Judy Hudson – Finding Dual Success

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, November 8th, 2018

Judy Hudson was thriving in her career as a professional dog groomer when she first heard about an exciting opportunity to broaden her horizons. “I am a nationally certified master groomer. I’ve been on the United States groom team. I’m an international speaker and I’ve traveled all over the country and all over the world doing seminars and judging grooming competitions. I do all these incredible things, and yet I didn’t feel like I looked successful. But when I met Danielle Griggs at our daughters’ volleyball game, I found a surprising solution.”

Danielle was excited to share the skincare business she’d started with Rodan + Fields, and Judy was eager to create an appearance that matched her vision. “Danielle gave me a mini facial sample and when I tried it all I could think was ‘wow.’ I started on the REDEFINE Regimen immediately. I don’t come from a world where women get facials and have their eyebrows plucked and their hair highlighted, so the big selling point to me was the 60-day money back guarantee. That was the game changer. After a few months of loving these products, I decided to go ahead and try to build a business of my own.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Judy Hudson

Weaving in her new business

Busy as she was, when Judy signed on in 2014 she didn’t start giving her Rodan + Fields business 100% of her effort. “I was still grooming full time and I was running a fully online education program for groomers. I had several irons in the fire. I went through a divorce and still didn’t work the business like I thought I should’ve been working it. But I always believed in the products and the results they delivered. I was so intrigued that Danielle could build her business from her phone, and by following her example I learned to make time for R+F and make it the routine part of my life.”

After a shoulder and neck injury nearly forced her to stop grooming entirely, she saw the value of putting more time into her business, Judy found her life transforming in small but significant ways. “I found that during volleyball games I had a lot of time to connect and have conversations with people. It’s really made me get out of my comfort zone! I work my business while I’m in the grooming van, waiting for dogs to be bathed. I recently sold some LASH BOOST from my saddlebags while on a trail ride in Michigan. I’m extremely busy, so being able to work this in during my downtime has helped me realize it’s actually doable. And I love that you can attain as much success as you want with Rodan + Fields, depending on how hard you want to work.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Judy Hudson and Partner

Judy and her partner in the Grooming Professors, Christina Pawlosky.

Surprising new benefits

By putting in an average of 12 hours per week, Judy started seeing some big benefits from her hard work. “My initial goal was just to pay for my own and my daughter’s skincare, but then I started to see the greater income possibility and what that could mean long-term. Due to the physical demands of grooming, I can’t do it forever and I knew it. When I decided to run for Level V with a group of Sideline partners, I really discovered something magical in myself and in this business. Four of us got together, inspired, encouraged and held each other accountable daily! We checking in with each other and had the absolute best time. It feels incredible, being part of a team and supporting each other. Tracy Barnes said it best not long ago: ‘R+F provided me with a community of women that I didn’t know I needed.’ The camaraderie and the bulldog determination that this team has… It just feeds me.”

Judy also enjoyed the more tangible results of her hard work. “When my daughter attended university and played college volleyball, I was able to purchase an RV—a huge dream of mine. Then I could make it to almost every game during her senior year. Annie Kate would often stay with me in the RV, and those two years of being on the road with her during volleyball season were so special. R+F gave me means and the freedom to live that dream.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Judy Hudson's Daughter

Judy’s daughter Annie Kate Hudson, who was ranked a setter by the NAIA!

Reaching for meaningful goals

Judy has big goals for her future with Rodan + Fields. “I have the goal of earning my Lexus with R+F front and center! I’m following leaders like Sarah Robbins—continuing to learn, implement, and grow. It’s not about never making a mistake; mistakes and setbacks happen. What happens after that matters most. I’m learning how to get out of my own way and stick to the system”

Giving back is also a major goal on Judy’s to-do list. “I currently give 15% of my Rodan + Fields earnings to organizations that help women escape sex trafficking, and it would be incredible to one day start a program that combines helping these women with helping rescue dogs. I would also love to help my daughter with her plans to incorporate dogs into her occupational therapy practice someday. That’s where my heart is with this business and I’d really like to continue growing and continue giving back in those ways.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Judy Hudson Awards

Some of Judy’s awards from her grooming contest days on the United States Groomteam.

A promising future

Looking back on her journey as an entrepreneur, Judy feels deeply grateful for the ways in which her life has changed. “Even more than the financial side of things, the personal development I’ve experienced through R+F has been huge for me. It’s really helped me personally and professionally. And my business has helped my family because it’s given me the freedom to do things with my kids and spend more time with them. The other thing is, grooming is a very physical job and I’m currently 59 years old. My R+F business gives me my plan B. If something happened and I couldn’t groom anymore, I could just take this career and build on it. If the day comes where I can’t groom anymore, I can take this career and build on it.”

Rodan + Fields Conslutant - Judy Hudson & Grooming Van

Judy’s grooming van and her personal dogs!

“Rodan + Fields was all out of the blue and unexpected for me, and to have gotten into it and have so much fun with these incredible people I’ve met. It’s just amazing. So many people don’t think they can do it. But I want to inspire other people. I want to empower other women to know that they too can do this, and that they too can have more financial freedom and independence. So many people my age and even much younger believe they might never fulfill their biggest dreams, and I was one of them—but that mentality drives me nuts now. You can do whatever you want to do. You just have to want it bad enough.”

Rodan + Fields Consultant - Judy Hudson Promo

Judy sure is going places with R&F!!!

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  1. Sara Dwyer says:

    Congrats Judy – enjoyed reading your journey and accomplishments! Well done!

  2. Alma D Rosario says:

    Hi Judy, thank you for taking the time to share your successful story with us it’s so inspiring. It gave me a light of hope to try to build my own story God bless you

  3. Lauren Zucchi says:

    This was a very inspiring story. Thank you for sharing

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    Love this story. So inspiring

  5. I gain strength knowing others have had dual “irons in the fire”. They still made R+F happen in their lives & let it bless them! I can associate with this success story.

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