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Posted by Rodan + Fields on Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

Since she was in second grade, Kelly Wasserburger dreamed about helping others. She taught full-time for sixteen years to fulfill that passion, and then found a surprising new way to use her skills and drive in a completely different field with an entirely new community of learners.

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Considering a new option

On the Fourth of July 2013, Kelly chatted with Kate Hester at a family event and asked about the new business she was building. “I was just making conversation, asking about her Facebook posts and the cool trips she’d been on. I didn’t realize that I would end up doing the exact same thing!” On the way home, Kelly mentioned the conversation to her husband. “I asked if he heard Kate talking about her Rodan + Fields® business. I was so surprised when he said, ‘Yeah… I don’t know why you’re not doing that!’”

Kelly was currently teaching full-time and laughed at the idea of adding something else to her already overflowing plate. “We had three boys under five, and I didn’t have time for anything else. However, I kept R+F at the front of my mind. We wanted to travel and do more fun things that my teaching income alone couldn’t quite provide, and I wanted to be home with my boys.”

That desire only increased when the Wasserburgers learned that their middle son, Keegan, was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis. “It really was not easy. With all the appointments we were going to, we finally saw the writing on the wall. We realized that the whole “two parents working” thing just wasn’t working for us.”

Kelly with her husband Jim and their boys, Connor, Keegan and Finn.

Kelly with her husband Jim and their boys, Connor, Keegan and Finn.

Making the switch

Kelly signed up as an Independent Consultant in July of 2013, later decided to cut her teaching hours in half, and finally stepped away completely from the classroom to come home for good at the end of the 2017 school year. She’s excited to give R+F her full attention. “I never dreamed that this would be the professional path for me, but I’ve learned that my Rodan + Fields business fulfills the same passions that I had for teaching.”

Kelly explains: “I went into teaching because I’m extremely passionate about helping others. Watching kids learn how to read over the course of a year is extremely rewarding, and that’s a really similar feeling to what we’re doing with R+F. I help my team members take their kids on vacation, become part of a community, or leave a career that’s no longer fitting their needs.”

She’s found that the skills she used as a teacher translate beautifully into her work as an entrepreneur. “My business involves everything I love about teaching. I help people set goals, use my leadership and speaking skills, keep things organized, and multitask. I never considered any other professional option for myself, but this experience has taught me that no matter what, I have choices.”

With her team at a Milwaukee Corporate event, Kelly realized how many lives she can touch with her business.

With her team at a Milwaukee Corporate event, Kelly realized how many lives she can touch with her business.

Finding a new community

Now working 20 hours per week as a Level V Achiever, Kelly’s belief in herself has really grown. “It takes a ton of confidence to hear “no” a lot and to keep picking up the phone anyway. Kate, my sponsor, has also helped me face my fear of speaking in front of groups of adults. She’s very gently nudged me in the direction of speaking, and it’s helping me grow.”

Team Radiate is a community made up of a lot of “helpers” just like Kelly. “We attended a corporate event here in Milwaukee and it was amazing to see such a huge showing from Team Radiate. It was super powerful to look around and realize that I shared this gift with so many people.” She is now running for Premier V and looks forward to bringing some of her team members to the Mexico leadership retreat held by her Upline.

Kelly has also formed a strong bond with fellow Independent Consultants outside of her immediate team. “When my Upline was running for Lexus, I connected with two Sideline sisters and we created a power group to help each other grow. We ran for Incentive Programs together and attended great Convention parties and trips. Those are moments that I certainly remember most!”

Kelly having a blast with her sponsor, Kate Hester and sideline sisters, Loren Faye and Lisa Gilmore.

Kelly having a blast with her sponsor, Kate Hester and sideline sisters, Loren Faye and Lisa Gilmore.

Seeing the amazing results

The best part? Kelly’s already seeing incredible results from her hard work. “I’ve always wanted to travel with my kids, and that’s more doable now with Rodan + Fields. My kids see me helping people and realize that I’m working hard so we can do fun things together as a family. Down the road, I know we can do even bigger things. We now see the possibility of fully funding their college, and that’s a huge deal to me.”

Most importantly, Kelly now has the time freedom she always wanted. “I have the flexibility to drop everything and be 100% mom when I need to be. This turned out to be the perfect opportunity for us.”


Tell Me More…

What one word do you most relate to? Passion

Where do you draw your inspiration from in life? The people I surround myself with give me inspiration. I always say, ‘I need my village:’ friends, neighbors, colleagues from teaching, team members, sideline sisters, and family.

Favorite smell? CLEAN. I have ‘White Linen’ Wallflowers everywhere in my house.

What is your best R+F team memory? Just one?!? The Born to Sparkle party in Austin was like nothing I had ever imagined. More recently, jumping into the pool with our gorgeous dresses on in Mexico.




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