Kellie Moths – A Business Mom’s Winning Pitch
Thursday, August 8, 2013

Your face is the first thing you show to the world, and your appearance often directly influences how you feel about yourself on the inside. When you know you look your best, you feel confident, and project that confidence outwardly. If you suffer from skin concerns, you may not want to show your face to anyone, and it can take a toll on your self-esteem. Acne leaves behind scars that are more than just skin deep. This is especially true for teenagers, who may go through a period of  acne at a critical time when self confidence is forming.

Kellie Moths, a devoted mother, knows all about the frustrations of acne. Her son, Travis, has been burdened with it for years, and she has spent thousands of dollars on both prescription and over-the-counter products, none of which have worked.  Travis plays baseball, and she never misses a game – she literally travels with him every weekend, seven months out of the year. Travis plays for three different teams, and he is clearly her pride and joy. The only downside? Every time he came to the plate, a part of her wished she saw the star he was meant to be: smooth-complexioned and confident.

Kellie Moths and son Travis

Between the traveling and her full time teaching job, Kellie hardly had time to find the perfect solution. And she never expected the answer would come on a social night out three years ago.

Kellie attended a Rodan + Fields event mostly to socialize with other baseball moms. In between chatting with friends, the UNBLEMISH products caught her eye. She was still searching for something to cure her son’s acne, and was determined to find an answer. Encouraged by the Rodan + Fields customer satisfaction guarantee,  she took some UNBLEMISH home and signed up to be a Consultant just so she could get the products at the best price. Weeks later, when she saw the treatment transform her son’s skin, she felt encouraged to explore the business opportunity.

By nature a caring person who loves to share, Kellie recalls meeting with a dear friend from college and telling her about the opportunity to partner with Rodan + Fields. She had no time to commit to building a business full-time herself, but thought it might be something her friend would like to do. Instead, her friend did what friends are supposed to do: issued a challenge: “Do you realize what you’re sitting on?” she had asked. And then came the answer: “A sheer gold mine.”

 “What she said that night changed my life,” Kellie says, excitement in her voice. At the time though, she felt surprised, and a little overwhelmed at the prospect. She was going to need a lot of courage to start a new career in a field that seemed so foreign to her. Then she asked herself those questions we all ask of ourselves when faced with change. Can I do this? Is this a risk I’m willing to take? Eventually, Kellie made the decision that she was ready to step up to the plate and become an independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields.

Having been a teacher for twenty-five years, Kellie admits that walking away from her teaching career, and a reliable salary, was a scary decision. This life she had always known would change, and now she had to confront her own potential. She had no sales experience, and isn’t shy about the fact that she didn’t really know what she was doing when she started in the business. Good naturedly, she chuckles about the first months.

“I really had no idea what I was doing! I could teach a fourth grader anything. But I knew absolutely nothing about business. I had never sold a thing in my life,” she laughs. “But I’m the kind of person who if someone tells me I can’t do something, I say, `Watch me’

That attitude and belief in herself propelled her to surpass her teaching salary within two years, and to earn a six-figure residual income from her Rodan + Fields business in less than three years. She now has plans to purchase a condominium near her son when he goes to college on his baseball scholarship. This way, she’ll still get to be at every game.

She has finessed the art of fitting her professional life around her personal life so that she is not consumed by work. In finding that balance, she explains “I’m never going to miss a game. I won’t do that. But when I’m working on my business, I’m working with laser focus.”

Travis Moths

Her focus comes easily to her, because she enjoys sharing her success. She believes that women love to share the things they love with each other, and hearing her talk about her passion for Rodan + Fields is just as inspiring as her love of baseball. The joy in her voice draws people in, and after spending an hour with her it is hard not to feel inspired. She has a way of making you want to learn more, and to set your goals higher. In part she is still teaching, she says, but it’s just in a different way now.

Kellie firmly believes that as long as you have the passion within you, you can make this business work, because the products work. When asked where her own determination comes from, she took a moment to reflect on her success before answering.

 “My life has totally transformed. The growth that has taken place in me has been astounding. When you realize your life has transformed, that’s where the passion comes from.”

 Running her own business for the first time in her life prompted many changes. Besides drastically improving her financial situation, she became a more confident person. A self-described introvert, Kellie beams as she describes her new life.

“I was never the type of person who would start a conversation. I always watched and listened to people, but never initiated anything. Now, I have made friends I never would have met before I started doing this.”

Her belief in her work is genuine, and her positive energy made me consider my own potential after our meeting that day. Even if you don’t know what you’re doing, she says all you have to do is step up to the plate and give it your best swing. “Just like baseball, you have to work hard to get stronger if you want to be the best, and that’s true in life, and in business, and in everything. Always focus on your goal, because your next pitch just may win the game.”

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3 responses to “Kellie Moths – A Business Mom’s Winning Pitch”

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  2. Great story. I always want to hear about the mom that had no time and found time and made it a success. The struggle to leave the safety of our “jobs” can play havoc in our minds. Today you inspired me – to take a swing, again today and again tomorrow, but once and for all to believe in myself to go for it!

  3. I couldn’t agree more with Kellie’s statement about knowing you can make this business work because the products work. That is precisely what I discovered. I knew that I loved the results but when I found my PC’s raving, I knew this business would work; all I have to do is keep on doing it and connect with the right people.

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