Kelly Treble – Former CPA Accounts for Success on Her Own Terms
Thursday, August 18, 2016

“Many of us are raised to have tunnel vision,” reflects Kelly Treble. “Go to school, get good grades, find a job, and work our way up. Yet, once we achieve success on our chosen path, it can often feel like we’ve reached the point of no return.”

After years of diligently climbing the corporate ladder, Kelly felt it was time to redefine her idea of success. Recognizing the value in being her own boss, she went about challenging the conventional idea of “work.” With a strong desire to create a better work-life balance, Kelly refocused her professional training as a CPA into the launch of her own skincare business, and began to truly live out her personal idea of success.

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Accounting for her future

Starting her own business had never been on Kelly’s radar, but upon returning to work after the birth of her first child, she realized that her desire to climb the ranks of Corporate America didn’t hold the same sway it once did. Kelly knew one of her neighbors was a Rodan + Fields® Consultant, but she had some preconceived notions about the business model. While she saw the value in working from home, she wanted to do her own research to educate herself on the Company. But Kelly explains that, “it didn’t take long to consider the income potential and see that I hadn’t been giving the opportunity enough credit.”


Kelly with some of her Team Leaders on a team LV incentive cruise.

Accruing time

What Kelly didn’t yet realize when she enrolled as an Independent Consultant in May of 2012 was that she was “becoming the CEO of her own life.” For the next two years, she worked her business 10 to 15 hours a week alongside her full-time job. She affirms that she “knew going in that it was a three-to-five-year business plan for me,” but was “prepared to stick with it because success doesn’t happen overnight.” Kelly’s perseverance paid off in March of 2015, when she replaced her CPA salary and retired. “I never treated my business like a side gig,” says Kelly. “It was bigger than that to me. This is the most fun and fulfilling career I’ve ever had.”

While she never expected to find the opportunity so rewarding on both a personal and professional level, Kelly’s business provides her with the work-life balance she was searching for. She enthuses that “this experience has made me much more self-aware. It’s taught me to be a better listener and to put the needs of others first, which has made me a better mother, wife, friend—and business owner.”


Kelly with some of her business partners at the R+F Convention in Austin. From left to right: Kim Beamish, Brie Fontaine, Kelly Jo Jefferis, Kelly Treble, Kristen Lunsford, and Kelly Cody.

Kelly also collaborates with a local networking group focused on community outreach, thanks to the time and financial flexibility she has achieved through her success with R+F. “We realize that giving collectively is more effective,” remarks Kelly, “so we pool together and allot grants to targeted causes and projects that speak to us. I’m truly grateful to have the means to make a bigger impact than I ever could before.”

Taking stock in her career  

This past spring, Kelly and her husband added a third child to their family. Kelly shares what an incredible feeling it was “to know that there wasn’t a time limit on how long I could stay home with my baby—to have the ability to work on my own terms has truly been a blessing for our family.”

HunterNewborn (5 of 71)

Kelly with her husband, Matt, and their sons Brooks, Grayson, and Hunter.

Kelly understands how difficult it can be for working professionals to consider pursuing opportunities outside of their established careers. She asserts that before her journey with Rodan + Fields she never imagined herself on a path of business ownership, “but opportunities present themselves in ways we don’t expect. There are valuable options out there and, if you’re willing to go after what you want, there are ways to be successful on your own terms.”

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2 responses to “Kelly Treble – Former CPA Accounts for Success on Her Own Terms”

  1. Thank you for sharing your story and congrats on your success!

  2. TJ Browning says:

    This story is my dream. I’ve trudged through the accounting firm life of long hours for 30+ years. I’m so excited about my R+F business! I’m going to make it work! Books and crannies of my days!

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