Kathleen Wilde – Learning to Relax

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, August 24th, 2017

When you’re in the thick of it with a demanding career, a growing family, and no time to spare, it can be difficult to prioritize what’s really important. As a chemical engineer, Kathleen Wilde worked “crazy hours” at a biotech company while raising four children. And as her life grew busier and busier, she started to wonder if there wasn’t another path to follow.

“Because my husband Jason also works a demanding job, we were increasingly busy and couldn’t find a good work-life balance. I loved my job, but I struggled with my roles as a mom and a wife and felt like I wasn’t giving my family my best. With an infant on one hand and a high school senior on the other, I realized how quickly time was passing us by. I felt tired and burned out—like I was giving everyone crumbs.”

R+F Consultant Kathleen Wilde headshot

A new life emerges

Luckily, Kathleen heard about a promising opportunity through her friend Amy. “I learned about her Rodan + Fields® business through social media, and I wanted to support her. As we were talking, I asked about how I could get involved in the business. I think my curiosity shocked her, because she knew exactly how busy I was!”

To Kathleen, this was the perfect chance to start a different life. “As much as I loved my engineering career, I was looking for a little more time flexibility—even an extra couple of hours per day would make a huge difference for me and my family. I jumped in with no experience in skincare or makeup whatsoever, but I felt hopeful that the decision would be worth it.”

In June of 2012, Kathleen became an Independent Consultant and started her business with the RFX Express Business Kit. “I was so excited about the kit that I used almost every product on different parts of my body,” she laughs. From that moment, her excitement only grew.

R+F Consultant Kathleen Wilde with Jen and Jamie

Kathleen feels blessed to be on Team GiVe with leaders Jen Griswold and Jamie Petersen

Making the big change

Following a mantra of “you won’t fail unless you quit,” Kathleen spent four years growing her skincare business alongside her full-time engineering career, working it 5-10 hours per week. “My story speaks to the beauty of a slow start,” she explains. While she wasn’t able to give R+F her full attention for a while, she was determined to gradually grow and continue on. “I used all the time I had, and I really appreciate my Upline and Sponsor Jen Griswold for supporting me and believing in me from the very beginning.”

When Kathleen earned the Lead the Way Milestone V trip to Banff, Canada in 2016, she decided to make a big change. “During the trip my husband and I had a heart-to-heart talk about my future with Rodan + Fields and the corporate realm. I was having a lot of fun with my business, and I finally felt ready to make the next step.” So in July, after nearly 20 years as an engineer, Kathleen stepped away completely from her full-time job. “Since then, everyone says that I appear way more relaxed and that there’s light in my eyes again. I didn’t even realize it, but this business has been a lifesaver for me and my stress level.”

R+F Consultant Kathleen Wilde at R+F Headquarters

Kathleen with her power partner and soul sister, Jessica Abundez, at R+F Corporate Headquarters

A community of givers

Along with her new lifestyle, increased personal development, and growing self-confidence, Kathleen has focused on building a team of passionate entrepreneurs: Team W.I.L.D.E. GiVers (We Inspire Love, Dream, Empower as Genuine Inspired Vibrant Entrepreneurs). In the process, she has strengthened lifelong friendships and formed a whole new community.

“I love that I’ve become close friends with many different people. My ‘big sis’ from MIT, Kelly Yeh, started as one of my first Preferred Customers and is now one of my power partners in this business. My ‘twin’ and soul sister, Jessica Abundez, joined me on this journey two years ago. I love locking arms with them as well as other leaders on our team and strategizing together. Our team is running for Premier V this year, and I’m so excited about what that means for my teammates.”

Kathleen also found a strong sense of belonging among her teammates on Team GiVe. “I didn’t realize this in the beginning, but it’s the perfect team for me to be part of. I’m really passionate about helping other people transform their lives. I plan on starting my own nonprofit to provide resources for blended families like mine.”

R+F Consultant Kathleen Wilde with her family

Kathleen’s WHY – her family (husband Jason, daughter Samantha, future son-in-law Will, son Zachary, son Kaden, and daughter Anne)

Feeling deep gratitude

According to Kathleen, her R+F journey “has been one of the greatest blessings.” She finally found time to devote to her family, and relishes every moment. “I’m now able to be mom, be present, and be there for my kids when they need me. I didn’t realize what I was missing because I was just so used to the daily grind.”

“I never thought in a million years that I would be here, and I’m so thankful. I wouldn’t have had this time without Rodan + Fields. This business is a vehicle that allows each of us to dream bigger and to make our dreams a reality—and I hope my unique story is an encouragement to others of what is possible.”


Tell Me More…

What one word do you most relate to? Love

Best meal you’ve ever had? Dinner with my best friend at a restaurant overlooking the water in Cinque Terre

What is the next Program you are running for? Premier V

Favorite snack? Fresh fruit

What is the best business advice you were given? You will not fail unless you quit




4 responses to “Kathleen Wilde – Learning to Relax”

  1. Connie Deam says:

    Oh Kathleen~I couldn’t be more proud of you and the journey we started almost at the same time! You’ve been a true friend to me and a most wonderful sister in Christ!! I admire you and highly respect you as a person and as a business builder/teammate. Team GiVe brought us together~and what a rich friendship it has been even across the miles and time zone difference!! Congrats on the honor of having your story told. And thanks for always encouraging and strengthening me!!

  2. Eyla Moore says:

    So proud of you pretty lady!!! WOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!

  3. Janet says:

    I’ve known Kathleen sInce she was a young engineer and watched her grow into the very confident and successful woman she is today. So positive and she’s earned every bit of success she’s enjoying. Congrats!

  4. Robyn Churko says:

    Thanks for a great blog! I too am working a full-time career and now that my children have flown the nest, I’m trying to spend more time on R+F. This was a great inspiration!

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