Jordan Lawson – A True Blue Jean Boss

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, March 8th, 2018

When Jordan Lawson started her Rodan + Fields business, she was making a last-ditch effort to continue being a stay-at-home mom. “At the time my husband and I had a two-year-old and a newborn, and my husband was working overtime at the pharmacy on his days off to make up for the fact that we were a one-income family. What I realized was that because I wanted to be home for all the boys’ firsts — first runny nose, first baby steps, first tooth — he was missing all of them. I felt an overwhelming desire to step in and help relieve the financial burden. I really struggled with that idea because I wasn’t ready to trade my time with our babies for a paycheck. My heart was home with the boys. But financially it didn’t really make sense.”

When Melanie Gould told Jordan about R+F, everything changed. “She stepped in at the perfect time. That’s what friends are for! I had been watching her journey for about a year, and what always struck me was that it was a virtual business. You can grow on the go, at your own pace, from wherever your day takes you! It really sounded like a good fit for me and a good option for our young family.” With Jordan’s background in marketing and her husband’s professional opinion as a pharmacist, the Lawsons felt confident that this was too good an opportunity to pass up. Having never tried a single product, but fully believing in the Doctors and their vision for Rodan + Fields, Jordan became an Independent Consultant in August 2013.

R+F Consulant - Jordan Lawson

Encouragement and growth

Her first task was a difficult one: developing belief in herself as a business owner. “Before I really had that belief in myself, I relied on other people believing it for me. Numerous mentors have held my hand and walked with me as my story unfolded, and they helped instill that belief in me. Melanie, Britney Spees, Sarah Adams, and other leaders were there for me every step of the way and really helped me push through.”

Jordan believes the friendships she’s made through R+F are an added, unexpected blessing. “I’m amazed when meeting people at Conventions and on incentive trips who all share that spirit of openness. They want to share, to grow, and to help, without even really knowing me at all! The culture of this business is truly centered on helping and encouraging others.” Over time, putting in 10-15 hours per week, Jordan saw her business starting to grow. With it, her belief in herself grew. “I started to see what I could really do for our family with this opportunity. And that belief has just continued to get bigger and bigger over the four years since I started my business!”

R+F Consulant - Jordan Lawson & Leaders

Jordan and other leaders before an Active Hydration Virtual Launch.

A more rewarding career

As a stay-at-home mom, Jordan remembers missing the challenge of personal development. “I missed challenging myself professionally. I missed having my own money. And I really missed the connections I made with other adults. To have a team of people supporting you, encouraging you, and cheering you on… It just felt like I found part of me that was missing.” She found a deeper purpose to work toward while being present at home and providing for her family. “To build and cultivate those relationships made me feel full in the best way. I was inspired to be not just a mom, but also a friend.”

R+F Consulant - Jordan Lawson & Team at Beach

Team Blue Jean Bosses at their lake retreat created lasting memories.

Jordan appreciates most the feeling that she is finally part of something bigger than herself. “With R+F, I get to help other people start their business and see their dreams unfold. I’m most passionate about linking arms with these like-minded people, running together for the common good. That’s now my driving force. I want to accomplish my family goals, but also to help other people find their why. It’s just such a good feeling when you help grow someone’s belief in what’s possible.” With her team Blue Jean Bosses, Jordan is determined to keep sharing this hopeful message.

R+F Consulant - Jordan Lawson and Team

Jordan and a few of the Blue Jean Bosses team.

Meeting and setting family goals

Within her first year in business, Jordan helped relieve Brad of his need to work overtime. “Now his time home is family time, and my business is allowing him to be more present with the boys. It’s also helped us not only pay bills but also to take vacations again as a family and to provide other extras that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible.” Jordan is still working hard to give her family even more flexibility in their schedule and their monthly budget.

As her family’s financial situation changed, the Lawsons purchased a family vehicle, moved into a home that they love doing fixer-upper projects on, and poured their extra income into building richer lives. “My ‘why’ continues to evolve but is always centered on providing a bigger and better life for our family. We’re looking forward to spending even more quality time together. I want to have more flexibility for family trips and to live life more freely. That’s what my Rodan + Fields business is helping us work towards.”

R+F Consulant - Jordan Lawson & Family at Disney

Jordan and her family vacationing at Walt Disney World.

Rocking her business

Jordan wants everyone to know that change really is possible. “I felt very stuck before I started my business. But I learned to demand more for myself and of myself. It holds true to me that regardless of if you’re a stay-at-home mom, a working professional, a student in college, or a retired adult, whatever season of life you’re in you can build this business. Never settle.”

R+F Consulant - Jordan Lawson & Growing Family

Jordan’s WHY. To be present and providing for Parker, Peyton, Brad, and…

“As my business has grown, I’ve been present for all those seasons of change with my kids as a room mom, as a soccer mom, a Scouts mom — without ever trading that time for a paycheck. It’s allowed me to earn an income from home while keeping the boys my focus. And right now, as we await the arrival of baby number three, I don’t question what’s next for me. I know my place. I can rock that little baby and rock my business at the same exact time.”

To contact Jordan about joining her team or purchasing products, connect with her here.


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What one word do you most relate to? PERSEVERANCE!!!

Where do you draw your inspiration from in life? My faith, my family, my friends, my team, and my Pinterest boards!

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