Jenny Aiken – Building Choices For Tomorrow
Friday, December 12, 2014

Jenny Aiken worked in marketing for 15 years, collaborating with businesses ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small Internet start-ups. She decided to reduce her hours to part-time during her pregnancy with her second child. “I had always wanted to be home with my kids, but after a year and a half of that,  I quit my job to stay home full-time.”

When the economy shifted in 2008, things began to change. “When I saw that, I had a panic attack. I was expecting a third baby, and I was scared I would have to go back to work.”


Jenny loves that by sharing her business she can help others create a Plan B for themselves.

Jenny tried to think of a way to work without being taken away from her kids. In March 2009, a friend called Jenny and told her that she had found an opportunity with Rodan + Fields® that she thought she should look into.

Jenny never thought she’d get involved with direct selling. “I didn’t want to host parties or have to do anything that would take me away from my kids, but when I researched the Company, my marketing brain kicked in. I recognized the Doctors, and because I know the value of an established brand, I understood how significant that was in opening doors for me to create a successful business.”


Jenny’s kids: Drew, Mavenee, and Ainsley.

Jenny enrolled as an Independent Consultant, but as she began building her business, she found that life was taking several unexpected turns. When her daughter was two months olds, Jenny was diagnosed with post-partum depression for the first time. “Not only was that very debilitating, but my daughter wouldn’t take a bottle for her first 13 months, so I had to bring her with me to all the R+F meetings and events.”

Even while struggling with personal obstacles, Jenny was still able to achieve Level V status in 14 months, working 20 to 30 hours a week. Then, a few years into her business, Jenny filed for divorce. “The beauty of all that has happened is that, even during difficult times, I was still able to build my business. Having that foundation allowed me to keep my kids in our home, which eased their transition. As a single mom, knowing that I could take care of my kids by myself was so empowering.”

san fran

Jenny and some of her team at the San Francisco Level V Convention Mad Men Party.

Jenny is passionate about sharing her experiences because she knows that by being transparent, she can encourage others. “I don’t mind telling the personal parts of my story. If I can help others by sharing, it’s worth it. I still struggle with depression, and life is difficult for everyone at times, but I would love for people to know that just because you are dealing with a hardship, that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful. Giving yourself a choice can be very empowering. I didn’t have something special going for me, I just decided to let my determination win over everything else.”

Some of Jenny’s favorite moments in her business come from coaching her team and seeing others reach their goals. She loves how people light up when she helps them solve a problem, whether with their business or a skin issue. “It’s incredible to see someone gain the confidence to be themselves and my business gives me the opportunity to help others make their dreams come true. It has given me a new purpose and something positive to focus on during rough times.”


Jenny’s business gives her the opportunity to show her kids that she can be there for them, have a career, and help others as well.

The products are a very rewarding aspect of Jenny’s business as well. After her second pregnancy, she developed brown spots and none of the products her dermatologist suggested worked. After using the REVERSE Regimen, she saw a significant change in her skin. She was also relieved to discover that the SOOTHE Regimen helped with her daughter’s skin issues. “Her skin was so irritated, and although we had tried many products, including prescriptions, nothing worked until we used the SOOTHE Regimen. We all love it. Now around the house, I often hear someone calling, ‘Mommy get the SOOTHE!’” she laughs.

Jenny finds inspiration in the caliber of people she gets to work with on a daily basis. She was surprised to find so many professionals starting their own R+F businesses. “I didn’t realize before that, even in the industries I thought were secure, there are professionals who are recognizing that there are always factors that could change your situation.”


A Level V party in Nashville.

Her business has also been an opportunity to show her kids that she can be there for them, have a career, and help others as well. She loves that by surrounding herself and her kids with people who care about the world and want to make a difference, her kids are learning amazing lessons in resilience and positivity. “They see people making changes to their lives and are gaining great values. They are learning to never give up as they witness how hard work pays off. My kids always say thank you to the people on my team because they know that those people have helped bless our lives.”

Jenny hopes that through sharing her business she can provide others with an option to get out of an unhappy situation or simply prepare for the unexpected. She knows that building something today creates options for the future. “I would love for my story to give someone the confidence to make a choice that frees them. I love that my business enables me to help people, because you never know what’s going to happen. You may not need it now, but if you start building it today, you have a choice tomorrow.”

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6 responses to “Jenny Aiken – Building Choices For Tomorrow”

  1. Kerrin Summa says:

    Such an inspirational story!!

  2. Mary Ann Benedetti says:

    LOVE!!! Hugs

  3. What a wonderful biography of an amazing woman!

  4. Karen Mckinney says:

    How do I get started ? And what is the cost?

  5. I love Jenny’s story, her adorable kids, and how she grew her business!

  6. Kris Tingle says:

    I love this story!! It’s making me kick my butt in gear again and focus for the future.

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