Jamie Williamson – A Small Town Backdrop For Big Success

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

Starting a business in a small town can be daunting. However, a small town can also be the perfect place for forming real connections. You could end up finding support and success as a close-knit community rallies behind your cause.

Growing up in Meridian, Mississippi, Jamie Williamson experienced a bit of both worlds when she started her own business. Despite childhood dreams of working in the big city, Jamie found that “business-wise, it was definitely a good move to come back.” With the support of her family and friends, she showed Meridian what entrepreneurship really looks like. “It may have taken earning a car,” Jamie laughs, but her hometown soon became the backdrop to her incredible hard work and well-earned success.

R+F Consultant Jamie Williamson headshot

A slow small-town beginning

Jamie Williamson had never heard of Rodan + Fields before April, an acquaintance from the next town over, sent her a Facebook message. At first she ignored April’s message, thinking “maybe if I see her in person I’ll listen to what she has to say, but right now I don’t have time.” She was working as a public relations administrator, and wasn’t looking for a new position at the time.

However, six months later, when Jamie had grown miserable in her job, April came through town to chat. Jamie’s “ears perked up” when she realized Rodan + Fields was created by the Doctors, whose reputation she was already familiar with. After hearing about the successes of other R+F Independent Consultants, Jamie was inspired, and started her business two days later. “Independent business ownership has my name written all over it,” she says with a chuckle.

R+F Consultant Jamie Williamson in Vegas

Jamie and business partners Amy Way, Erin Swink, Hallie Majure Phillips, and Alycia White celebrating in Las Vegas during Convention 2016

In the beginning, Jamie only hoped to earn a few hundred dollars a month to help pay off her student loans. She maintained her other job for a while, then shifted to working part-time, and finally transitioned to Rodan + Fields as her full-time career path. Jamie decided, “If I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it wholeheartedly!” And as her business grew, the decision to quit her other job began to pay off.

Her husband, Russell, initially had his reservations about the business, but after seeing his wife’s success and attending Convention in Las Vegas, Russell has been “on fire” for Rodan + Fields, and has supported Jamie’s venture 100%. Now he is actively referring potential Customers her way.

R+F Consultant Jamie Williamson and husband at convention

Jamie and husband Russell at Convention 2016 in Las Vegas

Success fueled by big-time determination

As with most good things in life, success was something Jamie had to work for, and it didn’t happen immediately. Jamie admits that “it took a little while for me to learn the business.” A few early setbacks and some confusion almost derailed her, but Jamie was resolute. She encouraged herself to learn more and work harder, reminding herself that “this is working for others and it can work for me!” Determination alone saw Jamie through those first few months of uncertainty as she worked hard to understand and shape her business.

Because she was “more comfortable with the product side in the beginning,” Jamie used her networks to her advantage. Initial success through posting “before and after” photos on social media gained her more Preferred Customers. It was only after she had a strong Customer base that she began to feel confident enough to sign her first business partner. From there, the pace picked up as Jamie got serious about building her business and her team. When she decided to make Rodan + Fields her full-time career, she remembers saying to herself, “This is what I see myself doing from here on out, and I really need to put my all into it.”

R+F Consultant Jamie Williamson celebrating Lexus

Several team members celebrating at Jamie’s Lexus event

Looking outward from Meridian

As Jamie’s business became a full-fledged career, her motivation became more about immaterial gains than about paying off student loans. Jamie remembers how her father worked a job that provided for their family but didn’t provide him with real joy—and since childhood she has been determined to have a career that fills her with happiness. Now, she works in a capacity that inspires her to look forward to Mondays and provides a host of new opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible before. Fulfilling a longtime goal, the Williamson family is now building a new home. “My Rodan + Fields business enables us to live the life that we dreamed of.”

Meanwhile, Jamie enjoys the benefits of plugging into the Rodan + Fields community. Early on, she would regularly drive over four hours to attend monthly training sessions with Laura Bangar, her Sponsor and now best friend. Jamie smiles as she remembers, “Had it not been for Rodan + Fields, we would have never met.” Lessons from this relationship spill over into her team, where Jamie encourages her partners to emulate Laura’s positivity and drive. Through attending conventions, leadership events, and adventure-based incentives with her team, Jamie has found a close-knit community within the Company. She happily absorbs the stories of others’ successes and turns her gaze outward to her community.

Jamie reached Elite V through working 10-15 hours per week, and is aiming for RFx in the next year. She “could never have imagined that I would be leading 500 people” and her joyful career has led to a new “why”: helping her team members achieve their personal and professional goals. “They teach me just as much as I try to teach them,” Jamie states. She is inspired by their enthusiasm to continue giving back.

Jamie Williamson exudes gratitude for her Rodan + Fields experience that has completely changed her life in Meridian. As Jamie’s husband Russell eventually became a believer in the Rodan + Fields potential, so did the small town around them. Jamie says, “It has been a tremendous blessing for sure that this came into my life. I wasn’t looking for this type of opportunity for sure, but I’m so glad it came to me.”


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