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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, March 15th, 2018

As a dedicated wife and mom to three young children, Katya Bodiscomassink relished the opportunity to stay home and enjoy a major life milestone. “My primary goal was to raise my family. That’s what the women in my family have done exclusively for generations. I was the first woman in my family to serve in the military and to graduate college, and I felt thankful for the opportunity to follow in their footsteps and be a stay-at-home mom.” When she found Rodan + Fields, Katya learned that she had the opportunity to have the best of both worlds — a passion-driven career and a well-balanced family life.

R+F Consultant - Katya Bodiscomassink

Finding her way

In 2012, Katya’s family felt the financial stress of living on a single income, and she felt a quiet longing to work toward something again. “All of my energy was focused on raising my family, but in reality, I still had big goals and aspirations. I wanted the opportunity to work from home and the freedom to challenge myself when I chose, with the hope that my efforts would help us find a better balance.” Kate Johns, a fellow Coast Guard Academy classmate, posted an R+F giveaway that caught her attention. That first mini facial opened the door to a life-changing opportunity. Katya tried the products and was so impressed that she enrolled as an Independent Consultant the very next morning.

Following Kate’s lead and working 10-15 hours per week, Katya became the first female entrepreneur in her family. Initially, she aimed to earn back the cost of her business kit. “Erik supported my choice to start my own business from day one, and within 45 days we saw a return on my investment. I’m really grateful because without his support it would have been much harder to start my own business! My paycheck was growing, and so was my belief in my decision to join Rodan + Fields.”

R+F Consultant - Katya Bodiscomassink and Upline

Mandy, Kate (Katya’s Sponsor), Lauren, and Katya at the Level V Arrival Trip 2013.

The turning point

Katya’s biggest concern at this point was freeing herself from self-doubt. “Though I saw some initial success, I still wasn’t sure I had the ability to impact others. I didn’t think I had it in me to be an entrepreneur. But when I attended the 2013 Convention in Dallas and met other successful women just like myself, I finally understood. I was inspired by the stories of other Independent Consultants who didn’t limit themselves. I came home with a renewed passion for the Company and a belief in myself I never had before.” After this lightbulb moment, Katya dedicated herself to having real conversations and building real relationships. She achieved Level V three months later.

Katya soon started reaching even bigger goals. “A bit of extra income each month for our family was huge. Covering our mortgage payment each month was huge. Using one of my paychecks for our first real family vacation was huge. But even then, my business just continued to grow! I was able to build my business around my children while keeping their schedules consistent. And what means the most to me is that when we finally felt more financially stable, we were able to welcome a third baby into our family.”

R+F Consultant - Katya Bodiscomassinks Children

Katya’s biggest Why: Will, Luke, and Harper.


Katya feels that working with Team Inspire is a rewarding way for her to give back. “I’m so thankful for every Customer and every person on our team across the world, and for the technology that brings us together. Giving back and serving others is what I love most. That’s truly my passion. Looking forward, I dream of helping my team members achieve their goals. I also dream of achieving our team Lexus because to me that’s just a symbol of team-wide success.”

Looking back at her first few years as an Independent Consultant, Katya feels she discovered how to truly have it all. “I can have a career that I love, that impacts others, and that I’m proud of — and yet I can still be there for my family. Before joining Rodan + Fields, I really felt like you had to pick one or the other. I didn’t think you could have both. R+F gave me the opportunity to do something that I was truly proud of.” Her parents, who always inspired Katya’s strong work ethic, are brimming with pride at all their daughter continues to accomplish.

R+F Consultant - Katya Bodiscomassink and Family

Katya’s family: Will, Erik, Luke, and Harper.

The best part

Katya hopes to lead by example, showing others that following your intuition can have surprising and life-changing results. “I’ve already received so many more opportunities than ever existed for my parents — and now with my R+F business, I have the freedom to make an income where and when I choose, to make an impact in people’s lives, and to work on my own terms. Before I started my business, I didn’t know that option existed. Now I dream of building a sustainable business that my husband, children and community will benefit from far into the future.”

To contact Katya about joining her team or purchasing products, connect with her here.


Tell Me More…

What is the best business advice you were given? Authenticity is everything.

Where do you draw your inspiration from in life? My parents have always inspired me with their strong work ethic and have instilled many values in me which I hope to pass down to my own children.

What’s your biggest quirk? Excessive use of paper towels. I dislike germs on hand towels — especially in the kitchen!

Favorite trend of all time? The LBD (Little Black Dress)




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  1. Kate Johns says:

    This is so fantastic!! Your authenticity and warmth shine through this article! I’m so excited for all your success and so thankful for you and your rockstar team! Love everything about this and you!!! 💜

  2. Ilinke Royse says:

    I am so inspired by you and so proud to be part of this incredible team. Here’s to saying “YES”!

  3. Jenny says:

    So proud of you, and so grateful for all you have done for Team Inspire, and me personally. Hugs, and here’s to even more successes in the future!

  4. Samantha says:

    Your gracious, patient, and full of integrity leadership makes me proud to be on your team! Congratulations Katya!!!!

  5. Karen Sinclair says:

    So proud of the wonderful expose about you and your family. It really gives incentive to me that I can do this and will! May you continue your success as a wife, mother, and entrepreneur – you have earned it!

  6. Vivian Papagiannis says:

    This article is awesome and sooo Katya! It is such an honor to be on your team and to have such a great leader to show us how it can be achieved! Thank you for your leadership and all that you do to push us to be the best we can be!

  7. Karen Sperry says:

    Yayaa!!!! I love this Katya! I am so inspired by you! I am so grateful to you and your amazing way to inspire and lead your team! I cannot wait to see what the rest of 2018 has in store for you my friend! Congrats lady….dreams do come true! ❤️Sparkles ✨

  8. Julie Hansen says:

    I love being on Team Inspire and am truly grateful for the guidance you so freely offer! What a great why, thank you Katya! x

  9. Kathy Guieb says:

    From the day I met you at the Austin,Texas Rodan + Fields Convention in 2015, I could just feel your positive energy. You always bring joy forward to everyone you meet. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you and our team. You’re such a blessing, Katya. Thank you for being such an inspiration to us all!!!

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