Jenna Boyd – Reaching Ever Higher

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, July 6th, 2017

Some of us have an insatiable desire to succeed, and as an actress and driven young woman, Jenna Boyd took on varied challenges. “I’ve been an actress since I was a toddler. That’s my first love and the thing that I’ve felt a calling for my whole life, and I’ve succeeded so far in the Los Angeles entertainment industry. But when I was ending college with a degree in business, I had no idea how I could make a corporate job coexist with the creative career I loved so much.”

She searched for options as graduation grew closer, until a conversation with Wendi Green, a friend and later part of Jenna’s Upline, changed everything. “I already knew that I loved the Rodan + Fields® products and that they worked for me. But in April of 2014, my mom and I both asked Wendi our questions about the business, and decided to jump in feet first!”

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Juggling school, acting, and entrepreneurship

Jenna began her business during her last year as a full-time student. “So many times, as my professors lectured I would be on my phone beneath my desk, working my Rodan + Fields business during class. I’d work my business between study sessions in the library. Between school and my acting career, I could have said that I was way too busy to do this, but I didn’t use that excuse. It was a big priority for me to build a business that made me feel at peace about graduating.”

Despite the challenges of keeping it all going at once, Jenna found her hard work paying off in a big way. “I expected to face a lot of obstacles because of my age, but I hit the ground running and found my own success. Working about 10 hours per week, I reached Level III by the time I graduated. My Rodan + Fields business is what provides for my independent life in West Hollywood between acting gigs, and I’m incredibly grateful for my unique situation.”

“I love being able to pick up and take my business with me on set. I just finished filming Atypical, a new Netflix show debuting in August 2017, and I worked my business between takes during our 17-hour days. I have no idea what project I’ll be working on next, and if I didn’t have my R+F business, I’d be much more worried about stretching financially until the next gig comes along. I never wanted to put financial pressure on my creative career, and R+F has allowed me to provide for myself and build a business that’s so much bigger than me.”

R+F Convention 2014 in Atlanta meeting the Doctors.

R+F Convention 2014 in Atlanta meeting the Doctors.

Working within the mother-daughter partnership

A significant influence on Jenna during her business journey and beyond has been her mother and fellow consultant Debbie Boyd. “My mom has been my acting coach for my entire life, and she’s always been very present in both my life and my career.” Jenna also notes that having her mom alongside her in the Rodan + Fields journey has been a great help.

“From the beginning, my mom wanted to lead the way and to be in the trenches with me. She’s gone incredibly far with the Company since then, so it also worked out well for her! There’s no better person to be in business with than someone who really has your best interests at heart and who wants the absolute best for you.”

“It can be tricky to balance our “mom/daughter” and “business partner” moments, but there are so many amazing aspects to being in business with my mother. I have watched her achieve what might have seemed impossible at first, and she’s my ultimate source of encouragement and support. I can’t even begin to describe what she’s done for me and for her whole team.”

Jenna with her mom and RFx Circle Achiever, Debbie Boyd, at a R+F leadership event in LA.

Jenna with her mom and RFX Circle Achiever, Debbie Boyd, at a R+F leadership event in LA.

Building a community around her

Jenna’s also found her mom’s influence to be beneficial in the life of Team Grow For Gold. “I attribute a lot of my team culture to what my mom has grown with her team above me. I’ve really tried to model her helpful leadership style. We’re spread out all over the country, and it’s really interesting to create a team culture with people who haven’t met each other in person.”

Nevertheless, Jenna has made life-changing connections within the Rodan + Fields community. “I met my best friend through this business, Lauren Kissee. We’re in the same Downline, we’ve promoted and grown at the same pace, and we met over Facebook on a team page. We became accountability partners and we video chat every single day to discuss our goals.”

In Sedona on Jenna's Level V Circle vacation with her best friend and fellow consultant, Lauren Kissee.

In Sedona on Jenna’s Level V Circle vacation with her best friend and fellow consultant, Lauren Kissee.

Reaching for higher goals

As a Level V Circle Achiever, Jenna is reaching even higher. “My biggest goal right now is to be a Lexus Achiever before my 25th birthday. And from the very first day that I enrolled as a Consultant, I knew I would work hard to achieve the top level of the Company. I have big goals for myself, and I’m not yet where I want to be. The biggest challenge for me is trying not to compare my journey to others and realizing that this business requires a lot of persistence and consistency.”

She is dedicated to making her way on the R+F journey and helping others to do the same. “I’m passionate about this business because it allows women and men to call the shots in their lives. They don’t have to decide between being a successful business owner and being an artist or a stay-at-home parent. The best part of this business is that with a lot of hard work, I feel like I can have my cake and eat it too. It’s empowering for me to help others on their journey.”


Tell Me More…

What one word do you most relate to? Resilience

Favorite song? John Mayer’s cover of Free Fallin’

Have there been any especially significant people in your R+F journey? My mom, who encouraged me to launch my business, and my power partner, Lauren, who is now my very best friend.

Favorite book? I read so many books (about two per month), but a book that seriously changed my life is The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.

What is your dream R+F trip destination? Morocco!




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