Jodi Bienenfeld – Getting her Groove Back
Thursday, March 23, 2017

We all strive for the perfect balance in life, but developing a rewarding and successful career while nurturing a family can be a daunting, seemingly impossible task. When Jodi Bienenfeld and her husband made the decision to have children, she knew that maintaining her particular career as a TV producer on live broadcasts was going to become untenable. She took great pleasure in her work and thrived on the fast-paced atmosphere, but she could foresee that the unpredictable hours were just not going to work. “I didn’t mind the hard work or the travel, in fact I enjoyed both, but I couldn’t imagine having a family and being able to manage the crazy schedule.”

Therefore, when she became pregnant with her first child, she left her TV career and started to work, as a part-time yoga teacher; another passion of hers. But after a few years and another child, the couple was feeling the pressure as a one-income family living in an expensive New York suburb. Jodi agreed that once her youngest was in kindergarten, she would go back to work, but in a more flexible role that would allow her to still be present for her children.

Bienenfeld, Jodi R+F Consultant

An unexpected turn

What Jodi hadn’t foreseen was the postpartum depression that affected her after the birth of her children, especially her second. “I was floored, I couldn’t even get out of bed.” Her husband, a psychiatrist, urged her to get professional help, but afraid that she would be prescribed medication and therefore be unable to breastfeed, it took eleven months before she felt ready to get the help she needed. With time, the treatment helped her feel like her previous self, but the experience left an indelible mark on her.

The years rolled by, and Jodi still hadn’t returned to work. She realized that she simply wasn’t willing to go back to her old career in any form—her drive to re-enter that life was gone. She so enjoyed being at home with her children and didn’t want to lose the freedom to be present for them when they needed her. Added to that, she had relinquished that part of her identity; the TV producer in her had faded away. “I really had lost my ‘mojo’, and couldn’t imagine going back to producing live television. I just wasn’t that person anymore.” But, with financial pressure mounting, she began to get her resume together, and begrudgingly started to look for a job.

Consultant Jodi Bienenfeld's family

Jodi’s Why: Jemma, Scott and Gus Bienenfeld.

A saving grace in a time of dilemma

About that time, Jodi started to see posts from Amy Morik, now her mentor, about her new Rodan + Fields skincare business. To start, Jodi didn’t take much notice: “In my mind I wished her well, and forgot about the idea.” But in July 2014, Amy posted an article that really caught Jodi’s attention. It told the story of an Independent Consultant who after six months with R+F left her job and changed her life for the better. Jodi was so impressed that she acted immediately, “I finished reading the piece, and wrote to Amy asking how I could join her skincare team.”

R+F Independent Consultant Jodi

Brainstorming breakfast with Jodi and her mentor, Amy Morik.

It didn’t take Jodi long to realize that she had made the right decision. “Pretty soon, I knew this could be the route to the flexibility I wanted.” To begin with, she worked five to seven hours per week, and steadily building her business, reached Level V in less than two years. The more she worked the business, the more she regained her drive, helped by the support of the R+F community. “I slowly found my groove again, and got my mojo back!” That network of support, Jodi says, has been one of the most surprising aspects of her Rodan + Fields journey. “I didn’t join looking for friends, but I truly can’t imagine my life without my R+F colleagues now.” This closeness has allowed her to develop personally and, over time, to share her story with others.

The curative power of a shared conversation

Last September Jodi earned a Level V lunch with Rodan + Fields Director of US Sales, Meredith Tieszen. When the group was asked what word most represented their R+F journeys, Jodi instinctively said ‘mojo’, and began to tell her story about her illness for the first time. “I had never really ‘gone public’ about my postpartum depression, but this day I decided it was time to open up. It was the biggest relief to share it with the group.” In the following weeks, several people wrote to Jodi to thank her for being so open about her condition, and to share their own stories with her. Encouraged by this, Jodi has continued to share her story, and by doing so hopes to open the conversation and allow women to speak about their experiences without shame. “Being at home alone with a baby can be so lonely. You’re supposed to be in bliss; it is scary to feel the opposite. I hope that by talking about it, others can take comfort in our shared experience.”

Going forward, Jodi plans to continue to grow her business and add to her list of R+F achievements. “The personal and financial freedom, the ability to provide for our kids, and the power to be a proud stay-at-home mom while running a successful business is a dream come true. In the future, I want to be able to give back more, and one day hope to develop a project to help other women who suffer from postpartum depression, to give something back to those in need of help.”

Bienenfeld family on vacation in Israel.

Bienenfeld family on vacation in Israel.


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    Thanks for sharing a personal and very inspiring element of your life❤️

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