Karen Mascari – An Education in Adaptability
Thursday, March 30, 2017

Some people are destined to make an impression on the world; to improve the lives of others and leave a legacy of positive change. Karen Mascari is one of these people. A teacher for nearly 25 years, she has dedicated her professional life to the betterment of young people. A passionate innovator, she took action when she realized that her skills were not utilized to their full potential. “Five years ago I would come home from school feeling underappreciated, unrewarded and unfulfilled. I knew there had to be something better out there.” She eventually discovered a new and fulfilling path, but it took a lot of hard work, perseverance, and an open mind.

R+F Consultant Karen Mascari

Branching out in a quest for career fulfillment

Karen’s first step was expanding her qualifications to become a gifted education specialist, in the hopes of rejuvenating her passion for teaching. But still she didn’t find fulfilment. Working with bright children was uplifting, but she felt that her students’ educational experience still lacked in many areas. She felt disillusioned and dispirited, and vowed to try again to kick-start her passion for teaching. “I didn’t want to be in a job that I didn’t love anymore, feeling resentful and dispirited.”

She branched out again, this time earning qualifications to teach mindfulness and meditation. Years before, Karen had started meditating with her students each morning, and as a result, she saw drastic improvements in the children’s behavior and concentration. So she and a colleague developed a program for educators, teaching them techniques designed to breathe new life into their teaching. The program has been so successful that the pair has traveled across the nation, working with educational professionals.

R+F Consultant Karen Mascari and her kids

Karen and her family on vacation in New Hampshire

Karen was very proud of these achievements, but says: “It still wasn’t the thing that was driving me, I still needed something more.” She had heard about Rodan + Fields on Facebook and had been impressed by the enthusiasm of the individuals who were involved. She knew nothing about the Company, but the excitement and eagerness she saw immediately captured her attention. This type of enthusiasm was quite rare in the educational field and it led to a realization. “I could see that what I was missing in my work life was fun and positivity.” When a friend mentioned the possibility of becoming an R+F Independent Consultant in March 2015, Karen was eager to jump in and give it a go.

Learning a valuable lesson

In the beginning, Karen hardly considered the extra earnings this opportunity could generate. Her priority was to join a lively and rewarding organization to inject a bit of fun back into her working life. She got that and so much more, as she immediately excelled. Within the first month, Karen earned an invite to an R+F leadership dinner and got to meet other Independent Consultants and learn about how their R+F businesses had transformed their lives. “It brought me to tears, I was so inspired. I knew at that moment that this was what I had been searching for.”

R+F Consultant Karen Mascari and her team

Karen enjoying Lash Bash with her team

Karen quickly saw the full potential of the business. She realized that it could be the vehicle for a more fulfilling and rewarding career, and an opportunity for something she had long considered out of reach: retiring from teaching as soon as she was eligible. Once she identified this path, she dove in earnestly, investing 15-20 hours per week into her business, and ultimately reaching Level V within just seven months. She is now proud to say that thanks to her Rodan + Fields income, she is on track to retire from education in two years’ time.

Karen considers her R+F business a chance to fulfill her dreams, as she says it will allow her to focus on raising her three teenage children and further develop her own consulting company. Her program, which promotes meditation and mindfulness in the classroom, has been in great demand, but Karen’s full-time work as a teacher hasn’t allowed her to invest the attention and time required to elevate the program.

R+F Consultant Karen Mascari and her sisters

Karen with her sisters, Donna and Kimberly

A whole new curriculum

Karen stresses that without several important people, she wouldn’t be where she is today. Her high school sweetheart-turned-husband, Joe, has supported her every step of the way. “There is nothing he won’t do for me; I could never have grown my business so quickly without his support.” The second is her Upline, Amy Morik, who took Karen under her wing when she was starting out and “was such a strong leader, she taught me everything I know.” Karen has been so impressed by the people whom she has met through her R+F journey. She finds the environment to be very welcoming and helpful, promoting tremendous growth in a number of areas. “It has just blown me away. As a teacher, people rarely thank or encourage you. I was so pleased that Rodan + Fields is the opposite. I feel appreciated and rewarded every day. It has made me my best self. I am more grateful. I have more passion and more compassion. I am a better person because of it.”


Tell Me More…

Biggest regret? I try not to live with any regrets… it is all in perfect timing!

Favorite smell? Lavender

Dream vacation? Tahiti

Dream R+F trip destination? Maui

Next Program you are running for? Elite V

Favorite R+F memory? When I was at Convention in Austin and it hit me that this opportunity is bigger than I could ever have dreamed!


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