Jessica Suderman – Relishing the Luxury of Choice

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Friday, October 13th, 2017

Running a digital, easily portable business has been a saving grace for Jessica Suderman and her family in the past year. Through the twists and turns their lives have taken, a career that she can maintain on the go has been a very welcome advantage. It has provided her family the freedom and breathing space necessary to allow other great opportunities to grow and blossom.

R+F Independent Consultant Jessica Suderman

Family first, business second

When starting out with Rodan + Fields®, Jessica admits that her driving force was more a fear of missing out than anything else. “I quickly realized that the train was going to depart with or without me, and I decided to jump on board.” Her friend, Katie Wood, had been an Independent Consultant for a while, and Jessica had watched several of their mutual friends sign up. When Katie asked her to join, Jessica said that she didn’t have time, that with kids to look after she had enough on her plate. But then she saw other parents getting involved. “I saw people who were at least as busy as I was signing up, and I thought ‘what are they seeing that I am not?’” So in February 2015—R+F’s first month in Canada—she signed up and got to work.

From day one Jessica set clear priorities. She would not let her business get in the way of her family life, no matter what. And she has been able to stick to this pact ever since. Averaging 10-15 hours per week since she started, she has built her business during her kids’ nap times, or after they go to sleep in the evenings. “I have focused on repurposing my time. Instead of scrolling through Facebook or watching TV, I work my business. The time management has been challenging for sure, but it has been so worth it.” After two-and-a-half years, she is a Premier V Consultant and leader of a thriving skincare team. And as her business has increased, she and her family can enjoy new freedom.

Consultant Jessica Suderman's family.

Jessica Suderman’s ‘why’—what it’s all about for her.

Bravely facing life’s adventures

After 12 years as a police officer, Jessica’s husband Marc chose to take a year off to recover from some of the stressors of the job, and reconsider his options going forward. Before Jessica’s business success, this unpaid leave would have put major financial pressure on the family, making it essentially impossible. But with Jessica’s R+F business thriving, Marc was able to take the time he needed. And, thanks to another of life’s wonderful twists, just a few months into his leave the perfect job sought him out. The only hitch was that the new job was in Calgary, Alberta, so they would have to uproot the family from their native British Columbia. This wasn’t the first curveball that life had thrown the couple, and they certainly weren’t going to let it knock them back.

Before they had children, Jessica was involved in a major car accident that left her having to relearn how to walk properly and talk fluidly. All three of the Suderman children have been high-risk pregnancies, and Jessica says that they feared they would lose each one of them before they were born. Marc’s work had also put him in many harrowing and intense situations over the years—but throughout it all, the couple maintained an admirable perspective. “Our experiences have taught us to live life and enjoy it, and be thankful for the silver linings.” They take the adventures that life throws at them in stride. “We have learned to live life to the fullest, to enjoy the chaos and focus on the most important things.”

Jessica suderman and R+F team

Members of The Collective, post team yoga.

They approached their recent move with that same gung-ho mindset. And though it came out of the blue and was, Jessica admits, pretty chaotic, she was able to manage her business unfalteringly throughout. “My business didn’t miss a beat, in fact we had a great month. I was able to work from my phone when we were staying in hotels and as we got settled into our new home.” Jessica attributes much of that ease to her team’s strong belief in collaboration. Her team, The Collective, has a very fitting name, she says. “It describes them perfectly! Even when I’m not on the team page they are all there supporting each other and answering each other’s questions. Not any one person needs to keep the machine going, and I’m so proud of that.”  

Putting life first

Jessica is excited by her new hometown and the opportunity to share her business with a whole new network. When she meets someone who is interested in getting involved with Rodan + Fields, she always relays the same message. “I tell them that at the end of the day this is all about living life. If R+F is right for you, and it’s something that can allow you to live your life with more freedom and happiness, then I am here to show you the way.” She’s overjoyed that Marc has found a job outside of policing, and that she has been able to facilitate that transition. “We have learned to put life first. You never know what is going to come your way, what life is going to throw at you next. Rodan + Fields has allowed us to make choices that are not determined by our bank account, but by what is best for us as a family.”

The Suderman Family

Jessica’s “Favourite Zoo!”


Tell Me More…

If you could meet anyone, who would it be? Ellen, but I wouldn’t want to just meet her, I’d like to be her friend and hang out with her!

• Favorite holiday tradition? Our family Christmas tradition—playing ‘ding-dong ditched’ with cookies! We leave cookies on people’s doorsteps, then ring the bell and run away and hide. My kids love to see people’s excited reactions!

• Favorite TV show? The Ellen Degeneres Show.

• What is your favorite R+F product? ENHANCEMENTS™ Micro-Dermabrasion Paste.

Next Program you are running for? Lexus and Elite V




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