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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Jennifer Freeman and her husband Mike loved teaching and living in Littleton, Colorado with their five kids. After their youngest was born, Jennifer finally decided to put aside the stress of a full-time job to become a stay-at-home mom. “At the time I felt like I was working full time at home and at school. Everything was falling through the cracks. I was spread thin and not doing anything well.” Leaving work relieved one of Jennifer’s stresses, but unfortunately, it added another. As two educators with a big family, the Freemans hadn’t established a backup plan for their future.

“We often lived month to month and constantly felt the financial strain. Quitting my job added even more pressure. The stress became really taxing and was taking a toll on our marriage.” Jennifer was working her own childcare business at home when she learned about another opportunity to make some additional income.

R+F Consultant Jennifer Freeman headshot

A Christmas catalyst

Jennifer’s sister Becky Jerome presented the Rodan + Fields business to her after Becky tried the skincare products and was delighted with her results. At the time, Jennifer had little interest in starting a business. “I felt like R+F was something I wouldn’t be good at, so I didn’t look into it at all. But a few months later, our situation became even tighter. Our car was totaled that December, and we didn’t know how we were going to get our family home for Christmas.” It was only with the help of friends that the Freemans were able to make it home to North Dakota.

Over the holidays, Jennifer heard more about Becky’s Rodan + Fields experience and was encouraged to take a more serious look at R+F. “Even though I had hesitations about working completely outside my wheelhouse, I was ready to try something new. I needed to make a change. I knew if I didn’t take action, we would be in the exact same situation in six months, a year, or five years. I decided to go for it.” With the encouragement of her family, Jennifer signed on as an Independent Consultant in January 2012.

R+F Consultant Jennifer Freeman with her husband

Jennifer and her husband, Mike

Making a family effort

Jennifer knew this opportunity could help her family. “And even though I didn’t necessarily have belief in myself yet, I believed in the potential of Rodan + Fields. I just couldn’t get enough of sharing, training and learning. I was all in.” A month after Jennifer’s launch, she was joined by a familiar face. Though she initially had no intention of starting a business, Becky also became an Independent Consultant and Jennifer’s instant power partner.

Meanwhile, Jennifer continued to find time for her R+F activities, despite her hectic schedule. “I had six daycare kids and five of our own in the house, but I managed to stay super consistent and put in at least 15 hours per week. I just love working my R+F business while I’m doing other things. I’m super grateful that my husband has been so supportive from the beginning. He’s awesome at the behind the scenes work that keeps our family and my business together.”

R+F Consultant Jennifer Freeman and partners

Jennifer with her sisters, best friends and business partners, Becky Jerome and Jessica Nasset

Early achievements

Within her first year in business, Jennifer reached meaningful personal milestones. “Extra income from my R+F business helped us pay our bills, take a deep breath and finally find relief. Pretty soon my earnings paid for a family vacation to Disney World. And while we had no idea how we would ever afford college for our kids, we’re now able to pay for our daughter’s education with my help. These things might not seem like a big deal to everyone, but to us they mean the world!” She moved on to achieve other big goals, eventually helping Mike to leave his job. They were then inspired to start giving back on a bigger scale.

One of Jennifer’s current goals is to become an RFX Achiever. “I’m the breadwinner for our family, so I feel like hitting RFX will help bring me closer to meeting our financial goals. I also have big travel goals. I’d love to take my family to visit the kids we currently sponsor in Uganda, and to experience giving back in a tangible and memorable way. Ultimately though, I’m working to help some amazing members of my team who really want to reach Level V. They really want to taste the success. More than anything, my goals are about helping these ladies realize their own potential. I love helping other women build their businesses! I’m really blessed to have an awesome local R+F community right here in Littleton. I can’t really imagine my life without them.”

R+F Consultant Jennifer Freeman with her team

Team Time in Vail, Colorado

Continuing for a cause

Underneath it all, Jennifer gained a strong confidence in herself through the first years of her business journey.  “It’s taken some hard work over the over the last six years, and a lot of attention to personal development, but my experience with R+F has made me a better woman and, in turn, a better wife and mother. I have finally learned to appreciate my gifts and to really get out of my own way! I’m in a very different place than I was at the beginning of 2012.”

Jennifer’s main focus is inspiring others to see that Rodan + Fields offers an opportunity for everyone. “Be inspired by the fact that it does take grit. It does take perseverance. If you’re willing to believe in yourself, you know this outcome is a possibility that’s available to you. This is something that you can make happen in your own life. I feel like I am definitely living proof!”

To contact Jennifer about joining her team or purchasing products, connect with her here.


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What is your best R+F experience? I’ve had so many amazing R+F experiences, but my most memorable was the Maui trip because I got to share all of R+F with my husband!

What is your dream R+F trip? Right now my dream R+F trip is Barcelona!

Favorite song? Rivers and Roads by Head and the Heart

Favorite TV show? Gilmore Girls

Your biggest splurge? A pair of FRYE boots. I’m not that big of a splurger.




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