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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

The air was crisp—autumn had arrived in Wisconsin. A beautiful blend of red, yellow, and orange carpeted the streets. Jessica Beauchamp wrapped her scarf a little tighter and smiled to herself as she watched her children play in the fallen leaves. It felt good to pause and allow the wind to touch each one of her senses individually—she hadn’t always had the time to enjoy these priceless moments. Life was once so hurried, and there never seemed to be any time to spare. Upon reevaluating her priorities and pursuing a new business opportunity, Jessica finally achieved a work-life balance and was able to live each day to the fullest, grateful for everything that was now possible.

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Jessica with her family.

Discovering the gaps

After graduating with a degree in communications, Jessica accepted a job in pharmaceutical sales, and over the next eight years, she developed her career. During that time, she married her husband, Dustin, whom she’d met in college. In 2010, they had their first child, and once her maternity leave ended, Jessica returned to work. “I never pictured myself as a stay-at-home mom, but each time I had to leave, it felt like a part of me was being left at home. We had a caregiver at the house, and I knew that she was getting to witness so many more milestones with my son than I was able to. But we enjoyed the financial stability that our jobs provided and couldn’t see a way to make it work if I were to stay home.”

A few years later, Jessica had a miscarriage and her perspective shifted significantly. “That experience made me realize how short and how fragile life is. I decided that I needed to revisit my priorities. I’d been concerned about maintaining our comfortable lifestyle, but suddenly that wasn’t as important anymore. More than anything, I wanted to be there for my family.”


Jessica and Dustin’s wedding.

Replacing pieces

In May of 2012, Jessica decided to leave her job and stay home full-time. A few months later, a friend reached out to share the Rodan + Fields® business opportunity. “I was hesitant at first and I didn’t think I was interested, but I also didn’t entirely understand the business model. My friend invited me to a Business Presentation Event, and I wasn’t going to go, but my mom encouraged me to make sure I knew what I was closing the door on before I entirely dismissed the opportunity.” As Jessica learned more about the Company, she was intrigued by the Doctors’ story and the impressive clinical trials. “With my pharmaceutical background, the innovative over-the-counter products were huge. But I was also blown away by the caliber of people involved with the business. I saw that many Consultants were professionals who had successful careers, but had recognized an opportunity to do more—that spoke volumes to me about the credibility of the business.”

Jessica went home and discussed the opportunity with Dustin, who was supportive of the idea. In July of 2012, she enrolled as an Independent Consultant and began building her business. Later that year, their family welcomed a baby girl, and Jessica was able to take a step back and focus on her newborn for those first few months. “I was so grateful to still be generating an income during that time, and I never had to worry about requesting time off. The flexibility that my business provides enables me to work my schedule around my main priority—my family—and slow down when I need to.” Along with being present for her kids, it was also important to Jessica that she still pursue her professional goals. “My career had been a large part of my identity. I was proud of my accomplishments and didn’t want to lose that aspect of myself. My business allows me to continue to challenge myself and strive for greater heights on a professional level.”


Jessica with Bobbie Silva and Lori Bush.

A new sense of wholeness

With the freedom to enjoy time with her children every day, Jessica began to feel like she had designed her dream life. “I was no longer wishing my days away—I was able to cherish all of the priceless moments. Being able to pursue my own goals instead of being on someone else’s agenda allows me to be more present and truly live life to the fullest each day. I used to think you couldn’t find a happy, healthy balance between having a career and being a mom, but this has shown me that you truly can. My business and my family both complete me in different ways, and I feel like I have it all.”

Jessica’s business has also helped her understand that contentment comes from how we choose to perceive our situations. “There will always be ups and downs in life, but when I’m experiencing a low point, I take a step back and look around, and I’m reminded of all the reasons I have to be grateful. I know that many of the blessings in my life are a result of my business, and if I want to continue to enjoy the lifestyle I’ve created, I need to keep at it and never give up.


Jessica is grateful for the many incredible friendships she has gained because of her business.

Sharing the abundance   

After a year of developing her business, Jessica achieved Level V, working 10 to 15 hours a week. “It’s amazing to see the growth that occurs through continuous effort and consistent activity. The time I put in hasn’t changed, but it’s so impressive to see the results that are possible through the efforts of my team. We have a phenomenal consumable product, so I knew that I could achieve success, but how quickly it happened was definitely surprising.”

Jessica’s initial goal was to supplement her family’s income so that she wouldn’t have to return to work once her daughter reached school age. In May of 2015, still working part-time hours, Jessica achieved Elite Level V and surpassed her former salary. “I’m now focused on helping others achieve their dreams and live their lives to the fullest. It’s absolutely priceless to see others reach their goals.”

DSC_7411 fireworks

Jessica held a Gratitude Lexus Event to say thank you to her amazing team as well as those who supported her along the way.

In addition to helping her team, Jessica loves being able to give back in other ways. She is very involved with a charity that helps children in Zambia receive education. “To be able to pay it forward without questioning if we can afford it financially is such an awesome feeling. The more I achieve with my business, the more I can give back and spread love throughout the world.” She also enjoys being able to do more for her loved ones. Last year, she treated her mom to a mother-daughter getaway, and this year she hopes to bring Dustin on an all-expense-paid trip that she is working to earn through an R+F incentive program. “He’s taken me on vacations he’s earned through his company, so it will be exciting to treat him to something in return.”

Embracing the completeness of now  

Jessica loves that her business provides the opportunity to continue learning and meeting new people. “Everyone comes into this business with their own personal story and individual experiences. We all have different backgrounds, which is why it’s such an incredible opportunity to grow—we are all constantly learning from one another. I love that I can learn from someone who has been in this business longer than I have, as well as from someone who just started. Coming from a corporate environment where millions of dollars were spent on sales training in an effort to produce employees that all used the exact same system, R+F is uniquely refreshing. We respect and appreciate the fact that there are many ways of doing things and we know that there is no ‘one way.’ Everyone has different passions, priorities, and goals, and we all have our own style, but there is always something to learn and room to grow.”

DSC_7131 family & lexis 2

Jessica, Dustin, and their children excited about their new Lexus.

Jessica’s business has helped her simplify her life and focus on what’s truly important to her. “We have this opportunity in our hands to share with others, but what they do with that information is up to them, and that is truly powerful. I’ve taken this gift and created a life in which I can keep my priorities at the forefront and live each day to the fullest.”



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