Jill Edgell Smith – Bouncing Back to New Heights

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Finding the strength to recover from a setback can be tough, but there is nothing better than a new challenge to reignite our ambition and joie de vivre. Jill Edgell Smith was stunned when, last year, the company she had worked with for thirteen years suddenly closed its doors, leaving a huge void in her life. “It was traumatic, to say the least. Something I had worked so hard on just vanished overnight.” However, it didn’t take her long to rebound and come back stronger than ever.

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Bringing her talents to a new arena

Over the years, friends had periodically approached Jill with the opportunity to join Rodan + Fields® as an Independent Consultant, but she had been so busy as a sales representative for a jewelry company that she had never really looked into it. But when the company closed, she decided to investigate the opportunity. “I looked into several business ventures and did my research, and R+F stood out entirely.”

During this period of transition, Jill had also returned to work as a nurse in a cancer ward, something she had taken a break from for almost 11 years. While she loved her work as an RN, the idea of missing out on so much at home didn’t sit well—she knew she had to focus her efforts on finding a career that would fit around her family life. “For a while I was seriously considering going back to the 9-5 grind—working 40 hours a week and missing out on my kids’ childhoods—but I just couldn’t.”

R+F Consultant Jill Edgell Smith working with friends

Team members Jennifer, Jill, Kendra, and Marissa having a “work day” at the lake. Summer, 2017 at Marissa McDonough’s home.

So in June of 2016, Jill called her good friend and RFx Circle Achiever Marissa McDonough, signed up with Rodan + Fields, and got straight to work. “It was a real learning curve, and a big shift from my old career, but I loved it.” Working her business ten hours a week, while also working as a nurse part-time, she built her business up from scratch, and is now proud to be a Level V Circle Achiever. She has cut back her days working in the hospital from four to one per week, meaning she can be there for her kids when they need her. “Time is the greatest reward and gift I can give those I love. I was scared that I was going to lose that, but now I have more of it than ever before!”

A delightfully effective business model

The thing that impressed Jill the most about the R+F business model, she says, is the quality of the product. “People love it, and they just keep coming back for more.” That, and the fact that one can literally work from anywhere. “The flexibility is fantastic, my old business didn’t have that. I can work my R+F business the same whether I’m at home or traveling. If you have your phone, you can work; that’s such a huge perk.”

R+F Consultant Jill Edgell Smith celebrating her first convention

Jill, Tammi, and Liz celebrating their success at their first R+F Convention, Las Vegas 2016.

She stresses that although she had previous experience in sales, her transition was not effortless—she had to work hard to get where she is today. “It has been a real challenge, with my career ending so abruptly and many of my friends going in different directions. But with hard work and belief in my R+F business, I have bounced back.” And while she misses many friends, she’s making new ones. “I have been so impressed by the caliber of people that are involved in this business. They are such an inspiring group of people, it just blows me away.”

This past August, she and her husband Neal went on their first R+F Incentive Trip, to Banff, which coincided with their fifteenth wedding anniversary. Jill is so glad she was able to take Neal with her, to show her appreciation for his help and support throughout this transition. She and a few of her teammates are also planning a trip to Australia in the near future, to coincide with the R+F Australia launch.

R+F Consultant Jill Edgell Smith with her family

Jill, Neal and their kids. Averi, Isac, Layton, and Iyla.

Capitalizing on a wealth of experience

Jill is hugely grateful that her R+F business has given her the opportunity she needed to get back on her feet. “No matter how hard it was to let go of friends, business partners, and my past business, I see something bigger and brighter with R+F and I’m entirely grateful for where I was, because it was preparing me for this business and what lies ahead.”

Tell Me More…

Most memorable gift you’ve ever received? Engagement ring

Favorite book? Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follett

If you could meet anyone, who would it be? Eminem

What is the best business advice you were given? Listen more than you speak.

What is your best R+F team memory? Being in Las Vegas with Tammi Bosiljevac and Liz Grant at our very first R+F convention.

What is the next Program you are running for? Lead the Way!


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