Kelly Cody – Redefining Her Life

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Before Rodan + Fields became a major part of her story, Kelly Cody worked for a software company. She loved having a job that fit her life as a military spouse. “It was kind of a dream job for me. My husband is active duty military, and my company let me pick up and move and work from home. I saw myself working there for a really long time because my schedule was so flexible and it worked with our lifestyle so well.”

Rodan + Fields Independant Consultant - Kelly Cody

When Kelly discovered she was expecting twins in 2010, she planned to continue working from home after maternity leave. “My vision was to figure out a childcare plan that worked with my work schedule. But then our life flipped upside down when Cade and Avery were born 12 weeks premature. Adding to the major curve ball life threw at us, my husband was deployed at the time.” Kelly spent her entire three-month maternity leave in the hospital with her babies, and the plan of returning to work suddenly seemed less feasible — and less desirable.

Rodan + Fields Independant Consultant - Kelly Cody's Twins Avery & Cade

Kelly’s twins – Avery and Cody

Returning to work

Kelly made things work for a little while upon returning home with her children. But her career demanded more time than she had to give. “I really wanted to become a stay-at-home mom, so my husband and I talked about it and finally made it happen. I was less stressed, but living on a single income and adding two young family members was hard in itself. When push came to shove and reality set in, it was a huge financial eye-opener for us.” In hopes of easing the burden, Kelly started looking for ways to make additional income.

Around this time, Kelly’s best friend of 20 years approached her about Rodan + Fields. “I had always thought it wasn’t for me. I said no for ten months, and now, looking back, I wish I would have joined sooner! I watched my best friend Kelly Treble starting to see a lot of success, and she was one of the most business savvy people I knew. I set my fears aside and decided to give R+F a whirl for at least a couple of months.”

Rodan + Fields Independant Consultant - Kelly Cody & BFF Sposor Kelly Treble

Kelly with her best friend and Sponsor: Kelly Treble.

Early goals and challenges

Kelly started her skincare business in March 2013. She enjoyed contributing to her family’s financial situation and started having fun at work again. “When I first started my business, my initial goal was to use any income to start paying for preschool for the twins. When I achieved that goal, everything started taking off. I really started to understand the powerful potential of my R+F business. I knew I’d have to make R+F work or go back to a corporate job, so replacing that income became my next goal.”

As her business grew, Kelly finally tackled her biggest challenge: establishing belief in herself. “My biggest hurdle was getting over the fact that I had never done sales before and really knew nothing about skincare. I think this holds a lot of us back. But once I realized that I can do this, that I was enjoying myself and already seeing some success, my mindset shifted. I got over that hump, gained new belief in myself, and strengthened my resolve that anybody can do this!”

Rodan + Fields Independant Consultant - Kelly Cody's Team Legacy

Team Legacy at the 2016 Convention proudly wearing R.E.D. to Remember Everyone Deployed.

Finding her community

Over time, Kelly realized this was not so much working in sales as it was helping others to improve their own lives. “Pretty soon, I saw that this work is true to who I am. When I’m helping people with their skin or with their new businesses, I really feel like I’m being myself! I’m passionate about helping my team members achieve their dreams. I truly am so humbled and so honored that these people have trusted me and have joined me on this journey.”

Kelly worked her R+F business at least 20 hours per week for nearly five years and became an RFX Circle Achiever in September 2017. “My sponsor, Kelly Treble, paved the way for me and I’ve learned a lot from my entire Upline. But the coolest part of this business is that you learn so much from your own teammates! I’m only able to say that I’m RFX Circle because of Team Legacy. My team is everything to me, and I was even more excited that my achievement came from my teammates promoting to Level V for the first time. It was really neat for all of us to run together and achieve our goals together. It was a very humbling and proud moment for me, realizing that I couldn’t do it without them. It was definitely a very humbling feeling to be part of such an incredible team.”

Rodan + Fields Independant Consultant - Kelly Cody's Team w. Lexus

Kelly and Team Legacy at the Lexus Celebration in Virginia Beach.

Redefining her future

Kelly looks back with gratitude on her first inspiring years with Rodan + Fields. “This has been the most incredible journey. I’ve been able to build an international team all over the world and it’s really awesome to help so many people in the military community. My business allows us to live the life that we want to live, and I’m able to be the constant for my family. We’re also able to give back to foundations and causes that are really important to me and my husband. My R+F business has blessed us more than I ever envisioned.”

Rodan + Fields Independant Consultant - Kelly Cody & Husband

Kelly and her husband.

Kelly shares one last bit of advice to anyone considering Rodan + Fields: “I really do think that if I can do this, you can do it, too. When I started my R+F business, my husband was deployed, I had left my job, I had twins at home, and I didn’t think this was an option for me. But I set my fears aside, and I encourage you to do the same. You’ll never know until you try!”

To contact Kelly about joining her team or purchasing products, connect with her here.


Tell Me More…

Where do you draw your inspiration from in life? My kiddos, who are the true definition of fighters.

What was the biggest R+F hurdle you overcame? Realizing that this business truly is for anyone… even me.

What’s your biggest quirk? Overthinking EVERYTHING. Sometimes it’s a good thing, sometimes it’s a bad thing… but it’s always an annoying thing.

Favorite trend of all time? Country music! I’ve been the biggest country fan since before it was cool.




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  1. Great story! I am waiting to try this myself! I’ve been approached by two R&F employees already! I’m going to reach out to Kayleigh Colt when I’m ready to start my business! I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback!

  2. I loved ready your story Kelly! You are someone I look to for inspiration as I start my RF business a little scare and a little worried if I can really do this! I am like you always wanting to help others and that will be my biggest success too, seeing the change in others. When it happens for me, it will be because of wonderful leaders like you who share their story and their belief! Thank you Kelly! Congratulations on all your success! You deserve it!

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