Jena Kravitz – Finding Strength in the Support
Friday, March 20, 2015

Whether it’s struggling to lift a heavy box or frantically planning an important event, there are countless instances in our lives when we want to believe that we can do it all by ourselves. Even if we are physically strong enough to lift that box and competent enough to make all those party arrangements on our own, the fact remains it would be easier if we permitted someone to lend a hand. Our individual strength is only bolstered when combined with that of others. The beauty of a team effort is that each member contributes unique perspectives, talents and experiences, and where one may lack, another will provide, making the end result that much more valuable.


Jena’s business pushes her to dream bigger and has shown her that she is even stronger with support.

Jena Kravitz was raised by a fiercely independent single mother who taught her the value of independence. As such, Jena developed into a strong individual and established her own career. She valued her mother’s advice and was grateful to be self-sufficient, but when faced with unexpected obstacles later in life, Jena quickly discovered that the support of a group didn’t weaken her independence. Rather, the strength that resulted from a team devoted to lifting each other up was both empowering and liberating.

Stability shaken  

A few years ago, Jena’s lifestyle shifted significantly when she became a single mother. She was stable after her divorce, but as she adjusted, Jena’s main priority was that her five-year-old twins’ lives would not be disrupted. “My former husband is very involved and supportive, but it was important to me to work toward becoming independent so that I could continue to provide the lifestyle both my children and I were accustomed to without relying on anyone else.”


Jena and her mom, Annette.

Jena was working four days a week as a neuropsychologist at a large hospital in Los Angeles, which she had done for the past three years. Alongside that career, Jena has been a professor at Pepperdine University for the past nine years, and is on the voluntary clinical faculty at another large University-based medical center, where she contributes to clinical research and teaching doctoral students with interest in studying Alzheimer’s disease. As if that wasn’t enough, she also has her own private practice where she works once a week, is the former president of the Parent-Teacher Association at her twins’ preschool, and helps with several of her children’s extracurricular activities. It’s not difficult to imagine why she wasn’t looking for more responsibilities to add to her plate.

Steadying herself

In 2013, Jena reached out to a friend who posted about her Rodan + Fields® business on Facebook. Having just run out of facial cleanser, she was interested in the products and happy to support a friend’s business at the same time. Jena ordered the REDEFINE Regimen, and within a couple of weeks, she noticed a significant difference in the appearance of her skin.


Jena with her mentor, Miriam Steketee.

After a month of using the Regimen and loving the results, Jena began to consider selling the products to her family and friends. She had no experience with sales, but she knew of the Doctors’ reputations and didn’t want to regret not trying. “My most important job is always ‘mom,’ but I also wanted to do something fun for myself, and I didn’t feel this was going to take up a ton of my time—we all have enough time to talk and share.”

Jena enrolled as an Independent Consultant in October of 2013 with the encouragement from her very business savvy former husband, who sat her down after researching the opportunity and told her: “This Company is going to be huge; you need to do this and you should do it now.” Jena started working her R+F business three hours a week, fitting it in small pockets of time—making calls during her commute to work and after her kids were in bed. With a quick start from heavy product sales, Jena wasn’t necessarily focusing on building a team at first, but several of her current teammates actually reached out to her about the business  and were interested in getting involved themselves. “I believe that the universe provides the things we need, often when we don’t even realize we need it.”


Jena with some of the women on her team at Convention in Atlanta.

Standing on her own

As her business grew, Jena started working seven to ten hours a week and, nine months in, she achieved Level V. As of December 2014, she has reduced her hours at the hospital so that she can focus on her business and devote more time to working with her team. “The more my business grew, the more it became integral to my career goals to spend more time fostering it because I saw the reality of its growth so far. My dreams are big and I see the potential for more with R+F.”

Although Jena loves her work at the hospital, the commute is lengthy and as such, she may eventually reduce her hours to just one day a week in the near future. “I’m missing out on time with my kids during that drive. My R+F business is giving me the ability to make choices that are best for me and my family. My mom sees what I’ve established and says: ‘This is what I was talking about—being your own boss and making your own choices.’”

Lifted above and beyond

Her business has been incredibly influential to her personal growth over the past year and a half. The community she has found within R+F has empowered her and elevated her out of a difficult time. “I was at a point where I needed to start over; it was a new chapter in my life, and my business has been integral to the healing process. My life is completely changed—the friendships and encouragement are monumental. This Company has been nothing but uplifting.”


Lori Bush and Jena at the RF Center for Leadership.

The support from her team was especially reassuring over the past year, when Jena was admitted to the hospital on several occasions for complications resulting from Crohn’s Disease, which she has had for the past 16 years. Even team members in different parts of the country were calling to see if they could help in any way or make arrangements for her kids. “The disease can be disabling, and there are times when I can’t work because of it, but what I see with R+F is the ability to set myself up so that, in the event that something did happen to me health-wise, I wouldn’t have to worry because I have my business in place for my family, and I have the support of my amazing business partners and friends.”

One of Jena’s ultimate goals is to create a fund for people with Crohn’s Disease. She hopes to be able to assist people who need treatment and can’t afford it.

Sharing the strength

For a prolonged period of time, Jena hadn’t felt like herself, but by stepping into a leadership position that was much different from what she was used to in her other professions, her business triggered a newfound confidence and a fresh vision. “The woman I am today is largely a result of my experience with my R+F business. It brought out the teacher in me and made me feel empowered. By giving me a creative outlet for mentoring, my spirit awakened, and a fire was lit within me that I didn’t have before.”


Jena and her first business partner, Rebecca Traverso at the Home Office in San Francisco.

Surrounding herself with such positive, enthusiastic people, Jena’s passion for cultivating leaders has magnified. “There is nothing more exciting than watching your friends, gain confidence, and be proud of what they are doing. I’m deeply invested in making sure my focus is on them and their success, and it makes me so proud to see how I’ve created a culture within my team that values a community resolute on lifting each other up.”

Jena looks at her business as the single smartest business decision she has ever made. It has pushed her to dream bigger and has shown her that she is stronger with support. Her determination and tenacity to make her dreams a priority have paved the road to success, and despite any bumps along the way, she is confident that her team will be there to ensure she pushes onward and upward because, as Jena concludes, “When one person succeeds, everyone succeeds.”

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6 responses to “Jena Kravitz – Finding Strength in the Support”

  1. Noni Maringa says:

    This is so inspiring and encouraging- Way to go!!

  2. Katy Salo says:

    This “When one person succeeds, everyone succeeds” is EXACTLY why I LOVE R+F and all of my team and Up-line. The entire experience has been incredible and I am beyond thankful for people like you who are so inspiring <3

  3. Sara Dwyer says:

    YES! You are a great role model and leader for so many. I appreciate you! Thank you Jena!

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