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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, May 17th, 2018

From the beginning, Jordan McVeigh seemed destined to forge her own exciting and unique path in life. “After I graduated college, all my friends were getting jobs and getting ready to settle in somewhere. For some reason, I just wasn’t ready. Instead, some friends and I decided to travel before settling into our careers. We set off for Costa Rica with backpacks and no plan. We were just going to see where the journey took us. I met my husband Austin during a bus ride on our first day there, and I knew at that moment that everything was going to change.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Jordan McVeigh

Always moving

Upon coming home from their first trip together, Jordan and Austin moved all over the United States, following his Naval career and trying to find stability. Jordan’s plan to get a job and settle down didn’t quite pan out. “We lived in California, Boston, Colorado, and Florida, constantly wondering where we would end up next or what we were going to do when we got there. I picked up odd jobs and even went to massage therapy school, desperate to find a profession I could take with me. Nothing was portable enough.”

Things grew more chaotic when the McVeighs moved to Virginia Beach and she again had to abandon the career search. “I got pregnant shortly after we moved here with our first. I had my second daughter soon after. Time was passing quickly, and I was super busy with the kids. Also during that time, Austin served two deployments, serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Bahrain. He was gone for my whole pregnancy with my oldest daughter Luca. Our life was just full of craziness.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Jordan McVeigh & Husband

Jordan and her husband, Austin.

A retirement plan

By this point, Jordan and Austin agreed he would get out of the military within a year. “While Austin was still deployed, I decided to go back home to Maine because that’s where we wanted to retire. I planned to start looking for a job, get the kids settled, and when Austin came home from deployment we would start the next chapter of our life. I even attended appraisal school to prep for working for my dad’s business in York, Maine, where I’m from. That was our big plan.”

Unfortunately, circumstances changed yet again when Austin decided to re-sign before returning home. He was set to fulfill shore duty in Rhode Island, and the family would need to move yet again. “I wasn’t working yet, but our kids were starting preschool soon and I figured now was the time for me to start making some additional income. I thought I could maybe change my certification to Rhode Island, but I was already halfway through the appraisal program. I was shifting gears, trying to decide what to do.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Jordan McVeigh's Kids

Jordan’s kids, from oldest to youngest: Luca, Arie, Elliot, and Maxwell.

Hearing about R+F

In the midst of the decision-making process, Jordan got pregnant with her third child and the family moved to Rhode Island — where Jordan found the opportunity that changed all her future plans. “That’s basically where I kicked off my Rodan + Fields business. In March 2013, my best friend Kelly Cody announced she was joining R+F. I was instantly curious. Kelly is very smart and always does her research, while I’m the kind of person who skims things I’m supposed to read carefully. I knew she had really taken the time and thought it through, so as soon as I saw the announcement I reached out to her.”

Without further deliberation, Jordan decided to give entrepreneurship a shot. “I jumped in wholeheartedly and became an Independent Consultant two days after Kelly started her business. There was no looking back. I just couldn’t imagine working another job away from my kids, so I had to make this work. I also really believed in the possibilities; I saw so many Rodan + Fields success stories and I felt confident that if I tried, I could turn this into something huge. I could have the life I’d always wanted to live.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Jordan McVeigh in Vegas

Kelly and Jordan at Convention in Vegas.

Moving up in business and life

Jordan touched her business for at least an hour of concentrated work every day and soon saw her organization start to grow. “My initial goal was to earn back that initial investment, and then I just kept setting higher goals for myself. I set the bar just a little bit higher and pushed a little bit further. Eventually, I started covering major bills for our family, achieved Level V, and helped contribute to funding our house.”

Summer 2016 was one of the most exciting and memorable moments of Jordan’s R+F journey to date, including qualifying for Lexus and a big move to Virginia. “My team is absolutely incredible. The coolest part is, we were running for me to earn my Lexus but they were growing too. They were promoting and their businesses were growing. We were celebrating their promotions and their goals all along the way, and it was a really exciting time. I loved that we were all cheering for each other.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Jordan McVeigh & Lexus

Team Vivé at Jordan’s Lexus celebration.

Love for her team

Jordan explains, “Building Team Vivé is my absolute favorite part of working this business. The women I’m meeting and the friendships I’m forming are incredible. When you move a lot, you’re constantly reforming your core group of friends. Building a team and connecting with women all over the country… it’s just a really awesome culture of people cheerleading for each other. I’ve never really been part of anything like that before!”

“As a stay-at-home mom, this business has also helped me to get out of the home, meet people, make friends, and get my core group together again. I tell people all the time, anyone can become an Independent Consultant and sell product. But joining a team that you connect with is the best part of it all. I was blessed to find a perfect fit. I’m meeting all of these incredible women and being inspired by all of them, and it’s just so amazing.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Jordan McVeigh & Leaders

R+F Leaders Hug!    Ali Aldrich,  Kelly Treble, Kelly Cody, Lauren Corkey, and Jordan McVeigh

Future goals

Today, Jordan and her family still plan on reaching retirement from the military, moving back to Maine, and settling into the life she had planned all those years ago. The most important message she takes away from her R+F journey so far is one of possibility. “Anything is possible. If you have belief in yourself and in your business, you can achieve anything. You can get your business to exactly where you want it to be. I say that to my daughters all the time. With hard work and dedication, if you touch that belief every day, you will achieve your wildest dreams.”

To contact Jordan about joining her team or purchasing products, connect with her here.


Tell Me More…

What one word do you most relate to? Adaptability- It’s necessary with four kids and the military life.

Have there been any especially significant people in your R+F journey, or life in general? My husband. His belief in me is unwavering.

Where do you draw your inspiration from in life? My daughters. I want to show them that anything is possible. They inspire me everyday.

Quote to live by? “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover.” -Mark Twain

What is your biggest triumph with R+F so far?My first promotion. I knew it was the start of something big!



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