Katie Winkelman – The Blossoming of a Wallflower

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Being sociable and confident around strangers doesn’t come naturally to everyone. This does not mean, however, that people who avoid the spotlight are not capable of achieving great things and leading others to do so, too. Describing herself as “an introvert by nature,” Katie Winkelman has nonetheless become a successful entrepreneur and business leader, showing that one does not necessarily have to be overly gregarious to find business success.

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An appealing prospect

As a registered nurse, Katie spent her early career working in hospitals before working as a nurse in cosmetic treatment, where she got to use her training to help people feel good about themselves. She and her husband Adam had good careers and two young kids, and plenty to keep them busy. However, the couple always kept an eye out for exciting opportunities. “We looked at ways to make extra income in the past, but never really found the right project,” Katie says.

When Katie’s good friend Rebecca Traverso first approached her in April 2014 about the idea of becoming an Independent Consultant with Rodan + Fields, Katie was intrigued. “I couldn’t understand how or why a successful schoolteacher, who was busy with her career and her own young kids, was setting up a new business. It made me so curious, I just had to find out more.” Working in the cosmetic industry, Katie had heard about R+F products, and knew that people were seeing great results.

Katie with her Level V leaders at a retreat in Scottsdale, AZ

Katie with her Level V leaders at a retreat in Scottsdale, AZ

Changing perceptions

But Katie was still hesitant to commit, thinking her personality wasn’t suited to the business. “I had a perception of the kind of person you had to be to do this, and I felt that I really didn’t check the boxes.” However, never one to turn down a challenge, and believing that the opportunity could lead to great things, she enrolled that same month. Katie quickly learned that even though she wasn’t naturally outgoing, once she stepped outside her comfort zone and settled in, her personality was an advantage. “When a normally introverted person promotes something with enthusiasm, people really pay attention. This type of business is not something we would usually be drawn to, so people can tell that we are genuinely excited about it, and that we really believe in the products and the business.”

 Katie and her family at their home in Foley, MN

Katie and her family at their home in Foley, MN

Originally, Katie envisioned her Rodan + Fields business as a backup plan; a bit of extra income to help pay for daycare for her two kids. But as it began to really take off, she saw the full potential. She worked her business 5-10 hours a week, while still working as an RN, and hit Level V in less than a year. Three months later, Katie achieved Premier V, and earned her Lexus just two years after becoming an Independent Consultant. Last summer, delighted to see that she had replaced her RN salary several times over, she decided to leave that career and focus on her R+F business, which she now works 20-25 hours a week. The extra hours she has gained are dedicated to quality time with her family, “I loved my job, but I love my kids more. Being the CEO of my life and being able to choose what I want to do is so liberating.”

Katie and her family at her Lexus celebration event in Minnesota

Katie and her family at her Lexus celebration event in Minnesota

A big deal in a small town

Living in a town of only 2,500 people, Katie once wondered if there was enough of a local market for her budding business. But today, three years later, Foley, Minnesota has become a hive of Rodan + Fields activity, with almost 50 Independent Consultants on her team either living in, or originally hailing from, the town. “It really spread like wildfire here!” Katie exclaims. “We have such a great Customer and Consultant base, everyone here knows and loves R+F.” The big presence of the Company in this small town is a testament, she adds, to the fact that her local team members all maintain wide networks outside of their area.

Katie’s new career has not only given her the freedom to be there for her family, it has also helped her grow personally. “This journey has brought out a lot more confidence in me. It’s definitely a challenge, and I’m still an introvert, but I have learned that leaving one’s comfort zone really pays off.” She now revels in helping others who may lack confidence to come out of their shells and seize control of their futures. “I am so excited to have a gift that I can share, that can help others escape the rat race and attain true freedom. Anyone can do this if they really want it. I’m living proof of that.”


Tell Me More…

What did you want to be when you grow up? I never really knew, but I knew I wanted to do something inspiring, that helped others.

Who’s the most influential person in your life? My husband, Adam.

What is your dream R+F trip? France!

What is the best business advice you were given? Do something every day for your business. Go out there and make mistakes and fail forward.


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  1. Marlene Bonilla says:

    Katie, thank you for your story!!

    I can relate to the self proclamations you mentioned, and can feel that way about myself sometimes too. I have nonetheless taken the plunge! It’s time to get into action! Thanks, wishing you many blessings!

  2. Jessica Devine says:

    Katie, Tha`nj

    Thanks and best wishes!!

  3. Jessica Devine says:

    Sorry for the post above! My new puppy decided to jump on my lap on my computer and send the message before I was done!

    Thank you for your post, I can relate on so many levels. I feel I’m pretty social but when it comes to pushing a business and a product I tend to sit back.

    I find that Rodan & Fields definitely sells itself. Being from a small town myself, it sometimes seems opportunities are limited. Thanks for the inspiration! Best Wishes!!

  4. Kathryn Johnson says:

    excellent article, resonating with me. I am a newbie and not from a sales background. I love the product and believe in it. I just have to get better at promoting myself and R+F. An introvert at heart.

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