance at sight. However, their journey was just beginning. “With all of Gavin’s therapies, countless doctors’ appointments, and trying to keep Lily’s life exactly the same as it was before, we were all in a whirlwind of craziness. It was really hard playing nurse and taxi mom, trying to keep our lives intact.”

R+F Consultant Jamie Hillman with Gavin

Jamie holding 3-year-old Gavin after his 10th surgery.

The turning point

Just a few brief months later, Jamie was beside herself with worry when Gavin’s retina detached and he lost sight in one of his eyes. “I was online all night and all day, desperately seeking answers and trying to make sure I was doing everything perfectly for my son. If I didn’t need therapy before, I certainly needed it then.” Jamie’s trusted counselor helped assuage her concerns, and encouraged her to take up a hobby. Hopefully, getting her mind onto other matters (even temporarily) would help Jamie regain a sense of balance.

Jamie found that hobby shortly afterward, when she saw Dallas Fears posting about her newly-earned Lexus through her Rodan + Fields business. “I never knew what Dallas did for a living. But she was pregnant, had two kids, and was posing by a beautiful white Lexus with all these women. I was immediately curious. What in the world did she do for a living? I wanted to do it, too!” Jamie messaged her friend, learned about the business, and signed up as a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant in February 2016.

R+F Consultant Jamie Hillman with team members

Jamie’s friends celebrating the launch of her new business!

Goals and achievements

From the beginning, Jamie was determined to make this business work for her family. “I had no idea what I was doing and had never heard of R+F in my life, but I trusted my friend. My first goal was to appease my husband and earn my investment back with my first paycheck. I did that and more. It’s crazy to think how much I was able to do with only ten hours per week!” Months later, Jamie was awarded her biggest achievement yet. “The midnight before Gavin’s ninth surgery, I hit Level V. I couldn’t have done it without my amazing team. It was a really big deal to me — it felt amazing to accomplish such a huge goal at such a meaningful time.”

Over time, Jamie and Shawn grew to realize her R+F business was much more than a hobby and Jamie became even more grateful for her new career. “It’s been a crazy ride, and this journey has changed me so much already. More than anything, my R+F business has given me back my sense of self. I’m not worrying as much anymore now that I have Rodan + Fields to focus on. I still worry, of course, but it’s more in balance now that I have other things keeping my mind busy.”

R+F Consultant Jamie Hillman's daughter Lily

Jamie dreams of handing her legacy down to her daughter Lily.

Empowering benefits

While Jamie is still aiming straight for the “pearly white Lexus” that inspired her in the first place, she’s motivated by other accomplishments that come along the way. “These days, I wake up excited and inspired by my kids. My business has been such a blessing for our whole family. Today Gavin is walking, talking, and super smart for his age, and nothing the doctors said proved true. We’re still fighting for sight, and I’m not giving up on that, but he is a ray of sunshine no matter what.” Jamie is also inspired by the empathy she sees in her daughter, Lily, and how this business is helping her entire family develop. “I love that both of my kids see me reaching my goals. I fully plan on giving this business to my daughter one day — R+F is going to be our legacy.”

Another main focus for Jamie is helping other families achieve the impossible. “I love cheering on Team Vision and seeing this business change their lives. R+F has given all of us so much confidence. A lot of my team members are other special needs mommies, including a handful of families who are also raising children in Gavin’s circumstance. Helping them get out of the funk I was in is the most rewarding part. Our kids will be battling this eye condition for the rest of their lives. I love sharing a strategy that helps our family, and watching them feel more empowered as a result.”

R+F Consultant Jamie Hillman's son Gavin

Gavin happy as can be on his first day of preschool at the Foundation for Blind Children.

Her message of hope

Ultimately, Jamie dreams of using her Rodan + Fields business to give back to other families whose children battle similar disabilities. “I’m doing this for myself and for my family. But I also want the special needs community to know that you can work from home and provide a great future for your kids. I don’t know how just yet, but I’d love to give back in a big way to these kiddos who face so much. Watching R+F change people’s lives, I know this is an incredible opportunity that I feel so blessed to be part of. ”

To contact Jamie about joining her team or purchasing products, connect with her here.


Tell Me More…

What one word do you most relate to? Strength

Favorite trend of all time? If you know me well, you know I love my scrunchie!

What hobby would you like to take up? I would love to be able to have a big enough kitchen so I could start baking again!

Where do you draw your inspiration from in life? Every single day I am inspired by my son Gavin. He is three years old and has to overcome obstacles because of his disability.

What is your dream R+F trip? I REALLY want the Napa / San Francisco trip! But of course I can’t wait for Maui!!!




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