Jenny Redfern – Finding Her Catalyst

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

Jenny Redfern was working at a busy ophthalmology and optometry practice and while she liked being an eye doctor, the day-to-day grind lost a little bit of its excitement. “I loved my patients, but that work environment was not really conducive to my personal growth. I also learned that the business of healthcare wasn’t emotionally fulfilling for me. I really wanted to find my passion again.”

Around the same time, Jenny started noticing changes in her skin. “When I found Rodan + Fields, I had never used skincare products of any kind. I only washed my face with the shampoo that was left on my hands in the shower. But when my younger daughter was six months old, I saw fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes for the first time. I decided I was finally a grown-up, and I clearly needed to take care of my skin.” Jenny saw a friend’s “Before and After” pictures featuring the REDEFINE Regimen and reached out immediately. After learning more about Rodan + Fields, she told her husband, Alex, “When I get home, I want to start a skincare business.”

R+F Consultant - Jenny Redfern

A new creative outlet

Jenny became an Independent Consultant in July 2014 and immediately felt enthusiastic about the opportunity. “The business model stood out to me from the very beginning. And then, through meeting other professional women on our team, I suddenly found myself in an incredibly supportive community. In short, my first year was so much fun. Rodan + Fields became my creative outlet and a new source of excitement. I just couldn’t help but tell everyone I knew about these incredible products and this awesome business.”

From the start, Jenny tackled challenges head-on as a true entrepreneur. “I definitely remember having an event that I planned and I was excited for and nobody showed up. But I wasn’t discouraged – I thought of it as a notch in my belt. Honestly, the hardest thing to learn was not to take a ‘no’ personally. I’m so glad I got past that early on!” Through a whirlwind of events, working a minimum of 10 hours per week, Jenny became a Level V Achiever before the end of her first year in business.

R+F Consultant - Jenny Redfern Presenting at Convention

Jenny, prior to presenting at a sold-out Rodan + Fields corporate event.

Growth and community

Jenny devoted her time to Team Envision. She was dedicated to creating a collaborative environment and a safe space for team members to be themselves. “Through R+F, I realized this world is truly full of awesome people — like all the professionals on my amazing team. I just couldn’t believe I had a whole community of phenomenal supporters around me from day one. I have such an awesome Rodan + Fields family! I’ve developed real, meaningful relationships with people who have incredible stories. It’s so inspiring to be able to help everybody reach their goals and give back in big ways.”

As obstacles arose over the following years, Jenny found encouragement and hope in the Rodan + Fields community. “When I realized I was in this business for the long haul, a little bit of the initial fun started to wear off. I was so interested in helping everybody else that I forgot to work on my own business! I had to learn to dig deep and to keep growing, whether I felt like it or not. And between my husband at home and my Upline, Lindsay Gibson, nobody let me get too down for too long. I love that!”

R+F Consultant - Jenny Redfern and Husband

Jenny and her husband, Alex, celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary.

Meeting goals

Through challenges and triumphs, family remains Jenny’s number one source of inspiration. She’s incredibly happy that earnings from her R+F business are helping the Redferns break ground on a house mid-2018. “This new home is my first way to make sure that our family is provided for. I’m thrilled that with the added mother-in-law quarters, we’ll all be there together with my parents! It’s so amazing that this huge dream on our list is finally happening. Taking care of my family really inspires me to work hard and make big things happen in my business and in our lives.”

Jenny’s dedication to business building has also impacted her sense of identity. “Owning my own business forced me to learn who I really am and what’s most important to me. One of my mentors said, ‘They can buy Rodan + Fields products from any Independent Consultant. But you need to decide why people should buy from you. Who are you and what do you have to offer?’ At the time, I had no idea. I felt lost in my career and in being a mom, and I realized I had a lot to learn about myself. My R+F business helps me get there. I don’t know that anything else could have been such a catalyst for growth in my life.”

R+F Consultant - Jenny Redfern and Daughters

Jenny with her two daughters, Macy and June.

A promising future

Jenny is grateful for the personal development, connection, and excitement her R+F business has brought into her life thus far. She wants her story to spread an encouraging message: that it’s never too late to dream big and make a big change in your life. “Looking back at my working life, my R+F business saved my sanity. I really like what I do now. I’m in a different position and office, and I love pursuing both of my careers side by side.”  

Jenny dreams of using her many skills to further support her community. “When I first started this business I had big goals. I knew we could be in a position to help a lot of people, and I always felt like I’m called to do something big in this world. I see so much joy in other people, and I want to be someone who takes and spreads that joy wherever I go. There’s a lot of good to go around. My job is to spread that message as far as I can.”

To contact Jenny about joining her team or purchasing products, connect with her here.


Tell Me More…

What one word do you most relate to? Passion

Have there been any especially significant people in your R+F journey, or life in general? My husband has been the most amazing rock for me in my business and in life.

What is your favorite R+F product? Active Hydration Serum

What is your favorite R+F memory? There are so many! But I will never forget the moment our team rallied together to hit month one of Lexus qualification.

Best meal you’ve ever had? My husband’s steak! 🙂




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