Jennifer Tang – Centering Her Values
Thursday, May 9, 2019

As the daughter of immigrants, Jen Tang understood that creating an impactful life required hard work. In her parents’ journey from China to the United States, she says they “sacrificed a lot to be able to give [my brother and I] a better life.” Yet, they’d always made it clear that she could accomplish anything she set her mind to. “I heard about the ‘American Dream’ a lot while growing up, and about how lucky we were to be born in the U.S. That was the mantra growing up – ‘If you work hard, you can be whatever you want, and this is the land of opportunity.’”

The admiration she held for her parents inspired her to make the most of what she’d been given. “To me, that meant to go to school and work hard to get the best grades you can and figure out what kind of impact you can have on the world.“ While initially planning to go into research, Jen made the decision midway through college to become a doctor after realizing how much she valued making genuine connections with people. “There was a block in my mind. I didn’t want to say that I wanted to be a doctor just to be that typical Asian kid. I didn’t want to be a stereotype.” But she had a genuine passion for medicine and knew it would be a vehicle for impacting people’s lives.

Trusting the Future
When a friend introduced Jen to the Rodan + Fields business, she was working full-time, practicing internal medicine and acupuncture, had a side job as a fitness instructor and was a mom to three boys adopted from Taiwan. “If you were someone looking in from the outside, you would have never thought that this was something I needed in my life.” After fifteen years in practice, she felt that she was getting less quality time with her patients and that it was “a struggle to maintain true to my idealistic beliefs of how medicine should be.” She also had already been using the products to combat acne and was impressed with both the results and ingredients. After deciding that the opportunity could be a way to provide a significant enough foundation to allow her to practice medicine on her own terms, she enrolled as a Consultant.

Jen with her team having dinner in NYC.

Building Bridges
Though her time was limited, Jen hit the ground running and recouped her investment in her first month of business. After six months of hard work, she saw the potential the business had and decided to leave her office job to join a medical startup, making home visits to elderly patients in the inner-city of Trenton. “Many of these patients were used to being marginalized or treated as a number. The idea of a doctor coming to their house was very shocking to them. By building those personalized relationships, not only was I able to make an impact in one visit, but I was bridging that gap and making them realize that you don’t have to be intimidated by a doctor.”

Jen and her husband at an R+F event, where he was a speaker on the panel.

Paving the Way
Last summer, Jen and her family moved from New Jersey to Southern California, and because it’s on-the-go, “my business didn’t have to miss a beat.” She’s excited for the next phase of her career, working only twelve hours a week at a federally-funded clinic for underserved populations. The supplemental income from her R+F business also allows her time to volunteer as the Uganda Medical Coordinator for Love Without Boundaries, an organization she’s supported since adopting her sons. Looking back, Jen acknowledges how the opportunity opened her mind to other possibilities. “I just didn’t know this [business] could be something that was a really significant option for someone who was a professional, full-time working mom like me.” Not only that, but she’s now driven to introduce the opportunity to others who may not see themselves becoming a Consultant – particularly in terms of ethnic diversity. “I don’t want people to say to themselves, ‘There’s no one there that looks like me and so I don’t think that I can do it.’ My hope is for anyone to feel they have the opportunity to do something like this.”

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  1. Dinah Smith says:

    Jen, I love the story of your RF Journey !!! You personify what is truly great about our country and company !

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