Jessica Menard – A Cure for the Common Career

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, January 26th, 2017

No matter how much we love our chosen profession, we all need balance in our lives: time to spend with family and friends, time for the things that move us, time for ourselves. Sometimes, feeling overworked prompts a change of course, a moment in which we reevaluate our careers, rediscover our why, and in doing so, find a renewed zeal for the path we’ve chosen.

As a physician assistant in a neurosurgery ward, Jessica would sometimes work for 24 hours straight, then head right into another 10-hour shift “to get the hours in.” Working 60 or more hours a week, she had little free time, and those precious hours she did manage to stow away were spent with her husband and young children. She knew it would be crazy to take on any more work.

Before she became an Independent Consultant with Rodan + Fields, Jessica Menard worked as a physician assistant in a neurosurgery ward.

A miraculous turnaround

When an old classmate from college, Stephanie Young, first reached out to her about an opportunity to be an Independent Consultant with Rodan + Fields, Jessica declined the offer. “I had no sales experience, and my main issue was I just didn’t have the time.” She did, however, become a Preferred Customer, and was thrilled with the results she experienced from the products. An idea soon began to form. “In the back of my mind, I thought, maybe I can do this, but I dismissed it.” But in February 2014, when Stephanie announced that she had earned more that month through her R+F business than she had as a physician assistant, Jessica knew it was time to act. “Immediately, I was all ears, and I signed up as a Consultant the very next day.”

Jessica soon realized that she could add a few more hours into her week to help build her R+F business. “After the kids were in bed, I would sit down with some coffee and work the business for a couple of hours.” Success was not long in coming—by working 10 hours a week, she achieved Level V in three months, and five months later, reached Premier Level V. By March of 2015, she had completed her Lexus qualification and reached RFx, and by August, she’d reached RFx Circle. In fourteen months of working her Rodan + Fields business, she replaced the salary she made after twelve years as a physician assistant.

Nurturing her passion and her family

While she grew her business, Jessica continued to work full-time as a physician assistant. By late 2015, however, she realized she no longer needed the income and could easily retire. But Jessica’s true passion is helping people in their most desperate times of need, and she couldn’t leave that vocation behind her. “I agonized about whether to leave my career, but ultimately missing all of that precious time with my children was just too much.” Rather than leave completely, in January of 2016, she decided to continue as a neurosurgery PA on an “as-needed” basis, and now she chooses when she works and for how long. She isn’t obliged to go in when it doesn’t suit her, and this new arrangement has been incredibly liberating. “It’s been the best year of my life!” she exclaims.

Jessica's twins, Wesley and Lillian.

Jessica’s twins, Wesley and Lillian.

Her twins Lillian and Wesley are now eight, and Jessica is delighted that she can fit her work around the family’s schedule without ever having to miss a moment. “I’m on a path that I never imagined I’d be on. I never thought I had the skills or qualifications to be a business woman.” She uses herself as an example to those who feel they’re too busy to make a change in their lives. “If I could do it with the hours I was doing, anyone can.” She’s eager for others to realize that with hard work, they can change their lives and find the freedom to spend more time with their loved ones. “Rodan + Fields is not just about skincare—it can be a vehicle for change. It allows so many people to achieve things that they never thought possible, and it’s been a real blessing to my family.” And many of those on her team have been inspired by her example.

A team full of colleagues

Team Glamour and Grace is made up of many of Jessica’s professional friends and colleagues. She was able to show them that, despite their demanding jobs, they can fit R+F into their lives, and up the ante on their social lives while they’re at it. “I have renewed friendships with college roommates and reconnected with old friends. There are also many people who are now my friends who I would never have even met without Rodan + Fields.” The achievements of her team are crucial to their communal success, so she is happy to provide extra training and support when they need it. “It is so rewarding to see my team members achieve so much, and I am proud to be able to help them with that.”

Jessica now enjoys an idyllic work-life balance, and is happy to say that the days of being overworked and exhausted are long behind her. She is reaping the rewards of her hard-earned R+F success, and has gone on several incentive trips. Last year she and her husband went to Australia, all expenses paid, and they are very excited to be jetting off to London this summer on another R+F trip. Best of all, her relationship with her other job has been given a boost of vitality. Now that she no longer relies on her physician assistant work to earn an income, it’s become more meaningful and important to her. So much so, in fact, that in the future she hopes to be able to volunteer her skills to those who really need them—whether that’s at home or abroad.

Being an Independent Consultant with Rodan + Fields allows Jessica Menard to fit her work around her family's busy schedule.

Jessica’s driving force: her family.

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