Jeanie Berna – There’s No Place Like Home
Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jeanie Berna met her husband in the untamed beauty of Yellowstone National Park over thirty-five years ago. In 1977, the couple married and settled nearby in Montana. They both always had a strong affection for the northwestern corner of America, although the cold was the one caveat to an otherwise perfect landscape. Years later, when they moved farther south, Jeanie dreamed that they would one day return to the Northwest to retire, and she held onto that dream for many years. She watched her two sons grow up and eventually leave the nest, making their own lives and homes in Seattle and Los Angeles. In the interim, she pursued a career in school administration and served as head of advancement for fourteen years. While her work was rewarding in many ways, she became intrigued by the idea of a new challenge, and also wanted something that could give her more flexibility with her time and perhaps help her fulfill her wish of living closer to her sons.

Jeanie Berna

Jeanie Berna

In September of 2011, everything changed for Jeanie. A complete stranger shared an opportunity with her to start her own Rodan + Fields® business, and Jeanie was more than ready for a change. “I think life is too short not to try to find new ways to grow, and this opportunity was a new path for me, and I knew I wanted to see where it could take me.” She enrolled as an Independent Consultant with an open mind and without preconceived expectations and, six months later, her life had drastically changed. She decided to leave her administration job. Further, she earned a trip to Maui through the Elite Level V Incentive Program and also earned a Lexus through the Road to RFX Car Incentive Program. And as an added reward, that one-time stranger who introduced Jeanie to the opportunity is now a close friend. Friendships, both new and old, have been the greatest gifts her business has awarded her. “The friendships I have made, and the ones I have re-established, have been an amazing and gratifying part of my experience with my business. I have so many wonderful and caring people in my life because of this business, and I am grateful for all of them.”

Jeanie Berna

Friends for life!

Recently, Jeanie reconnected with a friend who is also a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant and resides in Washington state. The two rekindled their friendship while Jeanie and her husband were visiting their son in Seattle and now that friendship is one that will always be a part of her life. On that same trip, Jeanie fell in love with the area and found that the mild climate and proximity to her children made Puget Sound the perfect place to retire. She and her husband purchased a home there the same week of their visit and, within the next year, it will be the place they call home. Their house is just a few doors down from her friend’s. “I can hardly believe I am going to be living on an island with snow-capped mountains in the distance, but I am!”

Jeanie Berna

There’s No Place Like Home!

“The last two years have brought about some wonderful and unexpected changes in my life and my Rodan + Fields business has exceeded my expectations. I cannot take credit for all of my success because I have a team full of passionate and driven people that I am fortunate to be a part of.” Even though she is modest about her success, Jeanie used her own ambitious nature to make her business into what it has become. She spends up to forty hours a week working on it today, though she says it has never felt like work. “I approached it from the beginning as though I were going to grad school and had to find time to do my assignments around everything. But then I found that because it was fun and I was passionate about it, it wasn’t work at all.”

Because of her Rodan + Fields business, Jeanie and her husband are free to live anywhere they choose, and they are looking forward to the coming year when they will retire to the West Coast. There, Jeanie will continue to grow her business and show others how they can make their own dreams come true. “Through this journey with Rodan + Fields, I saw that it is possible to turn a dream into reality. I have dreamed of this life for us, of being close to friends and family in this beautiful place, and now it is coming true. I couldn’t be happier, and am thrilled to be starting a new chapter in life.”

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16 responses to “Jeanie Berna – There’s No Place Like Home”

  1. Jeanie, John and I are so happy for you and congratulations on the dream house in the Pac NW! You are one of the dearest consultants I’ve had the honor of knowing, and I wish you and your team continued success!!! Looking forward to seeing you again soon and perhaps visiting you in our old stomping grounds! XO

  2. Debbie Bannister says:


    I just wanted to congratulate you and thank you for your courageous choices that have been an inspiration to me and many others.

  3. Jeanie,

    Wow! And, to think you are in my “lil'” BIG family! I’ve totally enjoyed getting to know you since I joined the company in September of 2012. I am sooooo proud of you and all you’ve accomplished. You are woman after her own heart and one of integrity.

    It will be so strange for those of us you will be leaving behind here in this great state of Arkansas, I REALLY will miss you. Nonetheless, I am so happy for you and your hubby in that you are finally seeing your long-time dream come to fruition. How many people can say their HUGE dreams came true?

    Jeanie can! thank you again for your wonderful example and strong leadership. I, for one, will miss you but know there’s no way you can stay away from our home state.

    Love you and Go Hogs!!!!!! 🙂

  4. Peggy Duvall says:

    You inspire us all Jeanie!

  5. Lee Ann Larkan says:


    You are so inspiring and truly a great leader, mentor and friend. I am so fortunate to be able to learn from you and grow my business with you. Thank you for all you do for so many!

  6. Toni Jennings says:

    I look forward to meeting you when you arrive in Seattle area. I live just outside of he city in Sammamish. Your story is an inspiring one. This area is a wonderful place, welcome!

  7. Tracy Willard says:

    I love your story Jeannie! So happy for your success!

  8. Janet Gifford says:

    I am so stinkin’ proud of you! You have such a gift for encouraging your team, and showing all of us how to build a business by working hard and having a ton of fun at the same time. We are all better because of your leadership. And who would have thought, 30 years ago when we met, that someday Rodan+Fields is what would bring us back together and your new home would be literally 50 yards away from mine. Congratulations Jeanie Girl – this is only the beginning of the rest of your beautiful, successful life!

  9. Shannon King says:

    So happy for you Jeanie! You have done so much for all of us in Central Arkansas. We will miss you!

  10. Danielle Martin says:

    I love your story and the fact that I get to call you one if my friends. Thank you for your friendship and leadership. I can’t wait for you to live near us in the beautiful Skagit County!

  11. Mary Scott says:

    You are indeed an inspiration, Jeanie. You go girl!!!

  12. Terry Lehman says:

    Jeanie – Reading your story reinforced and so eloquently reminded me why I too started my Rodan + Fields business. I love your comparison to starting grad school. As a former teacher I never want to stop learning and being a business entrepreneur is a the best way to move into the empty nest phase. I am so glad you shared your story because it will make other “boomers” realize the best is yet to come!
    Enjoy your new home and future!

  13. Becky Tanner says:

    I have always said, “Whatever you touch turns to gold!” You are definitely a “sparkler” at whatever you set you mind and heart to. Givers seem to attract God’s best, and you have a big heart for sure! Your time at Pulaski Academy …..always succeeding at a very high level in every endeavor ….. is no surprise. You are very smart (pretty, too), and, you are not a stranger to taking a step at a time daily toward big goals. There is no hill too steep for stepper, and I know I will definitely always “see you at the TOP!”
    Congrats & much love to a Super Star!!!!
    Becky Tanner

  14. Ann Register says:

    Hi Jeanie,
    How exciting it was to see your story. I’m so excited for you & to be on your team. You are a wonderful leader. I’m thrilled for you.
    Ann Register

  15. Amanda Kessler says:

    What a wonderful story, Jeanie! I wish you great happiness in your new home and continued success!

  16. Anna Ferree says:

    Jeanie – thank you for flying out to California to encourage, educate, motive and inspire Lisa and I. Thanks for becoming my instant friend! I’m so blessed to be doing business with you!

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