Janet Barrows – Exceed Your Own Expectations
Tuesday, March 14, 2017

No matter who you are, self-doubt can hold you back at times. While it may be difficult at first, with a little confidence and some good old-fashioned hard work, you can banish that self-limiting voice from your thoughts.

Janet Barrows was a teacher, wife, and mother who struggled to believe in herself—at least until a surprising opportunity came along. Today, after a year or two of eye-opening moments, she is now pleasantly surprised at the confidence she has developed—and at her own ability to reach her goals.

R+F Consultant Janet Barrows Headshot

Enrolling in a new “school”

Teaching was a career that spoke to Janet’s desire to empower others. She loved inspiring her students to succeed, but after teaching for 15 years, she began to feel less like herself. She looked in the mirror, and was shocked by the exhaustion she saw on her face. “Old and tired at 36? You’ve got to be kidding me!”

Janet was ready to try something new, both for her skin and for her career, and soon happened upon a connection that offered both. Heather Nianouris was an Independent Consultant with Rodan + Fields®, and Janet was intrigued by the business Heather had built alongside her teaching career. “I trust Heather,” she said, “and I know that if she’s in the business, it must be a genuinely exciting opportunity.” In January of 2014, Janet reached out to her friend about getting started, and signed up as an Independent Consultant right away.

R+F Consultant Janet Barrows and Heather Nianouris

Janet with her friend and business mentor, Heather Nianouris

Working hard for extra credit

When Janet first started as a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant, she lived a balancing act of little sleep and a lion’s share of work. After a full day of teaching and being a mom to three girls, “I would put my R+F hat on and work past midnight,” Janet describes. She put in more than 30 hours each week to her growing business.

However, Janet enjoyed the struggle. “It was exhausting, but it was something that I loved. It lit a fire in me. I wouldn’t change it for the world, because it was what I wanted to be doing. I didn’t mind the long hours because I was seeing success and helping my friends do the same.” As for Janet’s family, her children and husband understood and supported her through the moments of self-doubt. Janet beams that she “couldn’t do it without them.”

In the beginning, Janet’s goals were modest. She figured, “If I get two or three Customers who help me pay for my own products, I’ll consider it a success.” She didn’t trust herself to make her business any bigger—but when things started taking off, her confidence in her own abilities grew.

R+F Consultant Janet Barrows and Husband

Janet with her #1 fan and biggest supporter, her husband Chad

The student becomes the teacher

As Janet rekindled old friendships and gained new ones through the Rodan + Fields community, the influence of her greatest mentor, Heather, kept her going strong. In the beginning, the pair engaged in “R+F insomnia” by night, staying up late to learn the ins and outs of the business after working full days at school. Later, when Janet formed her own team, she credited this initial experience with Heather for helping to build her own success. Team BeYOUtiful was born out of Janet’s joy of finally becoming the person she knew was within her. “With Rodan + Fields, I finally felt like I came into my own.”

With team members from Ohio all the way to Hawaii, Janet has been surrounded with a camaraderie that she adores. “These women and men support one another. Never had I been involved in a group with that kind of atmosphere before.” Always the inspiring teacher, Janet is passionate about empowering others. “I love meeting someone who might doubt themselves, and showing them how they can be successful. Watching their development is really inspiring.”

R+F Consultant Janet Barrows and Family

Janet with her beloved family.

Receiving a stellar report card

Finally, after working both jobs for two long years, Janet left the classroom in May of 2016. “Life’s a lot more on my schedule now,” Janet states with contentment. She’s also able to be there for her children more than ever. “I never realized what I had been missing. It’s the little things you don’t think about that I’m now able to do. I don’t have to miss out on anything anymore.”

Now, Janet’s business goals revolve around providing a new life for her beloved husband, Chad, and their children. She’s joyful about giving her family experiences that they wouldn’t normally have—from the wooded property of their dreams (complete with a pony) to exciting family trips around the country. “We used to have to save for two years to go on a vacation, but now we take one every year.”

Though she began with hesitation, Janet’s voice of doubt has since quieted. She has reached Elite V, and aims to achieve RFx Circle by the summer of 2017. With her family’s constant support and a community of team members around her, Janet has found her self-assurance. “If it can be achieved, now I have the confidence to achieve it.”


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  1. Maria Zeman says:

    This is such a beautiful story. I can relate in so many ways! Congratulations, Janet! Your hard work continues to provide so much for you and your family!

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