Jamie Petersen – Paying it Forward
Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Jamie Petersen is not the kind of person to shy away from an exciting opportunity. Her thirteen years as a financial advisor were fun, rewarding years, and she loved everything about her job. But when she and her husband started to have children, she began looking for something that would give her the ability to spend more time at home. She wanted to be there for her two young kids more often than her demanding hours in finance allowed, but she wasn’t willing to transform into a full-time, stay-at-home mom, either. What she needed was an outlet she could pursue so that she could have something to call her own, but not be tied to a demanding career. “I wanted the flexibility that comes with being your own boss, and I wanted to do something that would hold my interest and that I could enjoy long-term.” She found the perfect fit in Rodan + Fields®, and after her mother introduced her to the business opportunity in 2009, she joined as an Independent Consultant. Four years later, she shares her journey to success and the rewards of being part of team GiVe (Genuine, Inspired, Vibrant Entrepreneurs).

Jamie Peterson

Jamie Peterson

“I knew absolutely nothing about direct sales or skincare, and I admit that I was hesitant in the beginning, because I just didn’t understand the business model.” Jamie’s initial reservations about joining faded when she listened to the vision of the Company’s President and CEO. It strengthened her resolve to do as much as she could with the opportunity in front of her. “After hearing what the Doctors were doing with this incredible business, I realized that this was an exciting opportunity, just like my years in the stock market, that I just could not pass up.”


Jamie Petersen

Jamie’s two children

She saw the potential, but at the time she didn’t fully realize how much she would be able to grow her business over the next several years. Her goal with her business was to have fun doing it. But her business has been able to become a part of something that is much bigger than just herself, and form some great friendships along the way. “Through team GiVe I have developed some of the most amazing friendships, and met some remarkable and inspirational people.”

Everyone on Jamie’s team gives in their own way, to whatever causes they feel passionate about. Jamie chose to sponsor several children in multiple countries, and loves being able to share that with her own children and teach them the valuable lesson of having compassion for others. She also gives to the Rodan + Fields Prescription for Change Foundation, which she admires for the way it offers not only financial support to people in need, but the education and tools that empower people to change their own lives. Other members of team GiVe have chosen to donate to charities in their communities, national and international organizations, and some have started their own non-profits. “When you have a group of people who care about doing something in the world that is bigger than themselves and you combine that with a business that has real earning potential, it goes a long way.”

Jamie Petersen

Jamie and family

The possibilities are almost limitless, and she finds that aspect the most exciting part of it, because literally thousands of people could reap the rewards. She values working with a team of people for whom giving is at the core of their business culture, which is very different from her former corporate career. When she first began four years ago, she wanted to do something to give back to her family, but after seeing the big changes she could accomplish by working with team GiVe, she says it has become much bigger than she ever imagined. “When people see how much this business has the potential to do for so many people, and understand how far-reaching it is, it makes them want to be a part of it. Rodan + Fields has put me in a position where I am able to truly make a difference and pay it forward, and that has been the greatest reward of all.”

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3 responses to “Jamie Petersen – Paying it Forward”

  1. Katie King says:

    Jamie, your story spoke to me and I have goals similar to yours. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope to grow my business as well as grow as a person and I’m so grateful that Rodan + Fields came into my life.

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  3. […] through her first uncertainties in the business. With some helpful guidance from fellow Consultants Jamie Peterson and Jen Griswold, early advocates for Maisha in the business, she was able to […]

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