Josh and Nicole Cormany – Commit To Change
Monday, June 16, 2014

If you could press fast forward on your life, what would you see? Will you be sitting with grandchildren, telling them stories about trips you took and the achievements you’re most proud of? Will your memories be rich with risks you took and friendships you found along the way? Or will there be little to tell because you were too scared to go for the things you wanted? Nicole and Josh Cormany know that at the end of their lives, instead of being full of regret for not taking advantage of opportunities, they want to be able to say they welcomed new challenges head on. Nicole and Josh realize that to accomplish greatness, you have to fully commit yourself to making the changes you want to see.

Josh and Nicole love using their R+F business to give back.

Josh and Nicole love using their R+F business to give back.

“It’s crazy,” Nicole reflects on the situation she and Josh have found themselves in. “The things we’ve been able to do because of our Rodan + Fields® business are incredible. When I think back on it, it started because I was very motivated to make this big. I always knew I could do it. I’d wake up every single morning and say ‘somebody is going to be successful, so why not me?’” With this commitment and determined mentality, Nicole has overcome insecurities and fears such as public speaking and has found a huge increase in confidence. “I knew that to grow my business and develop myself as a person, I had to step it up and realize the only thing I needed to worry about was being the best me I could be. And that meant just being myself and not comparing to others. I’ve realized there are a lot of things I’m not good at, but there are a few things that I am very good at; so I’m sticking to those because it’s working. I’m not spreading myself too thin worrying about stuff that doesn’t matter because I know that when you just focus on being your best, you’re more successful.”

Starting their careers in very different fields, neither Josh nor Nicole imagined they would own a business together. Nicole started her career working for a marine biologist, studying phytoplankton. After being out to sea for two weeks and getting extremely seasick, she decided she wanted to do more on land, in outreach. She was transferred to Arizona and worked in the Biosphere2, helping run the ocean and doing experiments on coral and climate change. But being in the lab, analyzing water samples, made Nicole realize she wanted to have more human contact. She eventually switched to a position where she was able to talk to others about the research. Still wanting to dedicate herself to issues that were important to her, she and Josh decided to make a change and move to the Northwest where Nicole started working for various nonprofits while Josh maintained his job as a branch manager in the mortgage banking industry. After the birth of their two daughters, Nicole decided she needed to make yet another change and stay home with her kids. “I wanted to be my own boss and have a flexible schedule so I committed myself to finding a way to make that work. I started a real estate photography business and I did that for a number of years. I was my own boss, which is what I wanted, but I found that I was spending more time working than ever. So, I was constantly looking and always had that entrepreneurial spirit, wondering what else I could do.”


Nicole out at sea as a Research Specialist sampling Phytoplankton off the Oregon coast.

In 2009, after researching a few franchising opportunities and doing business development for a film production company, a friend of Nicole’s introduced her to Rodan + Fields. “I was all ears. I didn’t even know what network marketing was, but I knew it was an opportunity where I could work for myself. I was ready for that transition, so I jumped in and enrolled as an Independent Consultant. I’m not sure why, but I knew it was something that I needed to pay attention to and see what I could do with it. I was looking for a way to be successful at something and I had to see what I could make of this. I really went for it because I wanted to prove it to myself that I could do it.” Even though Josh enjoyed his job, it was a highly stressful position. He’d lost some of the flexibility he once had. In just 21 months, Josh decided to quit his job and join Nicole full time.

Josh and Nicole on the trip to London.

Josh and Nicole in London, just before the RFx circle trip to Paris.

Josh found the transition from the banking industry to skincare relatively easy. “I quickly fell in love with the Company. I thrived on being one of the few male Consultants and I believed in it and saw the value from both a cultural and business perspective. I liked being in a position where I could speak on a message I really believed in. I can’t express enough how much we appreciate Rodan + Fields as a Company. We are committed to locking arms with them on their purpose to change skin and change lives. The business model allows all of us to be successful. Most corporate companies say they want to make a difference and, deep down, they probably do want to, but they don’t have the same ability because of the way big companies are structured. They have rules they have to follow and egos that get in the way. Rodan + Fields is set up in a way that we don’t deal with that. Nicole and I are in love with the Company and what they stand for. We are so proud to be associated with such a positive network of people.”

Nicole and Josh have found a successful balance working their business together. “Josh has a background in coaching and that fits so nicely into our business. He mentors our team members on personal development and accountability and he has had amazing success with that. I’m so happy he found his niche in this business. Our team wouldn’t be where we are today without him. Plus, he has the best job ever; he talks to women all day. Well, the best or worst, depending how you look at it,” Nicole laughs. Josh agrees that he and Nicole complement each other well. She does the networking while he specializes in training. “I love it,” Josh says. “When the personal growth starts to happen and I see improvements in people’s confidence, it’s so gratifying. I’m very proud of the team we’ve built and the culture we’ve developed. We work with a group of people who are dedicated to doing this the right way, thinking about fundamentals and open to growth.”

Josh and Nicole at Convention.

Josh and Nicole at Convention.

Despite their success now, they did experience obstacles in the beginning. Nicole recalls some of the difficulties they faced. “People were naysayers and told me this was a bad idea. They didn’t understand. There was this stigma in the beginning, especially for Josh being a guy, but we told each other that if we believe in this we can’t worry about what other people say. We all have insecurities and fears and I still struggle with my own things, but you have to commit to squashing that inner fear and the negative voice and being true to what you want and the difference you want to make. Decide to go for your dreams and don’t worry what other people think. I’m on a mission for myself; what anyone else says doesn’t matter. If people could just push through that fear of rejection they would be unstoppable.”

Being able to ignore the negativity and commit to their goals has enabled Josh and Nicole to create a life that is happier, healthier, and better reflects their passions and charitable spirits. Josh feels like he has a much better sense of purpose now. “I was trapped in a box in banking, and it was okay, but when I got out I was amazed at how much more there is to living my life than I thought there was. The impact we can have on others is profound. I’ve been relatively happy my whole life, but now I’m in better shape, Nicole and I have a better relationship, and we get to spend more time with our kids. We’re truly surrounded by so much positivity.” Nicole agrees that since enrolling with Rodan + Fields she feels more fulfilled. They love helping others reach their full potential and are extremely passionate about giving back. They give regularly to a school in downtown Phoenix that buses kids in from all over the valley who are homeless or come from low income families. The program educates the children and provides health care and food. Nicole also started a network group in Arizona for women who are interested in giving more to the community. The group meets once a month to host a different organization from the area and then they do a fundraising event to assist that particular cause. Enthusiastic and impassioned by the cause for change, there are now six other chapters around the country that Nicole has helped start as well.

Josh and Nicole in Bora Bora.

Josh and Nicole on the RFx circle trip to Bora Bora.

Nicole and Josh are extremely grateful to be in a position where they can make a powerful impact and encourage others to reach their own potential. They are currently working to help their teammates build their own businesses. Nicole finds so much joy in giving back and pushing others to be their best. “I want people to look ahead and think about what they want their life to look like because anything is possible with commitment. Everyone has their own path, but, often, we have to realize that we need to step out of our own way. If we want to make a change, we need to stop being scared and go for it with all we’ve got.”

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5 responses to “Josh and Nicole Cormany – Commit To Change”

  1. Diane Kerce says:

    Love your story Josh and Nicole thank you for sharing!!

  2. Jessica says:

    You two are a true Power Couple and inspiration. I wanted you to know that I love how authentic you both are to the industry and R+F team. Thank you for being bold.

  3. Dinah says:

    What a wonderful story! I’m so happy you’ve found rewarding careers in Rodan + Fields and have the flexibility to enjoy your family. That’s what’s so great about this business!

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