Kelly Vanderver – Reach Up and Reach Out
Wednesday, June 11, 2014

When are we at our best? And what makes our successes truly matter? More often than not, our accomplishments feel greater when we can share our happiness with others who will join in celebrating our promotion at work or the excitement of buying a new home. Even our moments of grief and struggle are lightened when we’re able to reach out and share with someone willing to lift our burdens. Reaching others through her work, Kelly Vanderver loves the way connecting with others enhances her business, life, and ability to give.

Kelly's passion to help others makes her R+F business even more enjoyable.

With a strong passion for helping others, Kelly finds her R+F business extremely fulfilling.

If you had told Kelly in college that she would be a hairdresser and own her own network marketing business, she would have laughed. “I’ve learned that you never know what the future holds. I got a B.S. and a Master’s Degree and thought I was supposed to be in the corporate business world. But, I hated it. So, I turned around and went to cosmetology school and I love what I do now. You never know what’s next in life and so you have to be open to opportunities.”

After the birth of her two daughters, Kelly decided to cut back her hours at the salon so she could be home more. One day in August of 2012, Kelly reached out to a friend after seeing a post about her Rodan + Fields® business online. At first it was just about the products. Struggling with acne most of her life, Kelly recognized the brand, having used the Doctors other skincare line, but Kelly’s skin had changed as she aged and she was looking for something new. She started using the products and, in a matter of weeks, her blemishes had completely disappeared. Kelly was also looking for a way to earn back some of the income she had lost while working less at the salon, without taking time away from her family. Within two weeks, recognizing the business potential, she enrolled as an Independent Consultant.

Kelly laughs, thinking about how she had a negative view of network marketing at the time and yet she still joined. “I didn’t even really know what type of business it was. I just knew the products worked for me and that I wanted to reach out and share this opportunity with others. I don’t know what I thought it was, but I didn’t realize Rodan + Fields was network marketing. Finally, when I realized what the business model was, I understood that I’d had a complete misconception of the industry. It was clear then how the time and money trade is so different in network marketing. I’m definitely sold on it now. It really goes to show that you can’t let preconceived notions or opinions hold you back.”

Kelly with her husband and their two daughters.

Kelly with her husband and their two daughters.

Kelly is grateful for the opportunities her Rodan + Fields business has provided. “I have so much faith in the products and the business opportunity. It’s so exciting, my perspective has completely changed. I can see a brighter future. I was never a pessimist before, but now I see there is so much more that we can do with our lives besides just working day to day and simply existing. We can really make a difference in other people’s lives. It gives me hope. When I get up each day, I’m thinking about how I can help people and that gives me a new sense of excitement.” Kelly looks forward to using her R+F earnings as outreach, to give to missions, and to support her sister, who has a disability. “I know that one day she may be my responsibility to care for and I will be able to take that on lovingly knowing that I can afford to give her what she needs.”

Since starting her business, Kelly has come to fully understand and appreciate the benefits of the lifestyle marketing model. “We’ve developed a work society where every single moment has to be efficient and then when we come home every single moment has to be efficient. And kids are involved in everything and we’re just going, going, going and, at the end of the day, we’re exhausted and then we get up and do it all over again. My R+F business has changed my perspective on the whole time-money exchange. There’s a shift occurring in the workplace and at home. People are reevaluating what’s important and looking for ways to work smarter instead of longer. This business model is the perfect opportunity at the perfect time.” Kelly hopes to be able to give her husband, an attorney, the option to retire at 40 so he can step back and do what he wants, rather than what he feels he has to do. “My husband is a workaholic though,” she laughs, “so I don’t know if he will actually leave his work, but I want to at least offer that as an option.”

Kelly loves that her business provides an outlet for her to connect with others, whether it’s at her daughter’s ballet class, at the preschool, or at work. “I really believe hairdressing is part of the plan for me and it’s a great avenue to share Rodan + Fields. There are always people in my chair with beauty concerns, so it’s a natural segue. I’m always listening to see if others are looking for extra income or struggling with skin concerns. I love when my new Consultants share their why with me; it makes me realize that this is beyond me. It’s about helping others.” Kelly thrives on the relationships she is able to develop through her business. Meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends is extremely uplifting for her. The pure desire to aid one another that Kelly sees throughout the Rodan + Fields community inspires her to share with everyone. “The money is great, and what we can do with it is wonderful. It’s a very fulfilling experience. But the relationships are really the cherry on top.”

Kelly with her daughters.

Kelly with her daughters.

Finding the motivation to push forward has also been very rewarding for Kelly. Recognizing that there are always ups and downs in her business as well as in life, she reminds herself that those are the moments when personal development happens. Rather than getting discouraged, she finds the inspiration to stay positive and push through by reaching out to her power partner for support. “You have to keep going. We all need to reach up and out. I reach up for support and encouragement when I need it because we all go through times when we need a little push. My husband is also a great motivator. I told him, if I was ever struggling and thought I wanted to quit, he had to tell me to buckle down and keep on because you can’t just stop. You’re on the ride. I also make sure I reach out to partners to assist with accountability and help others grow their businesses. I’m always reaching out, hoping to add one more relationship to my network.”

Kelly is so proud that this past month, her husband, the main breadwinner, was surprised by her paycheck. “He is always supportive, but this month he was really impressed and that was very exciting for me.” Kelly is currently working towards reaching Level V and knows that, no matter what, her progress will be worth the hard work. “I always say set your goals high and go for it. Because, whatever happens, you’ll be farther along than you thought when you started.”

The love for philanthropy and the passion for life that Kelly sees within her network fills her with joy. “I don’t know anywhere else I can do what I’m doing and have such fun. We’re all looking to give beyond our current means and when you are able to do that, it makes you smile. It makes me a happier person. There is need everywhere and I want to do so much more. When I can reach out and connect and make a difference, it’s confirmation that this is the right path.”

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  1. Very inspirational! If you ever have prospects in Sarasota let me know and I will take good care of them. Keep up the fabulous job.

    Best regards,
    Elizabeth Haynes
    Premier LV
    Sarasota, FL

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