Jamie Meeks – Working Toward a Less Chaotic Life

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

We all lead busy lives, but for those of us who balance family with full-time jobs, it can feel like we live in two competing worlds of chaos: one governed by our growing brood, and the other by work that never seems to end.

Jamie Meeks knows the feeling: she says her life was like a “bumper car ride” before she became an Independent Consultant with Rodan + Fields®. The winter weather outside her Mississippi windows perfectly reflected her family’s experience: 15 degrees one day, her four kids playing outside in the sunshine the next, and no idea what to expect tomorrow. They were holding on for dear life to a schedule that was hectic and draining.

As a speech therapist married to an equally busy occupational therapy assistant, Jamie’s world seemed consumed by work. On top of a full schedule consisting of daily tasks and a forty-hour work week, quality time with her family seemed almost impossible. Her three eldest children went to daycare full-time, and she had another on the way. Jamie dreaded going straight back to a work after her new baby was born. “When you work so much, you miss out on so much,” she says. Her family was “all over the place,” and Jamie was ready for a serious change in the weather.


Lessening the carnival chaos

When Mandy Barnett first introduced Jamie to Rodan + Fields®  through Facebook, Jamie’s initial reaction was one of hesitation. “I wasn’t interested—I had no idea that I would be good at anything like this.” Her skillset seemed so far removed from what the business focused on, and she was already so busy. It was hard to see how she could possibly fit anything else into her schedule.

Mandy was convinced that Rodan + Fields could be enormously beneficial for Jamie, however, and she eventually convinced her friend to attend a local R+F meeting. There, Jamie had the pleasure of hearing Laura Bangar speak, and was inspired by stories of how Laura was “funding orphanages” while staying home with her children. It was personal testimony that spoke directly to Jamie’s tired heart. That night, she started putting some serious thought into starting her own R+F business, and, once her husband laughingly encouraged her to go for it “as long as you don’t quit,” Jamie’s new career was born.

Consultant Jamie Meeks with business partner

Jamie with one of her Level V business partners, Lindsey Lowrey, at a Rodan + Fields training

Keeping her eyes on the prize

After working hard for a little over a year, Jamie laughs that her business “has grown faster than I ever thought it could have.” She’s already a Premier V, working about six hours a week, and is able to stay home with her now one-year-old, Jett, for two days of the week. She gushes about the involvement and momentum of #teamheart, which has been her main motivation for the past two months. Her team’s inspiration for their name is a creative acronym that’s worth sharing:




Reaching Out


Consultant Jamie Meeks Convention

Jamie enjoying a Level V party with her team at the Rodan + Fields Convention in Vegas

Together, they have created a second family. Jamie is passionate about helping her team members find their “why” and excited at the prospect of taking her team global in the very near future. She also has a number of personal goals that drive her passion for her R+F business. She’s aiming for RFx and feels confident that with hard work, she can get there. Jamie’s endgame is to “come home completely,” and to retire her husband as well. Together, they dream of homeschooling their four kids and Jamie notes that “it’s only because of Rodan + Fields that I might be able to do that.”

Jamie Meeks Family

Consultant Jamie Meeks with her husband, Josh, and their four kids: Jacey, Jayden, Jakely, and Jett Riley

A calmer, more purposeful ride

Rodan + Fields has changed Jamie’s life and the dynamic of her entire family. Tasks are simpler to prioritize and complete, with breathing room to spare. Today, for example, Jamie spent the day enjoying the uncommonly beautiful weather with her children Jacey, Jakely, Jayden, and Jett, and their charmingly varied personalities.

The Meeks’ bumper car life became “more of a Ferris wheel” because of Jamie’s R+F business. “Yes, we’re still going in circles a lot of the time, but it’s a calmer ride and we know what to expect.” She’s grateful for Rodan + Fields, as well as her own dedication, for making her life more organized.

Jamie wants those outside of Rodan + Fields to know that the best way to learn how the business works is by giving it a chance. “If you would have told me a year ago that I’d be home today enjoying a weekday afternoon with my kids, I would have been shocked,” she explains. Her meaning is clear: jump on in. You have no idea how much your life can change when you’re actively working toward your dreams.


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