Kate Johns – Developing Relationships Within A Busy Life

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Have you ever tried juggling spaghetti? Kate Johns imagines it’s a lot like most of the adventures that take place in her lively household. Meal time usually involves her five-year-old practicing tae kwon do, her three-year-old twins singing, dancing or throwing tantrums, while her one-year-old feeds the dog from his spoon, and in the midst of all the commotion, some bellies get fed too! It’s her own domestic circus: busy, loud, and fun! Kate is the ringleader, and she loves it.

Kate Johns is so grateful for the relationships she has been able to develop as a result of her R+F business.

Kate Johns is so grateful for the relationships she has been able to develop as a result of her R+F business.

When Kate first started her business with Rodan + Fields®, she couldn’t quite wrap her head around it all, but she knew it was going to be big. “I didn’t know exactly what that meant, but I knew that I needed something for me. My children and our family are the reason I’m driven as an Independent Consultant; they are my world, but I’m a better mom when I have an outlet aside from making PB&Js. I couldn’t articulate what it was I was searching for when I got involved, but I found it, and then some.”

She wanted to contribute financially to her family, but was finding that difficult with three small children and a husband in the Coast Guard. “As military spouses, we’ve got a great gig, but we make a lot of sacrifices, too. Working a typical job is difficult because every time we relocate, we have to reestablish ourselves, meet new people, and build a fresh reputation” she said. “But, with this business, every time we move, we grow our business. This opportunity is so incredible to share with our network.”

Kate with her husband, Khris, and their kids Liam, Teagan, Finn, Ethan, and Kate.

Kate with her husband, Khris, and their kids Liam, Teagan, Finn, Ethan, and Kate.

Since age 17, Kate has lived in nine places. She’s originally from Chicago and attended the United States Coast Guard Academy for college, where she met her husband. After graduating in 2000 as a commissioned officer, she first was stationed on a ship and then managed the Port of New York. During that time, her fiancé was stationed in Los Angeles. She left active duty and moved out West, they married and Kate became a yoga instructor. She enjoyed teaching full-time and managing a yoga studio, but after the birth of her first son, she wasn’t able to teach as much. After her twins arrived, her husband was deployed and she was definitely “treading water.”

Another permanent change of station sent the family to Virginia in 2011. Kate planned to return to yoga as a way to bring in a little supplemental income, but soon realized that although she had taught well over 2000 yoga classes, she would barely break even commuting to the studio. A dear friend had started her own R+F business, but hadn’t approached Kate about the opportunity because she knew Kate was busy with three kids, age two and under. So, Kate asked her about Rodan + Fields, believing in it from the very beginning. “I went for it because I knew the only risk was not getting involved.”

Kate at the Fall 2013 Level V with friends & and power partners, Mandy Nankivel, Kate, Lauren Myers, and Katya Bodiscomassink.

Kate at the Fall 2013 Level V with friends & and power partners, Mandy Nankivel, Kate, Lauren Myers, and Katya Bodiscomassink.

Kate’s decision to enroll as a Consultant not only brought financial success, but allowed her to develop some of the best relationships she has ever had. She loves the dynamic group of individuals on her team who constantly inspire her. Kate’s business changed dramatically when a college acquaintance, Katya Bodiscomassink, decided to join Kate’s team. “We just locked arms and ran. She is one of the biggest blessings in this business for me and she has become one of my best friends- I even asked her to be my newest son’s godmother. We’ve worked with our wonderful team leaders to cultivate a very strong, fun and encouraging team. Having a partner alongside you is so powerful. We keep each other accountable and focused.” Now with four young children, Kate is often meeting new people at preschool, swim class, tee-ball, music and dance class, tae kwon do, and on the playground. She feels so lucky that her Rodan + Fields business feels like an extension of who she already is: someone that loves getting to know others. “I feel like that is why we’re put on earth, to interact with our fellow human beings. Now I have something truly fantastic to share!”

Kate’s positivity and coachable demeanor have helped her reach goals and connect with others. The discipline to set hours of operation and stick to a plan helps her maximize her business time. “You don’t just wake up one morning and things are perfect and you’re suddenly successful. You have to stay focused.”

Kate loves having the time to develop individual relationships with each of her children.

Kate loves having the time to develop individual relationships with each of her children.

Kate is so grateful for her Rodan + Fields business and her amazing team. She and her husband are now able to make decisions based on what’s right for their family, not what the budget will allow. In fact, they’ve bought a new boat and are planning a family trip to Disney World. Her husband, a Lieutenant Commander in the Coast Guard, projects that at Kate’s current pace, 2014 will be the last year that his earnings are greater than hers. It’s such a relief to look at their expenses and be able to cover their mortgage, do fun stuff with the family, go on date nights, and in the long term know they will be able to send their four children to college and retire where they choose.

With her husband working long hours, Kate also appreciates that her business has allowed them to hire an au pair. Kate utilizes her time by focusing on relationships: with her clients, coaching her team and cultivating special time with each of her children. “When you have multiple kids, it’s hard to find one-on-one time. They have a groupthink mindset when they’re together and their unique personalities don’t always shine. My business has allowed me the flexibility to not only be home with my kids, but also to develop my relationships with each of them separately which is incredibly important to me.”

Kate's family enjoying a day at the beach.

Kate’s family enjoying a day at the beach.

Despite the assistance she has at home now, she knows from experience that success is possible even when you’re juggling a busy life without any extra help. “When I joined R+F, we had three little kids. We were getting by, but weren’t getting ahead. We were in debt. I realized that this business was a chance for me to change that. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your situation, this is an amazing opportunity for change. Figuring out how to find a few hours here and there amongst juggling our busy lives has made all the difference for us!”



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  1. Kate is an amazing leader, and she is doing so much for me and our whole team! I am inspired by her daily, and because of R+F, I am reaching my own personal and family goals! #teaminspire

  2. Mia says:

    Love our #teaminspire !! Kate, I am SO thrilled our paths crossed, and I knew it was for a reason! Not only have you introduced me to a fantastic business opportunity built on proven clinical skincare products, but being a part of your team has introduced me to some of the most amazing business partners who are quickly becoming my closest friends! Thank you!!

  3. Diane Kerce says:

    Love your story Kate! Thank you for sharing!!!

  4. Lauren Myers says:

    I love that this business brought us together! I am still amazed at how you not only are an amazing mother, but you are excelling with this business!

  5. Mary Elaine Aboud says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. Well Done & Congratulations!

  6. Karen Sperry says:

    Kate, you are such a fantastic leader and I can’t tell you how exciting it is to watch all of your success! You have the drive and are willing to do whatever it takes to support your team! You are so inspiring!!!

  7. Heather Browne says:

    I’m so happy you shared this opportunity with me! Because of you, my husband and I are paying off our debt and dreaming big for the future!

  8. Diane says:

    Awesome story…thanks for sharing!!!

  9. Linda Ksieski says:

    It was fun to read your story and get to know you a little! We met in Nashville at the Summit when I grabbed you from the hallway, late at night, to take a picture of all of us in our matching jammies and slippers! You were not shy and set us up for the cutest pictures!!! Thanks for that and I hope our paths cross again…Good for you on creating a successful business!!!

  10. Kate you’re such an amazing leader, person and friend. So blessed to be on your team. Can’t imagine my life without the daily inspiration! Congrats to you on all your success!! Looking forward to continuing to build this business along side you and so many incredible people on our team.

  11. Kelly Headrick says:

    Kate!! You are so inspiring! I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to join you and Kayta in this amazing journey! Not only am I having the time of my life changing lives, but I have met so many wonderful people who have the same goals! I feel so blessed to be working with you and learning from you!!!

  12. Katya says:

    KATE! I just love you dearly & so grateful this business brought us together. Thank you for your leadership and friendship! You are certainly taking this to the top and #teaminspire is behind you 100%. Here’s to helping others and having FUN along the way!

  13. Mandy Nankivel says:

    Kate! Every time I see you, you bring a huge smile to my face! It’s amazing watching you perform the “juggle” act. So blessed to know you and watch you blow your business out of the water around your own time and terms.

  14. Caitlin says:

    Tim and I loved meeting you in Napa! Congrats on all your success!

  15. Jen Griswold says:

    How did I miss this? You are such a gem of a friend and business buddy! So thankful you moved to VA!!

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