Karen Rector – Making a Difference
Friday, December 6, 2013

To some, family is everything; the people you love and come home to everyday, and the valuable time spent with them matters more than any monetary amount ever could. For Karen Rector, being a stay-at-home mom was always a top priority. That is why, after four years as an event planner, she left her career so that she could devote her time to being a mother. “My husband and I both believe it is important for our children to have a parent at home, and he made sacrifices as well so that I could be home with our kids.”

Karen Rector

Karen Rector makes a difference, and so can you.

Even though she committed to full-time parenthood, Karen says that she still always had the thought in the back of her mind that she wanted a way to contribute to their finances. She just didn’t want to do anything that would take her away from her children. When she discovered Rodan + Fields® last year, she knew she had found the perfect solution.

“I read about these amazing Doctors and I knew they had an incredible business model. It was a perfect fit for me because it could meet my lifestyle needs.” Karen joined Rodan + Fields as an Independent Consultant in July of 2012, and in less than a year her business has exceeded her expectations. In the brief time she has been an Independent Consultant, she has already achieved Elite Level V status and earned a Lexus through the Road to RFx Car Incentive Program. She credits social networking as one of her best practices that has helped lead her to such success in so little time. “It was never a race for me. I just realized early on that it is so simple, and so it became natural for me to include Rodan + Fields in conversations I was already having. It’s about reaching out and connecting with people, and that is something I love doing.”

Karen Rector

Karen and her husband

She also loves that she can work everything around her family life, and uses the time her children are napping to work on her Rodan + Fields business, often leveraging social media to network. Because she is a self-described people person, she understands the value in being a good listener, and hearing what people have to say and what they need in their lives. She enjoys being able to connect with a lot of different people and learn what drives them. “I like to let people know that a big part of my success is that I always believed in this business, and I continually strive to make it something that improves my own life and the lives of everyone around me.”

Because Rodan + Fields is a business that is based on forming relationships, Karen has had the pleasure of growing a successful network while making friends along the way. She loves that she has the ability to share the opportunity with others and help them to create their own personal success, whatever that may be. There are not many business models out there that create multiple opportunities to unite people who have come together so that they can make better lives for themselves and their families, and that motivates her to keep growing her business. “The ability to change your life with a business is a rare opportunity, and it’s a rare gift to be able to give to someone.” And it is a gift that keeps giving, because the Consultants on her team are equally as enthusiastic about sharing the opportunity with others.

Karen Rector and Family

Karen and family

“My success with my Rodan + Fields business has been a humbling experience, and I want people to know that if I can achieve this much growth, anyone can. I am happy that my family and I have been fortunate enough to be a part of this beautiful movement.”

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Here we celebrate the success of a few unique individuals to demonstrate what is possible with Rodan + Fields. There are many ways Consultants find success and enjoyment in the business, such as attaining great skin, gaining valuable business skills and building relationships. For info on typical results see the Rodan + Fields IDS.


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