Kelly Jo Higgins – Saying Yes to New Adventures

Posted by Rodan + Fields on Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

Bravery and a willingness to try new things can lead us down paths that we never could imagine, to places we never could have dreamed. Kelly Jo Higgins is someone who never passes up the chance for an adventure. Losing her father at the tender age of 18 impressed upon her that life is short, and that one has to make every day count. This mentality led her, as a 23-year-old who just achieved her Masters in sports marketing, to sign up for the reality TV show The Bachelor on a dare by her sister. This memorable experience taught her a lot, and she came away with a reinforced determination to never turn down an exciting opportunity.

Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant Kelly Jo Higgins

Matthew Higgins Kelly’s husband is her biggest supporter! This picture was captured at the wedding of Renee Davis, an R+F colleague. Matthew helped Kelly adopt a “nothing to lose” attitude when they were deciding if R+F was the right path.

Searching for the perfect path

Kelly Jo’s adventure continued when she married her husband, a professional hockey player, and they moved to Europe for eight seasons. When it was time for Matt to hang up his skates, the couple came back to North America. Both were ready to start the next chapter of their lives, but didn’t know where to begin. “We looked at each other and thought ‘what are we going to do now that we are grown-up?!’ We considered setting up our own business, but found that the start-up costs were just too high.”

The couple now had children, and flexibility was Kelly Jo’s foremost priority when it came to finding a career. She was adamant that whatever job she found would still allow her to continue to be present for her two girls. She had always been a freelance makeup artist, and so considered developing that business. She also looked into setting up a fashion boutique, but neither of those ideas quite cut it. Matt, in the meantime, found fruitful work in Calgary so the couple moved there, where there would be more opportunities for them both. But Kelly Jo still couldn’t find a job that fit her parameters. As she began to seriously consider giving up her freedom and taking a nine-to-five position, a business opportunity arose out of the blue.

Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant Kelly Jo Higgins

Ali Spitsbergen has been such a huge influence in Kelly’s journey with R+F. Ali has a belief, drive and leadership that has helped so many find their purpose, including Kelly. KJ as Ali calls her, is honored to be a part of this journey alongside her and very thankful to be her teammate again after over a decade of being out of touch.

Setting out on a new course

Kelly Jo’s close friend, Ali Spitsbergen, had been reaching out to her about the Rodan + FieldsⓇ business for a while, but Kelly Jo hadn’t paid much attention. It was only when she saw some “before and after” pictures that she became really interested. “Up until that point, I really hadn’t been listening properly. When I saw those pictures, the light bulb went off in my head, and I knew I had to investigate further.”

However, after ten plus years out of the workforce, Kelly Jo’s confidence had slipped. “I was thinking, ‘Am I even going to be able to do this?’ It made me realize how scary it can be for women going back to work.” But with Ali and Matt’s support she jumped in, and signed up as an Independent Consultant during Rodan + Fields’ Canadian launch in February 2015. Not only was she excited by the business opportunity, but she was also eager to use the products herself.

Due to its infamous dry air, Kelly Jo’s skin had suffered since living in Calgary. She was also struggling with brown spots, and had yet to find a solution. After trying the R+F Products for a month, her skin appeared brighter and the dark spots were less noticeable. It was, she says, the first time a skincare regimen had worked for her, and she was highly impressed. “I was able to wear less foundation and concealer, and was looking younger because of it. I had such a positive experience with the products, I just had to share it.”

Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant Kelly Jo Higgins

Matthew Higgins Kelly’s husband is her biggest supporter. Here, they are pictured at the wedding of R+F colleague Renee Davis. Matthew helped Kelly adopt a “nothing to lose” attitude when they were deciding if R+F was the right path.

Always moving forward

Now, as a Premier V Consultant, Kelly Jo is prospering in her new career. Running her own skincare business is an adventure that Kelly Jo has taken full advantage of, and she and her family are happily reaping the rewards of her success. She is able to be a stay-at-home mom while working her R+F business 20-30 hours a week around the family schedule. She is proud to help shoulder the household expenses alongside her husband, and is delighted that her daughters can see their mother succeeding as a businesswoman. “It’s really rewarding as a mom to be able to show my two girls that you can be a highly driven and successful career woman as well as a hands-on parent.”

Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant Kelly Jo Higgins

Kelly describes her team, Team Move2Give, as a group of motivated, optimistic entrepreneurs who come from all walks of life. She says, “I simply adore each and every one of our teammates! This team is one of the MOST fulfilling parts of the business for me!”

On a personal level, Kelly Jo has regained her confidence and now loves growing her team and sharing the opportunity with others. Her team, Team Move2Give, now has more than 500 members, with three Lexus drivers, including Kelly Jo. The level of support they provide for each other is phenomenal, and Kelly Jo brims with happiness to count them all as her close friends. The team name stems from a very important theme of Kelly Jo’s life, and her R+F journey—that of continuous motion. “I have moved around physically, but also I have always been in a state of motion, constantly throwing myself into new things, always moving forward and progressing.” She is keen to share the benefits of the R+F business with others. “This business really is a gift. The opportunity is there and it is what you make of it.  It has blown my mind what can happen in two years—it is so special, and I love it.”


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  2. Congratulations to Kelly Jo Higgins on her success. It just goes to show that there is life after reality TV.

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