Jenny Parsons – Working Mom on a Mission

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Monday, August 26th, 2013

Jenny Parsons is on a mission. She has a vision of what her life will look like a year from now, and she is well on her way there. A devoted wife and mother of three boys, her family is her top priority. With them in mind, she has mapped out plans for the future, and her determination to ensure her family’s happiness is a testament of strength and patience.

Five years ago, the Parsons were struggling financially. Their auto dealership had been on the decline even before the stock market crashed, and at a precarious time in America, Jenny needed to find work that would supplement their business. They were getting by, but for this mother who had selflessly educated all three of her sons at home, getting by was not enough. She wanted to pay for them to attend the best colleges, to be able to pursue any opportunity that may come their way. She had a vision of her children thriving, not just surviving, and she was ready to do whatever it would take to make sure they would prosper. In order to make that happen, she realized she would need to explore outside of her usual territory, and reach out for something new. And so, four years ago, Jenny Parsons began her mission.

Jenny Parsons

While looking for work online, Jenny reached out to a friend she had been out of touch with for twenty-five years. She wanted to reconnect with her, and thanks to the wonders of the Internet, she found Kellie and several other friends she had lost touch with over the years. After chatting for an hour on the phone, Kellie mentioned a new business opportunity she had just begun as an Independent Consultant for the skincare Company Rodan + Fields. While this wasn’t the kind of work Jenny had been searching for, she saw the potential in it right away, and soon realized she had reached out not only to a friend, but for a new career and a better life for her family. She shares her story of reaching out in faith into a world previously unknown to her, and says, “There are aspects of this business that I wasn’t familiar with, and that were not easy for me, like speaking in public. But I knew I would have to grow past that to achieve what I want for my family. I don’t want to look back on my life with regrets.”

While it may have been easier to find a job trading time for dollars, that was not the image of success she had in mind. Instead, she seized the chance to live on her own terms, and determined to make her business work for her. She developed a five year plan, and four years later, she has steadily climbed her way up, and proudly reveals that she has paid for her son’s tuition. By next year, her goal is to retire her husband from his auto dealership. She describes her motivation to reach a level of financial security as having little to do with money, but more about time with her loved ones, and says, “Success for me is not about a dollar amount. It is having a balance in my life, and hearing laughter in my home. The most important thing to me is family, and they are my biggest motivator. It’s not about financial success, it’s about relationships.”

The Parsons

Personal success and nurturing a thriving family is not Jenny’s only kind of mission. For years, she and her sons have taken mission trips to destinations throughout the world, including the Bahamas, Bolivia, and Mexico. These trips have brought her family closer together, and Jenny looks forward to each experience, knowing she will touch someone’s life in a unique way with each journey. She has developed relationships with people in her travels that are irreplaceable, and she is thankful that she has a career that allows her the freedom to continue to reach out to others, because, as she explains it, “helping others and having a positive impact on their lives is my life’s mission.”  Her only regret for many years is that her husband wasn’t able to go. Last summer, for the first time, he was free to go on a mission trip with his family to the Bahamas. Jenny says that if she hadn’t found Rodan + Fields, that trip would not have been possible.“I am thankful to the Doctors who founded this business for caring enough about others to offer this opportunity,” she reflects. She views her Rodan + Fields business as an opportunity to reach people, and to share an opportunity that can change their lives just as hers has been changed.

Jenny and Friends

On any mission, whether it is a mission trip to a foreign destination, a quest for a better job, or our life’s mission, relationships are formed along the way with people who give the journey meaning. Motivated to make every relationship count, to fill her home with joy, to spend time with the people she loves, Jenny works with purpose. At the end of the day, when she hears the laughter echoing throughout the rooms in her home and in friends’ homes, she knows in her heart that her mission has already been a success.

A Family Mission

A Family Mission

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9 responses to “Jenny Parsons – Working Mom on a Mission”

  1. Jenny, I did not know all this about you; you are such an overwhelming inspiration. I live in Summerfield, six miles north of The Villages and have been with Rodan and Fields for a year. My drive is to not only get my husband and I out of debt (financial problems due to the economy also) but to help my granddaughter, Kelly Fore, who is a permanent missionary in Kigali, Rwanda, Africa. Several of our other grandchildren do missionary work during their summer vacations also. I’m engaged in a lot of reading to be a better Consultant for R&F because I truly believe in this great company and their result-producing skin products. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

  2. Catina Mack says:

    I have the pleasure of working with Jenny every day and I have to say that she is all this and more! This is truly what we mean by “Changing Lives”. Congratulations, Jenny on being featured in the RF blog! Love you and appreciate you! 🙂

  3. Iris Rodgers says:

    Dear Jenny, I truly love your story. You are solid evidence of what this company can help us achieve. I, too, want to get my husband and myself out of debt. I also have a passion to share helpful information with others.
    I live in Citrus County and have been an independent consultant with R+F for ten months. Tonya Tallulah is my sponsor and I’m so appreciative of the support my team gives all of us.
    I wish you and your family continued success in your endeavors! Iris

  4. Sonya Jett says:

    Jenny.. Your story is so similar to mine. My husband has been in the auto business for the past 35 years, and while it’s been a good life, it’s very time consuming. While I didn’t homeschool my kids, they were both very involved in sports in school. He missed so many of their activities and has always wanted to join us on a mission trip. We are planning our first mission trip together for next summer, and I can’t wait to meet my goal to retire him. Thanks for the extra inspiration!

  5. Gail Correa says:

    Jenny you are such an inspiration! I, too, feel success has no dollar value- but laughter and warmth in a home. Ever since I joined R+F I sleep well at night, knowing that someday I may retire my husband who works so hard as an attorney/cpa. Thank you for sharing your story.

  6. Diane Kerce says:

    Love you and your family Jenny! Many more days of love and laughter coming your way for your family. We are BLESSED!

  7. Nancy Nuccitelli says:

    Jenny, you are such an inspiration & appreciate your wisdom and friendship in our company. Love hearing about your mission trips and your story is motivating to help others. Thank you for leading by example, and for being willing to reach out to everyone to build Rodan + Fields. You’re very special!

  8. Cheri Reese says:

    I enjoyed reading your story. I guess we can all relate to some of things you talk about. I can certainly relate to family and friends driving what we do with our lives.
    I am one of five children and I am located in between where my other siblings live so we all congregate at my house for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Laughing and hearing others laugh and feeling good is everything to me. I have one son and daughter-in-law who are the world to me.
    I want so much to see them be able to capitalize on opportunies that are out there.
    I need to build our retirement and retire my
    husband as well. He has been in construction
    all of his life and worked very hard. He is
    due a break. I am a new consultant just getting into the business and I am trying to balance my full time job with my opportunity
    with Rodan and Fields. I have a wonderful
    partner, Fran Warner, who encourages me and
    wants me to do well. It helps me to hear the
    stories likes yours and others who started where I am starting and have risen to the level of success that you have. Thanks for
    sharing your story.

  9. Angie Tyson says:

    Jenny, you and your story have been a HUGE motivation and encouragement to me since the day I met you at Kellie’s Lexus celebration. I have enjoyed following your journey and watching your success. Thanks for sharing and praise the Lord for all the ways you are changing lives…not just for now but for eternity as well! Congratulations and keep up the GREAT work!

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